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11 September 17th, 2012 GH Stars Past & Present React To The Passing of John Ingle!

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It was somber day for the world of daytime as soap fans, its stars, and behind-the-scenes personnel, all took time to tweet their reactions and deep love and admiration on the passing of their long-time colleague John Ingle, who played Edward Quartermaine to the hilt on General Hospital!

Many stars of General Hospital‘s past and present, who were involved in scenes or storylines  with the beloved actor, either as a member of the Quartermaine clan, or those who shared numerous scenes with him, or who may have just shared a few moments with him were clearly touched by Ingle’s generous soul.

Here now are just a sampling of some of the tweets from some very recognizable names that touched us today and whohonored their cast mate, John Ingle.

Steve Burton:  A great husband. A great father. A great friend. A great actor. A great man. We love you John.

Billy Warlock:  It’s true. Today is the saddest day of my life. My friend and mentor John Ingle passed away last night. I’ll miss him more than words can say.

Sean Kanan: John Ingle has passed away. He was a kind man who taught me a great deal about what it means to be an actor and a man. Rest well my friend.

Tyler Christopher:  John Ingle should be remembered as a man, husband, father and friend we should all strive to be as his kindness was unmatched by any other human being i have ever encountered. #ghlegend

Jason Thompson:  I will say it again today more profound than before..John Ingle is a legend. Love this man. RIP my friend. X

Nancy Lee Grahn: I’m holding the most beautiful thoughts of a magnificent man in my heart today. Iknow for a fact that John Ingle loved his fans. Send him a thought full of love when you think of him and think of him often. xo

Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo:   So sad today ‘Gmar Chatima Tova’.  I love you John Ingle.

Maurice Benard:  John Ingle was a class act, a professional and the sweetest man you’ll ever meet.

Frank Valentini: With great sadness, I share the news of John Ingle’s passing. We love him and will miss him. John will always be a part of the #GH family.

Laura Wright:  Mr John Ingle you will be missed– we were all blessed to know him–and work with such an amazing man.

Bradford Anderson:  Mr. Ingle, I have such admiration for the way you lived your life. You will be missed sir.

John J. York:   John Ingle my dear friend, so full of love kindness generosity & humor I will miss u dearly love and deep condolences 2 his beautiful family.

Chad Brannon:  Saddened, he was great to me. RT @MicheleValJean: We lost a wonderful kind gentle man. RIP, #JohnIngle. You’ll be missed.

Scott Clifton:  Oh wow. RIP John Ingle. I wish I had stayed in touch. Never had a granddad, but he was the next closest thing, for me. I’ll miss him deeply.

Jonathan Jackson: Our hearts and prayers are with the Ingle family. John was so loved and will be missed by so many. His gratitude for life was inspiring.

Antonio Sabato Jr. :  Rip John ingle you wear truly a class act a fun loving person u will be missed , thank you my friend.

What do you think of this outpouring of respect and love for John Ingle from so many faces that have graced the Quartermaine living room during Ingle’s time in Port Charles?  Share your thoughts here!

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  1. Natalie says:

    What do I think of the outpouring of love? It was totally deserved. I met him a couple of times FCW. He was sweet funny and everything you could hope for. A true classy man. Something a lot of others should emulate


  2. JMG says:

    He was clearly loved by those that knew him. Fans will also miss him dearly. General Hospital will not be the same without him. RIP Mr. Ingle.


  3. Lin says:

    John Ingle brought such class to the character of Edward. Regardless of what Edward did, you still loved him. The viewer could also tell that Mr. Ingle himself was a class act, and a very lovable, loving person. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends, and his grieving GH friends. I wish I could have known him.


  4. stephie says:

    I am sorry for the loss of Mr. John Ingle. The GH cast and crew have lost a great friend, idol and mentor. My heart goes out to all of them. Write down your fondest memories to keep them with you forever. GH must do some shows dedicated to him. Not with a million other story lines, but one dedicated to people talking about Edward and one of with that tied to flashbacks. If the idiots in charge before had not killed off Alan, we could have Alan talking about his father and at lest the Qs would have a paternal head. Now there are only 3 Qs, one by marriage, MOnica, and Tracy, and for a short time longer, Jason.


  5. carol wilson says:

    He was a great actor loved seeing him on GH. Last week brought tears to me as i watched his final show. But he is at peace now. To all his family, friends , and his GH family please know his fans loved him. And our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Peace and love John thank you and ENJOY YOUR REWARDS.


  6. Beacon says:

    Can somebody get in touch with Robin Christopher (Skye) – i’d love to read a statement from her about her beloved colleague. She’s the Greta Garbo of daytime and doesn’t do any publicity or have a twitter, but right now she and Jane Elliot are the ones I’m thinking must be most distraught to lose their adored John. I feel that Robin shared a really special connection with John Ingle that was magical on screen. Loved their scenes together.


  7. heidi says:

    GH has an angel looking out for them now! Please do a nice episode memorializing John/Edward! He will be missed by many and many thanks for being a part of our lives and enjoy John! Thank you… John!


  8. Christine says:

    Beautiful. Thank you again, Michael, for bringing this to us.


  9. Christine says:

    Here are a few more I saw from those I follow on Twitter:

    Dominic Zamprogna: “U were one of the 1st to welcome me to GH good sir. You were Respected and loved by all. May you rest in peace my friend. #RIPJohnIngle”

    Tristan Rogers: “So sorry to hear of the passing of John Ingle. Always a gracious gentleman.”

    Michelle Stafford: “RIP John Ingle.A class act to the end ”

    Jason Thompson: “RT @goodgirlbad: He’d give me a hug and kiss and say “How’s my boy?” Every time I saw him. #JohnIngle”

    Rebecca Herbst: “Thinking about how happy John Ingle must be dancing with his wife Grace Lynn up in heaven… His family will remain in my prayers xoxo “


  10. MJ says:

    When co-workers leave such high praise you just have to know what a great person Mr. Ingle had to have been. Touching. He will be missed.


  11. samantha says:

    thoughts and prayers go out to his family, he will be missed, but never forgotten.


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