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12 June 25th, 2012 GH’s Anthony Geary On Jonathan Jackson, “He is the finest actor I have ever worked with!”

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Over the weekend at the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, General Hospital’s Anthony Geary won his record seventh Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series!   On-Air On-Soaps chatted with Geary in the one-on-one interview area just minutes after he won the gold.

When asked about his category being first up on the telecasts new award presentation line-up,  Geary joked, “Well first I was amazed because the Lead Actor category is usually at the end of the show, not to open the show with it.  I was totally caught off guard, I thought, “Wait, wait, wait.  Did I just lose two hours? What happened here?”  (Laughs)  And then it’s always a shock and always a joy to be acknowledged by my peers in this way. ” Geary also gave perhaps the biggest compliment anyone could ask for from the legendary iconic star, when speaking about his award winning scenes between Luke and Lucky in the bordello and working with now five-time Emmy winner, Jonathan Jackson.   Tony revealed, “Jonathan Jackson is the finest actor I have ever worked with.  We trust each other explicitly and there is nothing we can’t reach together. It was very hard to do those scenes in the bordello between Luke and Lucky, and say that ugly stuff to him, but we both felt it and we serviced the material.”

In terms of he is aware of how accomplished and how highly-regarded he is in his profession, Geary expressed, “I am very aware of what the show has done for me, in terms of my life and my ability to live on two continent ants and the freedom it has afford me. It is wonderful to be respected in your chosen profession. For 45 years now I have been an actor and to be given the opportunity to entertain people is all I ever wanted out of this life.”

Look for our video interview with Geary in the days ahead as our Daytime Emmy coverage continues.  In the meantime, What do you think of Tony’s comments and his victory and Jonathan’s?  Let us know!

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  1. ethel says:

    there is only one word to describe tony’s speech: PHENOMENAL!!


  2. stef says:

    There is not even a slight doubt in my mind that TG meant every word of what he said about JJ…love these two , couldn’t be happier to see them win!


  3. Jules says:

    Tony is untouchable. There is no one, NO ONE, better at the craft then him. His work in 2011, and for 30 years, has been breathtaking and nothing short of sheer brilliant. Through it all he has remained a class act and a real role model for other actors to look up to and aspire to be. You may not like his opinions on things, but he is a consummate professional and always delivers. Many kudos to Mr. Geary on his record breaking 7th Emmy.


  4. Joan Faist says:

    Luke and Lucky are two of the best characters ever in Daytime. The stories they have been given are phenomenal. Only Tony Geary and Jonathan Jackson could have made them so real and heart wrenching. I applaud both of these fine actors, I would implore anyone to find this kind of talent in Nighttime TV. Soap people know how to tell a story!!


  5. Michele says:

    Congratulations to Tony Geary. Lucky and Luke are my all time favorite father and son. I loved watching them from the moment Jonathan Jackson was introduced as Lucky at 11 years old, so grateful he returned because watching him and Tony Geary act together is so amazing. Their respect and love for each other is evident whenever one speaks about the other.


  6. Gigi says:

    This is so sweet. The only thing better than watching TG and JJ onscreen is watching them offscreen!


    1loveabcsoaps replied

    True that…! They love one another. Johnathan Jackson looks up has always looked up to Tony Geary. Tony Geary, speaks of Johnathan Jackson as if he is his hero. It’s obvious from JJ’s acting that he took his pointer’s from Geary. To Geary, JJ is like the son he never had, but has….. It’s a BEAUTFUL sight!!!


  7. Judy says:

    They both so deserved the win in their categories. LOVED Tony’s acceptance speech, especially the part about the show almost being cancelled for a reality “boob job gone bad” show.


  8. sus says:

    Tony Geary and Jonathan Jackson are the best of the best. Incredible actors who I have enjoyed watching for decades. I still get chills watching their work together as the family Spencer with Genie Francis and I will never give up hope for a reunion of the Triple L’s before the genre is gone. They don’t have the golden trio moniker for nothing. Congrats to both of them.


  9. Christina says:

    Tony Geary is the master of cool. I never get tired of his character.


  10. andrea says:

    loving everything they are writing for Tony Geary now.At least its not depressing!!!!!


  11. nancy dillingham says:

    Yes, I agree that the latest set of writers have revived the “real” Luke. He’s vulnerable, self-deprecating, humorous, caring, gentle. I wasn’t sure they could pull this one off. The character had been taken down such a dark, depressing, irresponsible path that I despaired of ever seeing the character I loved all of these years. I have also such fond memories of the scenes with the younger Lucky, Luke, and Laura–they were playful, joyous, and just plain fun–a lot of love emanating. I am waiting for that “lucky” day when the three L’s are united–I’m hoping for a reunion next April for GH’s 50th anniversary. No ACTRESS ever played better with Geary than did Genie Francis–and I remember always when he extolled her virtues.. Sheer magic, the chemistry between and the whole saga of their lives. Come on back to play, Genie and Jonathan.


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