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5 July 19th, 2010 GH’s Bob Guza on Vanessa Marcil’s return & if there is a little Sonny somewhere!

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General Hospital’s head scribe, Bob Guza, spoke to Michael Logan at TV Guide Magazine to give soap fans the scoop on the imminent August return of Vanessa Marcil to the Port Charles canvas as Brenda Barrett.  As we learn here, Brenda is now a celebrity in her own right, being a supermodel, but working with a very important children’s organization…enter Adrienne Barbeau!

And wherever Brenda comes or goes, trouble follows, and Guza assures GH fans this will be no different, and that her presence will affect many members of the canvas.

Now then,  what of the rumor that Brenda had Sonny’s offspring at some point in time?  Well, here are a few juicy excerpts!

Guza on “the buzz” that Brenda had Sonny’s child: “ I’m not going to discount any story but, let me put it this way, Brenda is not coming on canvas with that particular baggage, okay? I’m not saying she won’t leave the show with that particular baggage. She’s coming with something way more explosive than that.  I’m saying she is not coming to town with that particular baggage, got it? [Laughs]  This is fun. I wish I could conduct my real life like this but my wife would probably kill me.”

Guza on what man or men Brenda could be paired with this time! :  “The timing is perfect. Even though there is an attraction that’s going to build as Sonny tries to manipulate Claire [Dahlia Salem], he is not in a really strong romance right now. He’s in a vulnerable and emotional place where he’s caused horrible damage to those he loves and he could very much use someone who will remind him of his glory days, someone who can bring him comfort — and that’s Brenda. Jax is also in an interesting place. His romance with Carly [Laura Wright] is on again, off again. But unlike Carly, who is famous for having her rebound relationships, Jax has never rebounded from a romance with anyone — so this may be a first for him. He loves Carly dearly but Brenda needs him. I’m salivating at the prospect of putting Vanessa and Laura together. I’d do a month with just the two of them, but we’d have to rebuild all the sets because there’d be nothing left standing!”

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  1. Mia says:

    Bob Guza…… That is all.


  2. Snarkgirl says:

    He never fails to make my skin crawl.


  3. mas says:

    The return of Brenda will go the same as the return of Sarah Brown (nowhere) Mr Guza began ignoring the “loyal’ viewers of GH” long ago, when he put his personal agenda before the people that watch. The Megan Ward S/L given to an actress that has proved she is just not good enough to fill Megan’s acting talent. When Ward & Benard were togather Mr Benard was ‘likeable” now I cannot even stand him, Steve Burton has become a “staring puppet” and the role of Carly keeps repeating over and over the same old story line, Ms Marcell is not the answer as they we finally come to realize, soaps have always had “History” Mr Guza refuses to admit that, Y&R & B&B are so far ahead they will be the only daytime drama’s left. Franco s/l “a waste”, Liz & Nic & Helena “boring, Spin & Maxie “childish”, GH need’s to write “smart”s/l and quit catering to the ineptness of Mr Guza’s fascination with the “godfather” it’s old and boring”, the viewers that left are not coming back, if Sarah Brown could not bring in the fold a winning Brenda will not do, right now Dante & Lulu are not even doing it, to much screen time turns likable characters into one’s we can’t stand. I have loved GH for over forty yrs now I just check the net and if lucky I may get to see a “GOOD ACTRESS” Megan you deserve better, hope Y&R ask’s you to come to their show where women are appreciated…..


    Nanci Hughes replied

    You said it all. I agree 100%


  4. Nanci Hughes says:

    How could there be a little sonny out there when Brenda was in love with Jax and only Jax for much more than 9 months. sorry Guza you cannot change the facts. Brenda was through with sonny for a long time and had only had sex with Jaxso if there is a baby it will be Jax’ and what a beautiful baby that will be.


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