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8 January 6th, 2011 GH’s Dominic Zamprogna’s Power Performance of the Week!

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On yesterday’s fantastic episode of General Hospital, where parents and their children are reunited after the tragic and serious General Hospital Ski Trip bus accident, it was Dominic Zamprogna as Dante Falconeri who delivered another nuanced and stirring performance with his mix of trying to hold himself together while being fearful of the loss of his mother, Olivia, who is still in critical condition following surgery from her internal injuries suffered in the bus accident.

The episode was also filled with little nuggets especially from Steve Burton (Jason) getting to spend a few moments with his son, Jake ( thanks to Liz), Chad Duell (Michael) for playing the understated hero, and Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) for his monlogue about fatherhood to Siobhan.

But in the end, it was Zamprogna’s scene while at Olivia’s bedside that made many reach for the hankies!  And so,  On-Air On-Soaps names Dominic this week’s Power Performance of the Week. You can watch the entire episode at or view our Video of the Day on the MF Soaps Homepage of Dominic’s scenes.

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  1. Heidi says:

    The Jan 5, 2011 episode is one of the best episodes in a long time! While Dante’s scenes were wonderful as were others, the scenes with Jason and Jake and Sam and Elizabeth were the best! Dante’s performance was emotionally powerful but so was Jason’s. The emotion in Jason’s face, eyes and finally smiles was so very powerful and more subtle and deeper. They all did an amazing job with this episode! Want more!


  2. Aurora says:

    I really could not agree more. The actor, Dominic Zamprogna, is amazing. I literally cryed along with him. The pain and fear he showed for his mother was so heartwarming and, for me, it stole the whole show. There is nothing more beautiful than the relationship between mother and child and Dominic (Dante) and Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) show it perfectly on screen, perfection. He’s one amazing actor and General Hospital is lucky to have him on board.


  3. pink says:

    I think DZ is the only actor on the show that will be nominated for a EMMY because he is that good but also because he is the only actor that the writers care about and really write for.


    Lisa replied

    OMG I have to frikin agree with you. This is unfortunate.


  4. Michelle says:

    I just love Dominic, and I started even crying the thought that Olivia could die. I can almost relate to Dante’s worry, because one time I was worried about my mother when she had to go to work and the roads were horrible. After an hour my mother still had not gotten to work yet, and I was scared that something bad happened to her. In my relief my mother finally made it. I think that Dominic deserves an emmy because of his good acting. I started crying when Dominic did at his mother’s bedside. I’m glad though that Olivia pulled through. Dominic makes Dante seem so real and he is the best actor in ABC daytime. I love you Dominic.


  5. Michelle says:

    I love Dominic and he makes Dante so real. I don’t understand whey he did not get an emmy nomination, but he should of. Dominic plays his part so well, and I cried as well when he was crying at his mother’s bedside. The fact that Dante was so heartbroken at the thought his mother could die made me sad. Dominic is the best actor in ABC Daytime and I simply love him.


    angeliqe replied

    I do like Dominic’s acting as well. I don’t know if he is my favorite actor though, because I still like Steve Burton. I did feel for Dante when the thought of his mother could die. It broke my heart. I think that my two favorite actors in daytime are Steve Burton and Dominic Zamprogna. It is hard to tell though, if I think that Dominic deserved an emmy. It depends on the votes, and he may deserve one. Maybe he will get one next year.


    Jennifer replied

    I like Dominic too, and I think that he is the best actor on the show. I do not usually like short guys, but he is something else. I love him with Lulu and I hope that they stick together. Lante is my favorite couple on the show. I loved it when Dante stuck by his mother, knowing that she could die. The tears he showed touched my heart, and he is the best guy on the show.

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