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9 January 19th, 2011 GH’s Erin Chambers officially on contract!

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Hot on the heels of the new of the dismissal of Rebecca Herbst as Elizabeth Webber on General Hospital, comes official word today out of ABC Soaps In Depth that actress, Erin Chambers who plays Siobhan has been put on contract by the series.

The actress tweeted last week that “I’ve been dying to tell everyone and today it is official. I was offered a contract on General Hospital and I couldn’t be more excited!!!”¬†

So does this mean it’s going to be a definite¬†Siobhan/Lucky pairing in the offing?

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  1. Katherine says:

    GH fires Rebecca Herbst because they say her character has no storyline, and then announce that Erin has been put on contract. The character of Elizabeth has so much more connection and story possibilities (Jason and Elizabeth, Lucky and Elizabeth, Nikolas and Elizabeth, The Webbers) then Siobhan. Maybe if GH stop bring on new character that nobody cares about and focused more on the character they have Elizabeth could have a storyline. I honestly don’t care for the character of Siobhan and am so angry at the powers that be over at GH for firing Rebecca. As a long time fan of GH I will not be tuning in regularly anymore to watch pointless character brought on to the canvas!


  2. KATE says:

    I’m SO tired of Siobhan already! And they’re getting rid of Elizabeth Webber? She has 3 children, and 2 boys’ fathers very much around. (And one who thinks he IS a father)

    This is ridiculous. I’m tired of Lucky running after Siobhan, send her home on the next boat to Dublin.
    Jonathan Jackson is my favorite, dear boy. I always hoped Lucky and Elizabeth might find their way back. At the very least, he’s ‘daddy’ to two of the boys. He can’t lose them. It will break his heart.


  3. Dee says:

    While it is sad that Becky Herbst has lost her job, I’m a one viewer who will take Siobhan McKenna over Liz Webber any day of the week. I am a huge fan of Jonathan Jackson, on General Hospital and beyond the show, and the chemistry he has with Erin Chambers is phenomenal. TPTB struck paydirt when they put those two together and I’m not surprised that Erin was given contract. She’s talented. She’s beautiful and she has the soulful gravitas to go toe to toe with one of the best actors in the soap industry. Those two sizzle and pop together whenever they’re on my screen!

    For all Liz Webber’s “ties” to the canvas, she has become a useless cariacature. I found her dull and exhausting. She literally sucked the life and soul out of Lucky and that was saddening to watch. With the introduction of Siobhan McKenna, Lucky Spencer has literally regained his mojo. He seems to have found his soul again, his sparkle…his Spenstincts. His eyes shine with devilish merriment again. He’s flirting and smiling and confident. He’s following his gut and leading with his heart and it’s hella sexy to see! Even with all the lies, mixed signals and confusion, Siobhan still manages to make Lucky smile. She presents a challenge and he’s more than eager to rise to meet it. Siobhan lights his fire when all Liz did was make him miserable and, as a long time fan of Jonathan Jackson’s Lucky, I very much prefer the former over the latter.

    Yes, it is sad that Becky has to lose her job and I wish her and her family all the best, but Liz stopped being interesting for this fan YEARS ago so, for me, this was a foregone conclusion. In the meantime, I am beyond ecstatic that Erin Chambers has been put on contract. It was a smart move on the Network’s part to lock her in before someone else scooped her up. I can’t wait to watch what other unfolding tales Robert Guza has in store for Lucky and Siobhan.

    I haven’t enjoyed General Hospital this much in years.


    bookworm replied

    Thanks for the comments, but it’s obvious you’re on staff! (And if not, you should get a PR job for GH!) LOL

    BH leaving bites! Much GOOD story potential gone. But given the financial crisis, I suppose GH going for the low brow stuff is what they have to do. :-(


    Dee replied

    Nope. I’m not on staff. I’m simply a fan who has never been wowed by the character Liz Webber. She’s boring, two-dimensional and, did I mention mindnumbingly boring??? I don’t feel that Liz has contributed very much to the canvas in the last six years and, as Becky’s maternity leave demonstrated, her absence won’t be that big of a loss…not to me anyway.

  4. laurie says:

    Hopefully we will get rid of the fake accent and the story to come out so that we can maybe like her a bit more. I like her actually, just dont like the accent and I think once the whole Liz being gone and the story of her helping the balkin because they have her sister comes out, it will be ok.


  5. MIMI says:

    I was interested to see what GH would do with Siobhan but not at the expense of Elizabeth. As pissed off as I’ve been at Elizabeith I never once wished her off the show.


  6. Roy Mabe Jr. says:

    I am as mad as I have ever been! Why did “GH” dump a long time character like Elizabeth for a short term one like SIobhan? Elizabeth is much better than Siobhan, I don’t see the point there.


    Dee replied

    Liz wasn’t “dumped” for Siobhan. Liz was “dumped” because the writers had nowhere to go with her. If they had, Siobhan would have never been conceived as a character in the first place.

    I’d just like to reiterate…congratulations, Erin, and welcome to General Hospital!


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