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35 November 8th, 2012 GH’s Head Scribe Ron Carlivati Tweets “The Truth About Duke” On Tomorrow’s Episode!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Hold on to your socks, GH fans! Tomorrow looks to be a key day in the unraveling of the Duke mystery/story that may give us a major clue as to just what has happened to Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) that has turned him into such a seemingly evil guy!

General Hospital’s head writer, Ron Carlivati took to his Twitter account today to tease  fans with the following series of exciting tweets:  “Tomorrow on General Hospital, the truth about Duke Lavery. ‘Nuff said.  Is Duke Lavery really as bad as he seems? Could someone be controlling Duke Lavery? And if so, why? Find out tomorrow on General Hospital. Watch #GH!

In addition, GH’s executive producer, Frank Valentini had a curious tweet this afternoon stating, “WHAT? WHO? Tomorrow’s #GH is a blast!”

Ok soapers, who do you think could be pulling the strings here, if indeed someone is controlling Duke Lavery?  What do you think “the truth is” of this killer/kidnapper dude, version of Duke?  Weigh-in!


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  1. barbara says:

    its helena and her crew/family…..


    Jill replied

    I wouldn’t put it past her.


    jagger replied

    It could be Jason who went under cover to rescue Robin. Sorry, still can’t get over my JnR.

  2. Gloria says:

    I dont think this is duke…i believe it is faison..wasnt he supposedly killed in a explosion(blast)..mmmm….bet he is behind this whole thing and the real duke will be shown to be alive and being held like robin


    J.R. replied

    One can only hope. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Robert was the one to rescue Duke given his distain for him?!


    Greg replied

    Faison in makeup or surgery would explain why Luke is so suspicious of him.


    Katie replied

    I never thought of this. Wonderful! Can’t wait for today’s episode. Love GH! Wait a minute. You don’t think Jason is being held also do you? No. Maybe.


  3. su0000 says:

    GH is so exciting and fast moving, I’m always on the edge!
    GH is ready for prime time!!

    I am having a soap love affair with GH .. lol
    It is unbelievable that BB and YR have higher ratings, that is beyond any reason..


    Sal Piscioneri replied

    I agree, Nelson ratings are antiquated pieces of nothing so many of us watch Gh and are not accounted for in the ratings…….my family of at least 50 or more have been watching GH since 1963 and never were they counted for in Ohio, Kentucky, New York, California…. We need us all to be counted.


    Erick replied

    According to the last Soap Opera Digest, GH was closing in on B&B….

    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    Because both those soaps walk treadmills around GH.


    Patrick replied

    i agree wholeheartedly – it’s now a 2 hour a day love affair…. BOTH, GH & Days… are good…. in any event… they’re both keeping me interested…. I can believe… how much Elieen Davidson… captivates… she’s brought a whole new dimension… to DOOL. Kristen and EJ look so good together… CLASS…. I’m enjoying and LOL… over John’s “libidinous… behaviour…” it’s just a treat to see john and marlena… acting out… days of old… the writing is pretty good. I’m heartsick over Nicole… Lucas has been so good with Will…. even if i don’t like it… it needs to be shared….

    GH – what an emotional rollercoaster! so much to say…. standing ovation to the writers, with the Robin story…. Emma talking on the phone with her mom…. and does she talk to Patrick… ???? Tears!


  4. Brian says:

    GH is on fire !!! Best it has ever been in the past 20 years.


    Mary replied

    I totally agree keep it up Cartini love you guys………


    SharonB replied

    Agree 100%


  5. BOnnie says: Helena, no Faison, no Helena…Wiat what would the Helena /Robin connection be?


  6. SharonB says:

    Do not know anything about the Faison storyline so I can’t say. My thoughts are it has something to do with the Cassadine Family. If they are incorporating any of the OLTL storyline into it maybe Allison Perkins has Victor Jr. captive where Robin is. Since in daytime dramas nobody ever seems to stay dead maybe Victor jr/Todd’s mother(I have forgotten her name) could be alive. She is evil enough she could be a secret Cassadine. Far fetched but anything can happen on Soaps. Another surprise could be whomever the evil person was on AMC could be connected.


    Andrew replied

    I’m hoping that the Cassadine’s are their own separate story and not connected to this … but would love it if Victor Jr is at the same hospital that Robin is… that would be awesome. Robin escapes from her room, dashes into another room to escape capture and discovers Victor. And yes it would be great if Dr. David Hayward from AMC was part of this story too. :)


  7. karen says:

    who is behind the mask???????


    Jeffrey Anderson replied

    yeah,who is the hell behind that mask? Scooby Doo already took the mask from….. I know that Robert Scorpio be back next Thursday. Robert is not Duke Lavery.. My guess is Faison still old WBS enemy.


  8. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    “The Truth about Duke” is dumb. This storyline went from BAD to WORSE. It makes zero sense whatsoever and I’m not impressed.


  9. Molly says:

    I have thought from the beginning that it was Cesar Faison and think he will be revealed to be te ‘unmasked’ one; could not, however, have seen this coming! I thought that’s who would be revealed as holding Robin at the beginning of the story arc and then, when it was Duke, thought myself wrong—now, I’m thinking I may have been right all along!!


  10. susan M. says:

    He was wearing a mask & took it off in front of Robin on Fri. show..Couldn’t remember the stories Robin was talking about from her childhood..Didn’t show his face when he took the mask off.It looks like someone Robin knows she looked surprised…Who is he???


  11. Patrick says:

    for Anna’s sake… and i’ll buy in to the “real” Duke being held captive….

    it’s been so romantic… watching Anna and Duke… and all the past…. scenes… of ole’.


  12. Grant Putnam says:

    It’s Casey the space alien!


  13. jagger says:

    Forget Duke. I want Robert Scorpio back. KM needs to come back on a regular basis. I miss her!


  14. Mae says:

    This whole Duke story line is ridiculous. Anna was touching, hugging, kissing Duke and never noticed his face was a mask that could be ripped off in a matter of seconds??? Wasn’t she a highly regarded WSB agent for the last three decades?? She has been fooled for weeks, and Robin figures out it’s not Duke within 5 minutes of seeing him? Does anyone have a count of how many GH characters have been presumed dead only to return alive and well a few months or years later? No wonder all Felicia could say when she saw Duke for the first time was “I heard you were back in town.”


    rebecca replied

    errr…it’s a soap. just sit back and enjoy the ride!


  15. Andrew says:

    I would normally cry “foul” at Duke’s mask, but if it’s Faison (which it looks like it will be) then he has a history of some sort of mind control (I can’t remember the specifics) and that’s why Anna didn’t become suspicious. I realized that he is always handing her something to drink.. it’s been subtle (or maybe I’m just remembering wrong) .. IN any event, it’s a soap so I tend to give a wide leeway. I just thank heaven it’s not another ‘plastic surgery’ story!

    BTW Faison turned up on another ABC soap a few years after he, Anna and Robert all supposedly perished in that boating accident 20 years ago so we’ve known for awhile that he survived. Actually, Robert and Anna took many years to resurface (Anna first on AMC).

    Here’s hoping that the RealDuke is actually alive – like after the storyline is over and Duke/Faison is banished/imprisoned/killed whatever, that we flash to some sort of rest home and there’s the real Duke.. just like the show did so many years ago with the real Grant Putnam. (Yes it’s a little sad how well I know the history of this show LOL) ;)


    Andrew replied

    Should mention here, that I’m really grateful that Cartini have been keeping actors’ returns and plot points under wraps.. this show is much more fun when I don’t know what’s coming. Alan’s return last week (even as a ‘ghost’ ) was a complete surprise (and what a great episode that was, too).


    Claudia Kurzyna replied

    Yes, I agree it was great to see Alan return. It was a complete surprise. I am thinking that this is a manipulation by Faison. Hopefully we will find out tomorrow!

  16. susan M. says:

    I thought it was an exciting episode on Fri. This is a really good storyline & done very well…..Will be watching today!!!


  17. susan M. says:

    GH is the BEST!!!!!!


  18. Dee Vee says:

    I really hope its NOT Jerry Jacks.


  19. susan M. says:

    It is Faison & he has Duke captive . And Duke really is alive after all…Didn’t expect that….Exciting!!!!!


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