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2 April 15th, 2010 GH’s Hennesy approached on writing book from Spinelli’s POV & insight into the Michael Corinthos casting shocker!

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General Hospital and Cougar Town’s, Carolyn Hennesy revealed while co-hosting the new On-Air On-Soaps Podcast that she has been approached by ABC Disney/Hyperion to write a book about all the characters of Port Charles from Spinelli’s point of view!  Hennesy whose series of Tween Novels have been best-sellers is currently promoting, Pandora Gets Heart.

Also during the podcast, Hennesy gives insight to listeners on what went on behind the scenes of the Michael Corinthos switcheroo involving the exiting, Michael, Drew Garrett and the new Michael. Chad Duell.  ”The only thing I can share is Drew’s reaction.  For it to happen mid storyline this was a decision that was not made lightly.  I do know that Drew came into the make-up and hair room and was obviously devastated, but an hour later he talked to his co-stars who said, ‘You are young, gorgeous and talented,  and you will land on your feet ,’ and he managed to walk out with his head held high.   I do know Chad is a lovely actor.  What he has to do on the witness stand… now there is a performance!  He had pages to do that particular day and it was unbelievable.”

Steve Burton also weighs in on the Michael Corinthos situation during our sit-down interview with the soap superstar during the podcast.  Speaking on Duell, ”For this kid to come on the show and have a fourteen page scene, and do it in one take, and be really good, after two days of  not knowing where you are going…he did a great job.  It was probably the third or fourth time I heard the crew clap for anyone, ever!”

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  1. Ann Holden says:

    The news is horrible, to say the least. I will not be watching GH in the future, as I feel that GH fans are NOT being heard.
    I wish everyone, (actors) well at GH.

    No longer a GH viewer


  2. Leola says:

    After seeing the courtroom scenes, I totally understand why they chose to change actors. I didn’t dislike Drew, but Chad changes the character and it feels as though his character will have an interesting journey that will be able to grow and build. Drew’s version was becoming to cold and unemotional, he will do well to try other roles to grow as an actor. I’m excited to see what Chad’s version will bring to the landscape of an already exciting show. (This coming from someone who was laid up in the hospital, had a friend call to tell me about this new storyline I might like. I had stopped watching DOOL a few years ago. Haven’t missed a day of GH since.)


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