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10 March 15th, 2013 GH’s Ingo Rademacher Meets DWTS Dance Partner Kym Johnson! – Watch the Video!


General Hospital fans get ready to vote this season’s soap star through each week on the latest edition of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars which kicks-off this Monday night March 18th at 8PMEST/PST!

Ingo Rademacher (Jax) is dancing with two-time Mirror Ball Trophy winner, Kym Johnson! Ingo related that when he said in the video,  “She has already won twice, and once in Australia!”  Will this duo have what it takes to beat the competition?

To get things stated, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars filmed their “First Meetings” segments; when Ingo met Kym for the first time in the dance rehearsal studios, and the two give a very cute joint interview!  Watch as Ingo tries to figure out how to point his toe!

Check out their “First Meetings” video here at via MSN Entertainment.

Then, let us know what you thought of it, and if you think Ingo and Kym might be one of the pairs to watch when they hit the ballroom dance competition floor!

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  1. jim says:

    There could be a lot of people out there who never watch GH and not know who Ingo even is. ABC should promote GHs 50th anniversary in primetime especially during its more popular shows like DWTS including clips from the shows last 50 years, some with Ingo in them, and promote the nurses ball ect. The ratings for GH could get bigger with better promotions throughout different hours of the day including on ABC owned cable channels. Networks need to attract more viewers to their channels if they truly want to survive in this industry.


    Lulu replied

    There’s also non-football fans who do not know Jacoby, non-boxing fans who don’t know Victor, etc, etc, etc. I know these guys now, because of the introductory stuff.

    As far as promotion, ABC just sucks at it. Has since Disney took over from Capital Cities.


    jim replied

    Thanks for the reply Lulu. All 3 major networks dont do enough to promote their soaps. People in the sports world dont need much promotion to get people to watch them as much as soaps do. Sports will be around 4ever because they have always appealed to the fans who dont turn their back on them if they loose a game or if certain athlete quits or retires ect. Soaps arent that lucky…some fans wont stick with them the way fans stick with their fans. Soaps need all the help they can get in the promotion dept.

    jim replied

    I meant to say the way fans stick with their favorite sports.

    su0000 replied

    The way ABC promotes its’ show/soaps is through the stars of the soaps going onto ABC’s the view and other shows… then the soap stars promote the soap by talking of it etc etc ..
    Prime time promoting would cost millions and talk show are free LOL ..
    Soaps have had their mention/prompting on many shows including Saturday Night Live…

    Also they promote through the grocery line soap magazines at the check-outs for us to read ..

    There is promoting going on, most just fail to notice it lol


    jim replied

    I know about the talk shows and magazines but there is still people out there that dont watch talk or buy magazines but could be drawn to the soaps if other methods were used to get their attention. Does it really cost millions for ABC to adv. their own shows on their own network? It almost sounds like you have to charge yourself for using your own business. I dont own a network so what do i know. But if it cost millions to adv. a show how much profit does a series make? Ive seen dwts adv. lots of times during the week and if it cost millions to adv. it almost seems like it eats up all its profits? But thanks for the reply. i wish more people would reply as nice and polite as yours have been. Ive gotten a few from others who sound as if they have anger management issues. And i like responders like you who have replied to me without the rudeness. We all can agree and disagree and be polite about it at the same time. You and others have proven it. Thanks again.

  2. heidi says:

    Very cute! They make a perfect pair! They will get my vote each week!


  3. moshane58 says:

    Won’t be watching nor voting.Not helping out ABC in anyway except GH.We have found an article that just voting alone helps ABC raise there prices on comercials.I will not help ABC in anyway.



    I’m gonna watch!!!!!

    I love INGO!!!!! HE IS A DREAM




    JOHN SAM JAX!!!!!!


  5. Tali says:

    Voting for Ingo & Kellie Pickler! Love the clips – let’s go!! Don’t watch GH anymore after they destroyed OLTL characters and their storylines, but loved Jax in the day.


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