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15 February 22nd, 2011 GH’s Ingo Rademacher tweets that he is going to have less airtime!

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Oh boy! We heard rumblings about this, but now the actor himself, Ingo Rademacher (Jax) of General Hospital has tweeted that fans should expect to see a lot of less of him, in fact, not much at all in the coming weeks!

The talented leading man was on twitter this afternoon and tweeted the following: “Don’t expect to c me much on GH. once a week seems to the norm for me if that. I must have peed in the pool and was fresh out of chlorine :-) I’ll be on the air for the next week or 2 a bit. But after that a lot less. Sorry guys. I don’t know what to tell u.  It’s not my call.”

So with Becky Herbst back in at GH, and cast cutting measures needed at the top soap at ABC, the slashing had to come from somewhere, and we can only assume that Ingo is part of that.   Stay tuned, there is probably more to come over the folks that run the ship at GH!

What do you think about Ingo’s upcoming lack of airtime?

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  1. Christine says:

    When will the “Powers that Be” realize that the fans keep the soap on air? I am tired of crazy storylines with characters who are disposable and have a built-in shelf-life. I want to see relationships, romance, and I want to see that with core characters, core families. Jax/Carly/Sonny/Brenda/Luke/Tracy/Steve/Elizabeth/Lucky/Nicholas/Robin/Patrick/Jason/Sam/Michael/Kristina/Alexis/Molly…you get the picture. It is frustrating to see “The Balkan” & his wife take up precious airtime better served with our core favorites. Lisa BORES me. Who’s her new dr.-friend, btw? Can’t even remember the character name…that’s how little impact THAT story line has made. PLEASE, GH, BACK TO THE BASICS!!!!


  2. Katherine says:

    I feel bad for Ingo but I really can’t stand the character of Jax so no great loss for me!


  3. Gail says:

    I love Ingo, but I think his fate was sealed when they married Jax to Carly. His character hasn’t been the same since. I miss the old Jax.


  4. Gordo says:

    I think Ingo’s great. He was the first to support Becky and it sucks his time is getting cut back.

    I guess one of the problems and this might be just my perception is that he’s not as strong dramatically as a lot of the other guys. I mean I like him just fine but in terms of carrying a big emotional story he hasn’t whether thats because of ability or short sightedness from TPTB, I don’t know. I feel like pit him against JJ or Mo in a tearful monologue face off and Ingo would probably lose.

    He is good at what they do have him do, which is swooning prince charming and he exudes a warmth, and there’s a strength to that, and I honestly think he does that better than anyone else on the show. Early in the Brenda return I felt more of connection between those two than between SnB. There is a charisma and charm that Ingo pulls off very, very well and I will be sad to see him less though I will say he’s been grossly misused, the CarJax relationship has been bland for years and they never used him well in that relationship as to playing what he’s good at.


    Gordo replied

    Might’ve been wrong. Just watched scenes from 2/25, Ingo was great yelling at Sonny…my bad.


  5. Saher M says:

    If it was budget, then they should just quit hiring newbies. It couldn’t have been because of Ingo calling out GH on the unjust firing of Becky, could it? I mean, they wouldn’t be that cruel. It would have been really nice to see Jax and Liz. It could’ve been an interesting dynamic, if tptb gave it a try.


  6. Laura says:

    I’m tired of seeing the same pampered pets on GH in the same repetitive stories.

    We need more Jax-TV!


  7. Juanita says:

    What I see on this show is a lot of newbies. Gh is really slapping these veteran in the face. What bring in the new and throw out the old. TPTB are repetitive in their stories they have manage to bring in newbies and than used them to prop others, for what? Why because they want to keep pretty. They are idiots, they don’t know what the audiences want. Screw you gh, one less viewer.


  8. kay killgore says:

    Just get rid of the over-actor Tony Geary problem solved!


  9. Amber Colombo says:

    I think they should cut down maurice benard acting time he’s practically in every scene. cut his time about 60% and problem solved everybody gets fair airtime. I dont blame ingo for being pissed, they seem to throw away good actors that have been on the show for a long time to new people who nobody gives a damn about. until they hire better writers and give ingo his much deserved airtime i will stop watching. Long live Jax and Brenda!!!


    leah replied

    thank you… they lost money when they hyped up Brenda coming back.. and it wasnt worth it… now its the sonny and Brenda show.. ratings are dropping and Frons is still acting like he is in love with sonny and marcel… and he plots the cutting /cancel of OLTL to hide his mistakes. please write his boss.. we want him out and Guza may go too… they really have destroyed gh.. its hard to watch any more…


  10. leah says:

    if they had not of spent so much money hyping up the return of Vanessa-there would be money.. And if she had not of come back there would be money… you cant tell me that Adrianne B. and the guy who plays theo is not getting more money then the actors who had been on GH for a while… its called GH is is trouble and all the other soaps have to suffer for it… the mistake was playing up brenda’s come back. People sign the petition to get rid of Frons… because i am going to be upset if OLTL is canceled . too many eggs went into one basket… whose fault is that and why should the fans suffer?


  11. Ashley says:

    We want more of Jax, not less!! With GH being the ONLY soap left on ABC, give the people what they want!! We want JAX!!!


  12. Tina says:

    they should bring back Jax and Brenda GH has got so dry. put jax back and get rid of michael or robin the list goes on and on. they are just dry. michael has to much crazy drama. who cares


  13. barbara t says:

    am I the only one here that does not like jax?the last tweeting he did ,making a few comments about what is happening at general hospital with ron and frank,I could be wrong ,but he could have screwed up big time with his ,Im better then anyone else comment ,and the one hospital to kill insult,abc will be the ones to kill g h ingo .that wasnt very smart of him if he wanted his old job back.I will take ron and franks ideas on how to save abc s last remaining soap over this guys self centered comments any day,bye ,bye ,Ingo .your big inflated ego will not be missed by me.


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