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34 March 18th, 2012 GH’s Jason Thompson and Finola Hughes Named “Power Performances of the Week”!


No, you are not seeing double! On-Air On-Soaps again names General Hospital’s Jason Thompson (Patrick) and Finola Hughes (Anna) this week’s Power Performances of the Week - two weeks running!  However, the scenes that they are being recognized for this past week are from episodes revolving around Robin’s funeral.

There was not a dry eye in the house, as so many viewers have tweeted us, when Patrick tried to get ready to go to Robin’s funeral and struggled to get ready while seeing visions of Robin (Kimberly McCullough).   But the most powerful and memorable moment occurred when a grief-stricken Patrick attempted to put his tie on.  With tears flowing, he sees a vision of Robin, and tells her, he doesn’t want to go to the funeral.   The emotions were so raw, so heartbreaking, and so touching.  Jason Thompson played a man completely lost without the love of his life, while trying to hold it together for his daughter, Emma, and preparing to go say good-bye to the woman who made him a better man.  It was Emmy worthy, to say the least, and featured five hankie moments.

And as for Finola Hughes, we have already given her kudos for her realistic portrayal of a grief-stricken mother, but when Anna addressed Robin’s family and friends at the funeral, nervously pacing at the same time, and trying to find the words to convey how much her beloved daughter meant to her, and all those close to her, Hughes also made us grab for the hankies! And who will ever forget the vintage Anna and Robin clips that were juxtaposed into her speech?  The one to this day that is a GH classic and that touches so many longtime viewers was when Anna and a little Robin run into each others arms after Robin was kidnapped! If Finola Hughes does not get an Emmy nomination next year, it will be deemed a crime!

Now, after the jump watch the scenes featuring Jason and Finola in this week’s Power Performances of the Week! Finola’s scene happens at 2:28 into the second clip. Then,  let us know if you agree with our picks.

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  1. Alley says:

    Very much deserved. FH and JT were simply amazing.


  2. Debi says:

    They were amazing. Patrick couldn’t have done a better job. That is how good he was. Him & Emma have chemistry like a parent and child!

    My only complaint about all of this, was lack of people at Church, and switching to Ewan & Sam – Sonny & Kate scenes. Totally ruined it.


  3. KatR says:

    Jason Thompson in particular has rescued a story that was really not well thought out (Robin dies in a lab fire? What?) and has elevated it to “BJ dies/Maxie’s heart transplant” status. Just amazing.


  4. Sue says:

    Amazing moments, i waited till i had 3 hours clear to watch, well worth watching , GH just keeps getting better & better. Still missing OLTL but loving the changes on GH.


  5. heidi says:

    Agreed!!! They were very powerful performances and they both should win emmys! The whole cast that spoke at the funeral were great! Finally some appropriate time, attention and emotion for the death of Robin. I only wish Jason (SB) could have been there too!!!


  6. Emily says:

    Always like Anna and Patrick, the actors and characters. Not surprised about their extrodinary performances. Soaps are a great platform to witness and remember memorable moments/scenes. I have so many from GH, watching alot of’em all these yrs. I want to see more. Now, w/Patrick (esp) and Anna’s grief, more stand out memories that will stay in my mind for yrs to come.


  7. Sharon says:

    I agree!! JT and Finola were perfect!


  8. Debbie Harris says:

    I knew those scenes done by Jason T. And Finola H. were brilliant when I first saw them, but seeing them again made me see that they were Tremendous!! Just an Awesome job by both! Had me in tears a 2nd time. Kudos to Both!


  9. Sandy says:

    Michael, once again, you are so right with the performances of the week. Jason and Fiona were absolutely amazing. Anna’s eulogy for Robin was beautiful, and the flashbacks of a young Robin hugging her parents, and then being reunited with Anna after being kidnapped as a child…so perfect, especially with Anna saying how thankful she was to have been able to hug her daughter one last time before she died.

    Jason once again was at his absolute best in the scenes where the vision of Robin woke Patrick up, then stood in the shower with him and, most heartbreakingly, the scene where Patrick was trying to tie his tie and she helped him. I’ve never been so broken by watching a scene as that scene…as this storyline…has made me. Patrick asking her if she was ready to go to the church with him, and her saying he had to do this on his own…and then him saying “I’m nothing without you, Robin.” It just proves once again that Jason Thompson can take what could be seen as the perfect scene, and make it even better.

    Congratulations to Jason & Fiona on this much deserved honor!


    Sandy replied

    Should be “Congratulations to Jason and Finola,” not Fiona. My apologies for this spelling error.


  10. Cathy says:

    Simply amazing work! Kudos!


  11. missy says:

    Heartbreaking Emmy Winning Performances by both Finola and Jason! So talented


  12. Suzie says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the accolades for these two phenomenal actors and their performances. What a week for GH and their loyal viewers !!! If you don’t watch GH,
    nows a great time to come on board :-)


  13. KaShi says:

    Wonderful performances. I would much rather have Robin alive, but these performances were certainly Emmy worthy.


  14. Kara says:

    Watching the tie scene again and still crying just as hard as the first time


  15. Cathy says:

    Met Finola at Super Soap Weekend ten years ago at Disney’s Calif Adventure. A very nice person and so glad to see her back on GH just in time for Kim’s exit.


  16. Jules says:

    That tie scene should go down in the history of GH as one of the greatest moments. I was absolutely gutted watching this widower long for his wife back. Jason slayed it. It was one of my most beautiful moments I’ve ever seen on television, and I was genuinely moved to tears and choked up by it. Superb work.


  17. Debi says:

    I was quite surprised at the numbers. Though without a doubt the Robin death story was ridiculous, along with Robert’s 2 day appearance, and the fact it took 3 weeks to bury her, I still see tiny improvements. So I did expect better numbers.

    Never mind the hideous DID storyline with Kate that Ron is known for. We didn’t care to see it. We wanted more Robin’s death played out.

    The BEST of the past 3 weeks were the videos of Robin along with other people (past) who were the core of GH back in the day. That was wonderful to see. Anna & Patrick were PERFECT actors.

    Yes I am surprised the numbers didn’t go up a pinch.

    And now we have a tacky rooftop party to look forward to with a bunch of ‘fill in’s that will be paid $1 for there scenes.


  18. kay killgore says:

    Both FH & JT are what has made this story tolerable! Kudos!!


  19. TinaP says:

    Well deserved by both, Finola Hughes and Jason Thomas, they have simply been outstanding in their performances. They are the reason I’ve been tuning in!


  20. Jan H says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more!! JT and FH have been beyond amazing! I will be stunned if JT doesn’t get an emmy for these!!!


  21. carol says:

    Jason and Finola were great this past week. Too bad GH had to wait so long for her funeral and to make the death of this wonderful character more about Jason and the disrespect to her husband by a selish Sam. It would have been nice to have more family interaction than have the leech Liz be at the house and making decisions. Jason and Kimberly gave us SCRUBS. Thank You for that, Best of luck to Kimberly in her Directing career. We will miss you. Thanks for 6 plus years Jason & Kimberly The tie scene only should win Jason his Emmy.


  22. aria says:

    I totally agree with the praise, JT/FH were awesome, i can’t say it enough, GH needs to put FH on contract asap, and keep her around, as for JT, its obvious he brought so much of his personal feelings into patrick lost. It’s clear he truly misses his acting partner. It’s also been great seeing those old clips from GH great past, Keep it up GH.


  23. memetoo says:

    ITA. Beautiful performances by both Finola and Jason.


  24. Vicki says:

    Amazing performances by Jason & Fiona. Patrick struggling to get ready for the service was gut wrenching. The tie scene had my chest hurting. Having lost my SO suddenly almost 8 years ago, these scenes portrayed my feelings then. He is so lost. I cannot put into words how moved I was by Jason’s performance.


  25. ethel says:

    michael you are so right – acting at it’s best – phenomenal!!


  26. Debi says:

    Michael, I have a question. I know that there is suppose to be a decision made in 2 weeks about GH. Could tptb extend them for 6 more months, and then see how they are doing before cancelling?


  27. cindy says:

    I agreee both actors did a fantastic job.
    I love Finola Hughes and her acting in these scenes didnt surprise me. She is an incredible actor and she really delivered.
    I’m so glad she is back on GH.


  28. B.J. Reese says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of the character “Patrick”, but Jason Thompson really showed me what *he* can do in the past week. I can’t remember when I have seen such moving and believable performances. He has simply been terrific. I sure hope he wins an Emmy for this work. He so deserves it.

    Finola is always good, so there was no surprise there. :)


  29. Michael S. says:

    Finola and Jason knocked it out of the ball park! Such raw emotion and totally real. These performances are why I watch GH!

    I do think that Jen Lilley deserves an honorable mention for her performance too. She actually humanized Maxie and was totally convincing of a person racked with guilt and who’s grip of reality is unravelling before our very eyes. I was skeptical when she came on board to fill Kirsten’s shoes but she’s done a bang up job recently.


  30. Lisa says:

    The acting since Robin’s death has been superb.
    Finola’s performance as an anguished mother struggling to come to terms with the death of her only child were bar none.
    But I think my heart is really aching for Patrick…I have replayed many of the scenes from the last few episodes and I weep every single time.
    Kudos to Jason Thompson for knocking it out of the park.


  31. Rae says:

    Jason and Finola have been superb! Jason, in particular, has had me crying my eyes out! He has been absolutely OUTSTANDING – the scenes when he was trying to get to Robin , finding out Robin was dead and breaking down at the sight of a body under the tarp in the lab, telling Emma about her mommy – he has knocked them all out of the balpark. But the scene when he was trying to fix his tie – it blew me away! I don’t think I have ever seen an actor show such raw emotion – he better win an Emmy for this – he completely deserves it!


    Lisa replied

    Agreed Rae…I just watched it again – and am in tears …again.
    I’m just wowed by the performances.
    Emmy worthy !!


  32. Christy says:

    wow and after watching yesterday’s show – that was some great acting on the hospital? roof between Finola and Jason – Again! let’s see if they get the honor 3 times in a row!


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