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4 May 20th, 2011 GH’s Jonathan Jackson on his Emmy Nomination & tackling tough emotional story!


On-Air On-Soaps spoke to General Hospital’s sensational Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) about his much-deserved Daytime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor!  Jackson whose Emmy-nominated performance, where Lucky confronts Elizabeth and Nikolas about their affair, has been heralded as a soap classic, riveting, and is highly regarded from his peers. Jonathan, a three-time Daytime Emmy winner already found out the news of his nomination on his birthday last Wednesday! Quite the present, he tells us.

But Jackson’s emotional and gut-wrenching performances have not stopped there with the confrontation by Lucky of Liz and Nik’s betrayal. Already in 2011, we have already seen him in tour de force performances during Jake’s death and Luke’s intervention.  Here is what Jonathan had to say below about choosing his Emmy reel, his co-stars, and fellow nominee, Jason Thompson (Patrick) and how Jackson’s nominated work is being touted as an all-time memorable soap moment, ala Judith Light’s courtroom confession as Karen on One Life to Live.

Jonathan on his Emmy reel selection: “I always knew that the episode I would choose to submit would be when Lucky confronts Elizabeth and Nikolas about their affair. Years ago back in the 90’s; they used to have us send in two shows as opposed to one. There were other shows I was really happy with that if I could I would have put in along with it I would have, but that episode was a perfect storm situation. Nothing culminated like that episode. We all knew the scenes went great. When things like that click, there is something in the air and bigger than the individuals that are in the room. You can feel it and you know it.

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One of the things I have learned over the years, probably because I started acting really young at eleven years old was; actors can be very self-critical and it can make people very self-conscious. That is something that I really have been intentional about over my acting career, to not be overly self-critical, but to do my best and give it my all, and to leave it at that and not try to judge it. For me, that is where I like to stay. And so afterwards, I felt really positive about the scenes. I was completely drained for several days.  It is one of those episodes that takes a lot out of you.  I really was hoping that Becky Herbst (Elizabeth) would get nominated.  I thought she did really incredible work over that same arc and storyline.”

Jonathan on how his performance is being touted as an all-time classic: “In regards to how people have said this is one of those all-time memorable performances, it is amazing to be perceived like that. I am young punk still. I had to be educated about the famous Judith Light (Ex-Karen, OLTL) courtroom confession scene. So for me, I don’t have much of a context for that. It is like when I started working with Tony Geary (Luke) and Genie Francis (Ex-Laura), I had no idea who Luke and Laura were. But, it’s amazing to be considered up there with Judith. I am humbled on how it’s been received.”


Jonathan on being given the ball at GH, and how it is to play one emotional story after the next: “Honestly, it has been insane the amount of intense work I have had over the past year on GH. I have literally been on my knees praying to continually get through it. There was the Elizabeth tragedy that happened last year, and then Lucky was drunk, and then he was at the edge of everything for four months. Then, this year it has been Jake’s death, and the Luke’s intervention and one thing after another. So it has been really crazy and a lot. I am grateful that the show believes in me, and that they want to give me that work to do, but it is a balance of trying to find those places to recoup. I try to take it day to day.  We are always in dialog that it does not go far. It was the same thing with Tony Geary (Luke) on his recent storyline and what he was giving out day in and day out. It was truly incredible. Tony also sent me an email telling me congratulations on the Emmy nomination, and he is always just incredibly supportive.”

Jonathan on being nominated in the same category as his GH co-star Jason Thomson: “I was also very happy for Jason Thompson.  I think he is an incredibly powerful actor and I have told him that, on a few different occasions. I don’t get to work with him very often, but recently when we did the Jake storyline in the hospital when he passed away, Becky and I had a scene with Jason and Kimberly McCullough (Robin). I remember feeling a strong presence from him as an actor in the room. It really helped me in my performance. I felt that he has that leading man presence and has a depth there that is real and unique. The episode that Jason sent in for the Emmy, I was extremely impressed with.  We are all really supportive of each other here. I was excited for GH as a whole getting 21 nominations.”


Jonathan on heading to Las Vegas, and the red carpet and presentation of the 38th Annual Daytime Emmys! “My wife Lisa and I will be at the Emmys. I have said this before that in daytime you don’t get an end to a season where you get a three or four month hiatus. It just keeps going and going. That can wear on you.  So for me, the Emmys are like a marker for the year where you can go, “Ok. We are celebrating what is last year. We get to get together over the work we have done, and especially in this time we are in.” It’s fun to see people from the other soaps.  I have such great respect for how hard everyone works in this medium. It can be insane to pump out this much material all the time and I want to see them get celebrated. For me, I am prepared to not win, or win, and it does not matter. Being nominated is a great honor. I have experienced enough things in life to know that things happen for a reason.  If it not meant to happen, I am totally fine with that, and if it is meant to happen, then there is a reason for it.  I just want to be in place of gratitude and humility through it.”

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  1. lucy says:

    I adore this man so, so much.


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    Jonathan is a good actor but let’s not confuse wide eyed shrieking with being a good actor.


  3. Vicki says:

    Jonathan is a great actor and a gentleman. Congrats JJ!


  4. michele says:

    Congratulations to Jonathan. For me his return is the only reason I’m watching GH again. Love to watch him act.


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