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140 July 30th, 2012 GH’s Kelly Monaco Interview: From Dancing with the Stars All-Stars To McBam & JaSam!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

There was great news for soap fans when Kelly Monaco (Sam) of General Hospital was revealed to be part of the cast for the highly anticipated Dancing with the Stars: All Stars edition last Friday!  Monaco, who won the first season of Dancing with the Stars amongst a bit of controversy, will be back vying for the Mirror Ball Trophy against some of the best competitors since the series began including: Drew Lachey, Gilles Marini, and Emmitt Smith, to name just a few! The All-Star cast and their professional partners will take to the stage for the season premiere of  Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars, Monday, September 24th (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) followed by the premiere of Dancing with the Stars the Results Show on Tuesday September 25th (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

We caught up with Kelly at Friday night’s ABC Summer Press Tour TCA Cocktail party and asked her how she plans on prepping for the ballroom dance series, who she hopes to paired with, what went down with John O’Hurley in season one, and much more.

Then, we turn our attention to General Hospital, and the importance for Kelly to be presenting the soap genre in this huge mainstream series that garners so much attention, and if she feels ABC is truly getting behind GH.   Plus, what does Kelly think of McBam vs. JaSam, working with Michael Easton again, and the difficulties facing Jason and Sam’s relationship … she tells us how she sees it.  Always direct, honest, and fun, here is our chat with Ms.  Monaco!    

Before we begin, I just want to set the record straight.  A portion of your fans think that I don’t like you!

KELLY:   Why?  Oh my gosh! You have been one of my biggest supporters always have been for 13 years.  We go way back!

They tell me that I don’t interview you enough, and I try to explain that Kelly is really busy when I make a request or an attempt.  And it is true. I can never find you or get to you! (Laughs)


KELLY:  I am never available and I will take the responsibility for that!  I dip out on interviews more than anyone!  Sometimes I feel like less is more though. When you give less, they want more.  I have learned my lesson though. Y you can never have too much.  So fans, I will take full responsibility for this! Michael has been amazing and he has pursued me forever. and here we are.

So thrilled you are on the Dancing with the Stars All-Stars!  Were you at all hesitant to be in the competition again?

KELLY:   I was not hesitant at all.  I think they thought about it for awhile.  I had heard they were going to do an All-Stars, but I also heard they were not going to have back any past winners.  So it was completely off the chopping block, and out of my mind.  Not for a second would I think I would be called for it.  And then, Deena Katz, our head casting director, called me a few months ago.  She is like “You are the first person I am calling.  Do I need to talk to your agent? “And I said, excitedly, “Talk to me! Talk to me! You don’t need to talk to my agent,” And she says, “How would you like to be a part …” And I jumped in and went, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!”  She could not get the words out!  I continued saying, “Of course!  To have the chance to dance and have the experience, and meet new people and build new relationships, and just step outside my comfort zone, is what I wanted.   I mean, this is not my thing.   I like to cry on camera and I like to study lines, I really do.  I like my routine.  I have been doing soaps for 13 years now.  I really like what I am doing.  But every year, once a year, I pick one challenge that sort of gets me outside of this leveled thing that we all do.  And this was it!

You were in Season one of Dancing with the Stars and you improved so much. You had a very rocky start and ended up winning the Mirror Ball Trophy!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

KELLY:  This is what I am afraid of Michael.  I am afraid that I have been out of it for so long.   I am going to go from really not knowing what I am doing and that is really not going to be acceptable in an All-Stars season.   So I don’t know how to technically prepare myself to be on the same level with the other contestants, being out of it for several years.  I had been doing events all over the place where I danced a bit, besides Peep Show, which I am not going to disregard, but all I had to do in that was strut in my underwear!   I don’t consider that dancing, I really don’t.   So I don’t know how I am going to get myself to a mediocre level to be able to start the competition.  I don’t think it’s going to be acceptable to be at the beginning.  I am going to have to do something before the shows starts, probably four weeks before … start training!

You have the bod of death! And, you have the abs of death!   If I had your core, I would be a champ! (Laughs)

KELLY: That’s different than having skill and putting one foot in front of the other, and a swip of the hip, and pointing a finger, and getting your face going.  I have a lot of hard work ahead of me.

Who do you hope is your dancing partner in the All-Stars competition?

KELLY:  I don’t want to go there, because if I pick a top one, two, or three dancers as my picks, they won’t go that way.  So I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment. Even though I am a pessimist/realist and I always set myself up for the worst case scenario, I am always pleasantly surprised in the end.   I have to talk myself out of my pessimistic nature, and say, “This is what is real.  This is the world we live in and it’s not pretty all the time.”   I am going to prepare myself for the worst case scenario all the time.   Look, I am a Gemini.

Do you want your dance partner to be your height or taller? (Laughs)

KELLY: Ah, I don’t think anybody is shorter than me!  So I think I am in the clear in the height issue.

But if I was your partner …  I am short! Would that work?

KELLY: But you’re strong, and I am little, so we would actually be a perfect match!  And in like the standard dancing I would do so much better. Alec Mazo was so much taller.  So for me to get my body right and my shoulders down was difficult.  There is a structure to the dancing that has to look elegant and natural.

Who do you think will be your toughest competition?

KELLY: It’s an All-Stars! Everyone in the line-up is competition. They would not have chosen this cast, unless they knew they were going to go fist to fist, like bloody knuckles.  I feel like that is how it is going to be.  I feel nobody is excluded from the competition.


Can we clear the air here on something: What happened in season one of DWTS with John O’Hurley?  You won, then he won (sort of), and then there was the redo.  What went down?

KELLY:  I think the whole premise there was that John was in question, because I was an ABC employee.   So he thought that the show was rigged.  Whatever, it happened.  I won, he won.  We both gave each other a high-five in the end.  He is a smart man.  We both made a lot of money from that dance-off.  We were able to give $125,000 a piece to charity.  So in a good-natured competition aspect, I would say John is a really smart businessman.

What is great for soap fans is; not only do you represent General Hospital but all of a daytime being the sole soap performer in the upcoming season!  

KELLY: Yes! And I was really scared that Cameron Mathison (Ex-Ryan, AMC) was going to do it.   I heard that through the grapevine. And I was like, “No! I don’t want Cameron to split my daytime votes.”  Because you know how our fans are! But if they have one of us, and we have to save daytime, and the better chance I do, the more chance General Hospital has a chance of staying put!  I feel like the daytime community always gets behind their people. If I were to be a primetime performer, it would not be the same.  It just doesn’t work like that.

What did you think of being part of the GH press panel at the TCA’s!  I don’t recall the show ever getting a slot to represent itself to the media like this!

KELLY:  I think it’s amazing.  The network is doing everything they can to keep us alive and bringing as much attention as they can do it.  It’s a scary time for daytime. The genre is a semi-dying breed.  If we can somehow get support behind us whether it be; networks, or fans, or press, that is what we need.   I don’t remember the last time they have had a soap panel at the TCA’s.  Not in my time with GH or Port Charles, do I remember that.


Now on to GH … you are working with Michael Easton (John McBain) again, and Sam and John McBain certainly have some deep chemistry going on! How has it been working with Michael again, after all these years?

KELLY:  I love working with Michael and it’s not weird at all.  I say, “Thank God.” This is the thing.  Sometimes you get a new pairing or new potential pairings and you have to work with a new actor.  You don’t know what they are about, or if the chemistry is going to work out.  It has been really nice having Michael Easton back because we have this camaraderie where you just ease right back into it.  I don’t have to say anything.  I don’t have to explain anything.  If I am in a bad mood, he is not going to hound me or bitch at me.  I am just very comfortable working with him.  We have known each other the longest than anyone else on daytime.  It’s really comforting to ease it to another semi-relationship with someone you are so comfortable with.

Steve Burton (Jason, GH) told me in our recent interview, that he did not like all he drama that Sam and Jason have gone through so soon after they got married.  But you need some sort of drama on daytime, don’t you think?

KELLY:  It’s a soap!  What are we going to do?  I don’t like it either.  Steve and I worked really hard to have this relationship pay-off.  But it’s inevitable.  It’s a soap opera! And this is what I said to my fans recently at GH Fan Club Weekend because of the many JaSam fans who are upset.  I said, “You guys.  It’s a soap opera. We are telling stories.  Don’t think about it to much.  We can’t as actors or we will go crazy.  I have to constantly remind myself, I am on a soap opera and it’s really fun.  I don’t care if I kill someone, whatever. Go with the flow, watch the story, speak up, and if you speak up, your couple will finally reunite, but if you are happy, you are doomed on daytime.” (Laughs)

Ok soapers,  make sure to rally behind Kelly during her entire run on Dancing with the Stars: All Star Edition.  It is important to show the network and the general public that soaps and their stars matter, and are popular!

Now after reading Kelly’s comments,  who are you rooting for McBam or JaSam?  And, what do you think Kelly’s chances are at winning the Mirror Ball trophy in the new season of DWTS?   Weigh-in!


  1. Lana says:

    McBam all the way all day long! So glad you were able to interview her. So many rumors out there it’s good to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. And Kelly’s right folks! It’s a soap opera and it’s supposed to be about DRAMA. Go with it! :)


    Tracy replied

    I agree no couple stays together forever. Its a soap after all. They got more then most have, be grateful and stop thinking they should be together forever. It doesn’t work that way. They would have been over years ago. If not for Frons. This show needs a breathe of fresh air. John and Sam do that. THey also have off the charts chemistry and they need that on this show. Jason and Sam have ben done to death time for it to end. You got ur wedding and baby be grateful and stop whinig. Its long past due this couple end. As for the baby if Jason couldn’t raise his first son. He shouldn’t raise this one. Let John adnd Sam raise it. It’s onluy fair he said he was to dangerous. they need to end more couples and start a new. This show needs new blood and couples Badly! the ratings have sucked for years. Get new things going and people might start watching again. plus get real Sam is a better character with John. That should trill her fans to death. She not just back drop anymore.


    Patrick replied

    Tracy –

    if Sam ends up with McBain – I agree… i like the idea of Sam and McBain raising Jason’s son.

    after all this debate… Sam w/Jason, or McBain. as i’ve posted so many times… and that’s OK. I just couldn’t stomach…how Jason treated Sam. His silent, brooding…etc… couldn’t you have just shaken him… Help her through all that’s happened. for the millionth time… as Sam told Maxie… “I haven’t recognized Jason for a long time.” i’ts gotten to the point, in my mind… at least Sam’s getting some tenderness, affection, from McBain… who, after debating with myself… agree that their is something between those two, as well. i never watched OLTL… so McBain/Natalie fans… with Liam…. just saying…

    considering whats going on now… would the return and reveal that Sams baby isin fact Jasons… re-unite them? i coulda swore i heard either/or, Jason or Sam.. say it’s a little to late… the Passion is gone.

    as for new blood and new couples… oye! this is a tough one… when things are left unfinished… unanswered… WRITERS… give sam her baby back, and go from their.

    currently… and this is BIG. GH is ON FIRE! DRIVING storyline on all cylinders… every part of the canvas is riveting… stimuli…. must watch. can’t wait… to see what happens. where to start….

    Anna going to Switzerland… it’s such a big deal and a treat to watch an actor… who is in our age group… OK… i’ll be 50 this year… ACT… OSCAR worthy… I love Anna… I lost it… per VERONICA’s post… when Anna was at Ferncliff and Robin heard her talking to the head nurse who administered the shock treatment. major tears… Robin uttering… Mom, Patrick, dad… FIND ME. God… Luke/Anna/Tracy… I like Luke with Tracy… their machinations… trysts are comical… the quips between those two are GH staple. IMO, Anna is too good for Luke.

    Johnny/Kate/Todd…. Oh geez! thankfully, that camera was found… please, redeem Johnny… don’t let him go. i don’t know how this could be tho… Todd, isn’t going to let this go… altho, the shocker.. how did johnny know about, or find out about Sams’ baby? thereby, getting the goods on Todd…. this was rife with tension…

    Patrick period. nuff said. i’d be dumbing down.. how superlative…HIS SHOW. through all the changes with cast, writing, of old and new abound…. Jason Thompson is a formidable talent… that steals scenes, has taken over. the one factor… his love for Robin… Patrick’s “lost”.

    gotta wonder… about liz… with Ewan… although, it looked like to me.. like Ewan is not enjoying playing out the “bad” guy… he’s truly liking liz… and hopefully vice versa… she looks vital.

    vi·tal/ˈvītl/Adjective: Absolutely necessary or important; essential: “secrecy is of vital importance”. Noun: The body’s important internal organs, esp. the gut or the genitalia. Synonyms: essential

    i still say Liz looks like she’s bouncing… wholesome… her own energy… without playing second fiddle and waiting… for Jason or Lucky. She’s going to figure in to the Robin story and falling for ewan.. and Ewan will be redeemed somehow.

    anyway.. GH is driving on all cylinders… right? I think so.

    Judith Sekscenski replied

    I agree with Lana on all counts!


  2. Sheryl Postin says:

    I hope Kelly win the Mirror Ball because knowing the kind of person she is she will put all her efforts into whatever she is doing at the time . She will definitely deserve it. Good luck Kelly .I like Sam with either one because I love Steve and Michael they are both fantastic actors I want them both to continue being on Gh. Thank you Michael for another great article.


  3. Beth Sims says:

    JASAM all the way!!


  4. Tali Smith says:

    I’m rooting for JaSam mainly because I’m a Jolie fan! Never watched Port Charles so I don’t know what they mean by Kelly’s & Michael’s chemistry and sure don’t see it on GH. All I see is John McBain (ME) acting out of character for his one true love – Natalie Banks aka Melisa Archer!

    I love DWTS but didn’t see the first season, so can’t wait to see Kelly do her thing! Should be a good cast.


    Carol Byrd replied

    ITA..I watched OLTL for years so I saw the love that John had for Natalie. To me also right now he is acting OOC and it just doens’t fit for him to just run into another women’s arms just because he is not in the same town as his wife. Sorry, but this agenda does not match the kind of man John McBain has always been about.


    Tali Smith replied

    I totally agree Carol! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that feels this way.

    NANCY YOUNG replied


    terri replied

    I also completely agree it is completely out of character for John to be acting this way.

    sarah replied

    lol agenda rooting huh!. anywho, Kelly and Micheal Easton do have chemistry and its very palpable but with that being said, the Mcbam story just doesnt work because of all the contrivancies created to give it a short. The characters of John, Sam and Jason have majorly been altered just to give Mcbam a foot and that just does not make for a rootworthy story no matter how much chemistry the actors have. Fans are not sturpid, we’ve followed these characters and have an idea of who they are and when writters take too much liberty in changing characters just to make a story work, they lose the trust of the viewers, this story reminds me so much of the writing for Liz, Jason and Sam in 06, and look how well that turned out.


    Melissa replied

    I agree, this Sam and John story is contrived and therefore not watchable or rootworthy at all. As for this supposed chemistry, I just don’t see it. If this couple was so great, then maybe Port Charles would still be on the air. Both characters of Jason and Sam are boing totally destroyed and wriiten ooc for John McBain. Many GH fans didn’t watch OLTL and are not fans of this character by any stretch.

    JaSam has magic, and they always will. There would have been plenty of drama with the two of them dealing with a child of rape, then discovering that it was really their child, the one that they both have been longing for since they lost Lila.

    The writers really missed the boat with this story. They had soap opera gold and refused to write it .

    JaSam always and forever.

    tani replied

    ITA u always are on par with what I am thinking about jasam. all 3 characters are being written ooc for mcbam. this is another 06 rewrite it just bothers me that the writers would choose to re write a s/l that just didn’t work for Gh & costed them so much in the long run. Every time they try to break up jasam its based on contrived Bs, never organic. & yes viewers are not stupid so please don’t take us for fools.

    Patrick replied

    @Melissa. Your Paragraph 2 is right on! this is my reason… for investing in this storyline.

    i read it took sam and jason 8 years to get married… and everything… thereafter went to hell and a hand basket.

    you know…. it’s like they both shut down with each other… Jason – not accepting the rape… his woman was violated… another man’s baby…. not knowing how to comfort and DEAL with all that’s happened… he’s hurting… and couldn’t control what happened.

    Sam… was in shock like mode…. holding on in silence…. which must have been torturous, agony…. the health of her child….. she lost one… never thought she could have another…. not knowing if jason would accept the baby…

    the baby “dies”. they “lost’ ???? how to communicate? they never really did… once they got married…

    so, in actuality… i could see how they could fall apart…. “losing” the baby… makes it easier for sam and jason… to drift apart….

    it’s not how i would like it… so, it’s times like this they should bring in new actors… characters to try out… like McBain. etc…. and that’s why, i like Liz with Ewan… for the same reasons…

    anyway… this debate is ongoing….

  5. Robert Coplin says:

    I am not rooting for McBam or JaSam as i dont like either couple and have not or will not be watching any of the Dancing With the Stars shows as Hawaii 50 is a much better show.


  6. susan M. says:

    Jasam I am rooting for..I think Sam belongs with Jason because they have been threw a lot & should be together….And John belongs with Natalie & their son LIAM….Don’t like Sam with John even though they had that relationship when he was Calep on GH years ago…The redhead goes well with John….I wish Kelly good luck on Dancing With the Stars……I would like to see her WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    susan M. replied

    Plus I think the baby is Jason’s !!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Heather has proof of that….Birth certificate stating so…………….NOT IS WACKO DEAD BROTHER !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Carol Byrd replied

    I so hope Sam gets back with Jason. they have worked so hard to get to where they are now in their relationship (married) but it would be a dam shame to just let it all be for nothing. People fight for their love and their relationships. They don’t just give up and walk away..not if they truly loved each other. I can not wait for Sam to be reunited with her son. McBain deeply loved Nat and i just don’t see him trashing that relationship just to go after a hurt, confused married women. kelly is a beautifuly young lady and a wonderful actress that I admire very much and hope she wins on DWTS.

    gloria replied

    The baby is definitely Jason’s! Todd has the DNA report. Heather is the one who changed it-they showed her doing it in a flashback. Todd found the report in her purse I think. It is in his safe! Yes, Sam & Jason belong together & so do John & Natalie. But it is so good to have some OLTL on GH. It helps me every day to see/hear about anyone from Llanview.

    barbara t. Loves one life to live replied

    Jason is the father, Todd found the dna results in Heathers purse when she was in jail ,so he knows the truth.

    susan M. replied

    Kristen Alderson turned 21..In a picture with her brother Eddie Alderson(matthew)…Something is going to happen in Port Charles they will be feeling queasy……….Read abc soaps in depth and you will find out !!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Ann says:

    Wonderful interview Michael! Equally wonderful things she had to say about Michael Easton! No surprise there:):)


    Carol Byrd replied

    Yeah the total respect is there. I think they all truly respect each other and love what they are doing.


  8. Nofb says:

    JaSam always & forever


  9. Debbie Harris says:

    I will be rooting for and voting for Kelly when DWTS comes on! Hope she wins!
    I want Sam and Jason to get back together! I like JohnMcBain, but not for Sam.


  10. Susan says:

    Great interview Michael!
    I’m very excited for Kelly and for GH/ soap fans, because as Kelly said, her being on the show is good for the ebtire genre. I am also so glad to hear Kelly express her HONEST feelings about Michael Easton / McBam and Jasam. Many fans in the Jasam fanbase, whether at the FCW event or not, were making claims aboout what was said by Kelly. These supposed statements not only semed out of character for the actress but also made her look bad / disgruntled and dissatisfied with the show and FV, RC. Again, I’m very glad she cleared it up once and for all. I have never watched DWTS before but will definately tune in to support Kelly!


    Susan replied

    Oh and since it looks like we are putting our two cents in couples wise….McBam!

    I love Kelly M & Michael E together…..Sam and John’s new relationship / romance is such a breath of fresh air!


  11. Casey says:

    Im a McBam Fan! I think Kelly has an amazing chance of winning DWTS again! She’s like our Daytime Mascott in this competition. She’s got my vote.


  12. JaSamOneHopeOneFaithOneLove says:

    JaSam is who I want on GH JaSam is who I’m fighting for… 8 yrs …finally got the ring & the baby and now there ruined for the writers agenda.. what bullshit KEMO you have my support I so hope you win again…and I hope JaSam is reunited asap not Oct Nov Dec… Aug or Sep.. thanks for the interview


    Cheyanne replied

    I agree RC is a hack & his agenda to put Sam with Mcbain will get GH canceled. Ratings are horrible because of it. Jasam & Jolie fans out number mcbam & jiz fans by the thousands ratings prove it. RC agenda will get GH canceled just like he did OLTL by destroying the most popular couples.


    brenda replied

    With all of the bad things happening in the world viewers want to see some happiness on soaps. If RC thinks he can stick a knife in our back and we will keep running back for more he is sadly mistaken. This OOC writing for Jason, Sam and John is not what I want to see.

  13. Ces says:

    Excellent interview. Thank you! Love Sam and McBain together. Hot chemistry. Just don’t get the Jason/Sam pairing at all. Love Kelly Monaco and hope she wins DWTS again!


    su0000 replied

    Sam and McBain have fire!!!
    Jason and Sam should have parted years ago- they are killing off each other from the stagnation they are dull dull dull..
    I am looking forward to seeing a new start for both Jason and Sam / all things come to an end, it is inevitable..
    I’m so into Sam and Mcbain you don’t see chem like they have very often, and is should not be wasted!!
    Sam and McBain all the way!!!


  14. B says:

    MCBAM…Jasam are done! They have had their time! Moving on and MCBAM has so much more to offer!


  15. Mira says:

    Jasam all the way! Their chemistry and connection is unmatched and I cannot wait to see them reunite with their baby! I am also rooting for Kelly 110% in DWTS: All Stars! Can’t wait to watch her win another mirror ball trophy!


  16. Christie says:

    I’m Team Jasam! Thank for the interview. Soaps are full of angst and drama but like Steve said we really wanted Jasam to be happy for a second. Steve and Kelly have both worked so hard on Jasam and it’s hard to see all that hard work be for nothing. I still have hope Jasam will be back because I’m speaking up. :)


  17. jasam4ever1 says:

    there is not mcbam, jasam is the best couple on daytime, this is a couple that love grew in real time and was already a super couple before their first kiss and if RC/FV were smart they will put jasam back together with their long awaited child, this couple have wanted a family longer and more than any other couple on daytime. this s/l keeping them and their baby apart is stupid and SB/KeMo are too classic to criticize, but we the viewers will say it, this s/l is stupid and unnecessary


    Tali Smith replied

    Especially since I just watched it for the past 2 yrs on OLTL with Michael Easton & Melissa Archer (John & Natalie). You can’t do it again and make it better…you just can’t.


  18. Kathy says:

    Jason & Sam Morgan all the way! Adore these two together even though Jason needs a swift kick in the rear for all his hangups and harem.


  19. Eva! says:

    McBam all da way!!!!

    Thank you Michael for interviewing Kelly. I wish her all da Best on DWTS! Take the Gold home baby. We’re behind you and we support you. Team KeMo all da way!!!!


  20. Mare says:

    I love Sam with Jason. I became a fan of Gh because of their story in 2004. They have great chemistry and belong together with their baby. I’ve waited eight years for Sam to have a baby with Jason. I think both Sam and Jason are being written out of character just to break them up in order to put Sam with John and Jason with Elizabeth. After eight years of rooting for Jasam, I feel cheated.


  21. L A McRae says:

    Nice interview, Michael! That’s two great GH interviews in a row (the other being Steve Burton’s)!

    I’ve been a JaSam fan since the moment they laid eyes on each other & I will never stop rooting for this couple who has been to hell & back multiple times & each time come back stronger & more devoted to each other! Like Kelly said, she & Steve have worked SO hard to have JaSam’s relationship pay off. THEY deserve to have JaSam enjoy time as a happy, married couple/parents & happy as much as we fans do!

    As for Kelly’s chances to be the mirror ball trophy winner on DWTS All Stars, she best start making room for the thing on her mantle, because we (her fans) are behind her ALL THE WAY! To give you an idea of how excited I am about Kelly being selected as a DWTS All Star, when she eluded to the possibility at her GHFCW event, I flat out cried, I was so thrilled!


  22. Mary D. says:

    t am rooting for mcBam all the way. I think KeMo will get the mirrow ball just as she did in the ftrst season,


  23. sarah says:

    This is why I love Kelly, she is who is is and is not afraid or sorry about it. Most of the recent interviews show how some of these actors/actresses are so into public perception that they give responses that are meant to endear them to the public, Kelly,like Michael said is direct and honest with her opinions rather than try play nice and coy with overly thought out, rehearsed responses. Sorry but for me this approach wins everytime, over the trying so hard to be “nice” and wonderful and ……………., tell it like it is, those who can deal with it will those who cant wont but you live with knowing people know where you stand wether they like you for it or not.
    With that out of the way, I am looking forward to watching Kelly on DWTS again, havent watched since the third season, and kelly won me over because she really embodied the premise of the show, someone without the dancing background working had to learn and improve each day and her win was well deserved. The show as it has been in the last few seasons just took away from what i think it was intended to be, now you have “celebs” who have had dance training of even practice some form of dancing as a way of life, and where is the competion or rootfor story in there. So goodluck Kelly , will be lining my votes behind you.


  24. sandra says:

    Definitely rooting for JaSam and their son! I cannot believe they did not give them one second of family time before exploding them. It’s overkill!


  25. Christine says:

    McBam of course (loved Kelly and Michael on PC) I think Kelly can win – she is good dancer and a strong competitor – she does not give up!


  26. cathy says:

    Scrubs reunited with Patrick continuing to feel Robin alive and going to find her. Not interested in Patrick with anyone but Robin. I need a happy ever after for Scrubs especially after the Lisa story with no payoff. Scrubs can leave for Robin’s birthday trips with Emma. SO happy to see Robin/Kimberly again.

    As for Jasam or McBam either work.


  27. Jabs83 says:

    Love Kelly! She will be getting my votes on DWTS. As for McBam vs. Jasam jasam wins hands down. Soaps do need drama but good drama!!!! Up until last month I thought RC could deliver that but clealy I was wrong. Kelly said at her event that steps were skipped in this jasam drama. That with the history of jasam there is no way they’d be this far apart from each other so quickly. I agree and that’s why I’ve stopped watching. Give me good drama (even if jasam are apart) and I’ll watch.

    Rc wants to add another man to jasam he should have picked someone else. Johnny, Patrick, helll even Todd would have been better. Cause couples from one soap never make it on another. Kelly & Michael are no different.


  28. cathy trinque says:

    I so want Natalie and John to be together. I sure hope legal works out the kinks with Melissa’s contract. I won’t watch DWTS because I am boycotting ABC except for GH.


    su0000 replied

    Natalie does not belong in PC.. She and John were never a great couple, not at all.
    .I want John to move on into something exciting and new.. He is soo much better in GH and I love the newer/improved McBain and don’t want Natalie to drag him back to the old OL John.. GH john rocks!!! Natalie free..
    Let Natalie be buried with OLTL ..


    sketter replied

    I was kinda hoping natalie evangline,or other oltl characters would come over to gh I love jasam but I can she jason with someone but liz a new character for jason to find love as well as sam mcbain could probably work evangline could play keisha jason first luv that will be cool

  29. bernadette says:

    Mcbam all the wayyyyy!!!!!!!


  30. Christine says:

    “Even though I am a pessimist/realist and I always set myself up for the worst case scenario, I am always pleasantly surprised in the end. I have to talk myself out of my pessimistic nature, and say, “This is what is real. This is the world we live in and it’s not pretty all the time.” I am going to prepare myself for the worst case scenario all the time. Look, I am a Gemini.”

    Wow. So honest. I could have said this myself. I am glad to hear another Gemini thinks the same way I do.

    However, I will NOT be watching her on Dancing with the Stars, but if she needs the votes, maybe I will call them in. I just can’t stand anything ABC other than GH and I still do not believe that ABC truly wants GH to survive PAST the anniversary. I think it might be all smoke and mirrors after that and, that is the pessimist in this Gemini speaking.


  31. tani says:

    jasam all the way! mcbain back to llanview with natalie/liam!


  32. Maria says:

    Wonderful interview! Loved reading her comments on Michael Easton. They were amazing together on “Port Charles” as the vampire couple, Caleb and Livvie, and now I’m so excited to see them being paired romantically again as John and Sam. It’s truly amazing to see that after all these years, their chemistry has not diminished. Who would’ve thought they would be paired again? I can certainly tell that Kelly is very comfortable working with him, it definitely shows on screen.

    I know she put a lot of effort into Jasam, but I frankly think they have run their course. Soaps are about drama and I just don’t see any drama left for Jasam as a couple with their baby. I really do hope the writers are serious about pursuing McBam. I think it’s time for a new pairing for Kelly (and likewise Steve).


  33. Christy says:

    i’d like to have jason and sam apart and not pairded with others for a while. I think they can get into more trouble that way. I think they were better before they were married… that is a soap. Babies and marriage can wreck a great fun pairing on a soap. Not always, but sometimes the trouble they get into along the way is much more fun than after they get married.

    I’d like to see an All Soap Stars dancing with the stars season…. bring on some AMC and OLTL and stars from other channels or from soaps long gone – anyone left from Edge of Night? :-)


  34. Lore says:

    I’m rooting for Jason & Sam to reunite and to have some happy time as a family with their son. Jason & Sam have a love story–a real foundation of shared experiences & shared visions of what they want out of life. I want to see their marriage story. I think they have enough angst from the mob to challenge them as a couple. They don’t need other love interests to spice things up. Sam and McBain, on the other hand, have no real story–just an unconvincing “connection” that has been over-stated and over-used for MONTHS now. They are just not working. So, yes, please reunite Jasam!


  35. Missy says:

    McBam is much hotter.


  36. jasam fan says:

    jasam belong together jasam endgame


  37. brenda says:

    JaSam all the way and finding their baby soon. On DWTS there will be lots of competition but I will be cheering for Team Kelly and voting too of course. She was great in the first season and I know she can bring it again.


  38. JaSam4ever says:

    JaSam 100%. I think Kelly will have a good chance, as she has been away the longest. She will have to relearn everything and they like seeing some one improvement each week. I think a lot of the men will have Mario Lopez’s problem, they are gonna be too good from the get go. JMHO


  39. Eva says:

    I missed the first year of DWTS so it will be new to me seeing her in the competition. I’m looking forward to her performances and hope she gets Max as her partner.I want him to finally get that trophy.I will be voting for Sam I mean Kelly(..) all the way.I know it’s a soap but I want JASAM till the end.Best of luck to her GO KELLY


  40. kat says:

    McBAM for sure! I think jasam have run their course and I am looking forward to a shake-up for GH couples. ME & KM have uber hot chemistry together, so I say Bring it On! DWTS should be an interesting season! Great interview, Michael!


  41. MCBAMJASAM says:

    Kelly is fantastic..