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9 October 31st, 2012 GH’s Kelly Monaco & Val Chmerkovskiy are SAFE! Will Dance Again Next Week on DWTS All-STARS!


Fantastic news for soap fans and General Hospital peeps!  Kelly Monaco (Sam) and her dance partner, Val Chermkovskiy who went into last night’s Dancing with the Stars: All Stars Results Show with the lowest score on the ballroom dance competition leaderboard were deemed “safe”! So that means Kelly and Val are still in the competition, and will compete again next week in a very tricky routine combination!

During The Results Show, each couple had to pick a fusion style dance combination for each other to compete next week!  Kelly and Val ended up with the Cha Cha/Foxtrot which on paper looks to have a high degree of difficulty.

In a dramatic ending to the night’s proceedings, all of the top three leaderboard vote-getters landed in the bottom three … and the couple that was sent home was Sabrina Bryan and her partner, Louis Van Amstel, who the night before scored perfect tens in what was related by the judges as Sabrina’s best performance.  The irony:  last time Sabrina was part of the DWTS competition she was sent packing the same week!

So soapers, did the wrong couple go home?  Are you excited that Kelly and Val will dance again? And remember keep voting soap fans!  And if you are rooting for  Kelly and Val,  they need each and every vote in a very tough season with stiff competition.

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  1. MBmomof3 says:

    Whew! That was a close one. Tried to vote but the voting was closed. Don’t watch the show, but I want to support KeMo and soaps in general. Also voted for Donald Driver and didn’t watch then either. No ABC for me except GH. So, sorry, but it’s all just a big popularity contest. LOL!

    Well, I guess we know Todd Manning watches. I wonder who he votes for?


  2. donna g says:

    she has my vote every week—keep dancing kelly!


  3. CTwildheart says:

    I definitely think Kelly and Val deserve to still be in the competition. I don’t think Sabrina should have gone yet. As much as I like her – it should’ve been Kirstie.


  4. Carly says:

    I think that the Judges didn’t do a good job scoring ….. on the View today they showed where Whoopie pointed out where Sabrina’s partner kinda let her slip …yet the jujges gave her a perfect score? I think that they have been under scoring Kelly & Val. They have been giving Kelly scores lower than Kirtstie Alley??? Really?? No matter what, I am so happy that she has been doing so well!


    MBmomof3 replied

    While I won’t watch ABC except for GH, I do watch clips online. I agree that Kelly puts all her effort into her performances and it shows. I like Kirstie too, but her skills aren’t as good. The judges scores are as skewed as the fan popularity voting. So I guess it equals out. I had no problem voting for DD as a fan after watching his dancing, just as I have no issue voting for Kelly, as a fan, after watching her efforts. I hope Kelly goes all the way, again. I just can’t watch the show because I hate ABC as much as those creepy DWTS judges. But I welcome any cross-promo of soaps because I hope it generates interest in GH that ABC otherwise shows almost no interest in promoting.


  5. ethel says:

    i just don’t understand how the tptb & tiic could even have an elimination this week when 8 million households were without power & couldn’t see the show or vote – this is just another way abc shows how much they care about the fans who were effected by this historical storm………..smh


    ethel replied

    forgot to say & i am so happy that kelly & val were not eliminated!


  6. BOnnie says:

    Yes, it is a popularity contest, not just for skill. But Kirstie?? and Max, they are both very popular, but Kirstie is not that great. From what I have seen of Kel/Val, they are very good and totally in sync with each other. Happy they are moving on!


  7. Ali Wick says:

    Everyone deserves a vote. I think the person, that should have gone home was. Kristie Alley not Sabrina and Louis. Besides Kelly had the lowest scores, the next person that had, the lowest scores was KRISTIE. All of the ATHLETES, AND KELLY AND VAL HAS MY VOTE.


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