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4 August 30th, 2010 GH’s Leslie Charleson addresses her fans on being taken off contract!

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General Hospital’s, Leslie Charleson (Monica) addressed on her facebook page, the news that have had so many fans in an uproar, that she had been bumped to recurring status, and taken off contract from the ABC series.  The veteran actress stated she was hoping to address the fans first before the news leaked out.  Here is what the phenomenal and beloved Charleson had to say below.

Charleson: “I was under the impression that the announcement of my contract status was  not going to be released by Soaps In Depth Magazine until the September issue and that would give me the time to tell you myself what was going on.  I did not want you to find out on the internet. Unfortunately, that did not happen and yes, it is… true. I am officially off contract.  I have had the best relationships with you, the fans and I would’ve never had that without “Monica.” There is nothing that I cherish more than the experiences and memories I have had and the special friends that I have made  over the years, both on the show and off. I can’t say enough about how much you all mean to me.  Thank you for your continued support, Leslie.”

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  1. Brian says:

    Once again, Leslie show us how truly a classic lady she is. All the best to her, and hopefully better offers will come her way. “One Life To Live” may need a new “chief of staff” for the hospital now that Dorian is mayor!


  2. lew says:

    General Hospital is a mess! Monica is so important to the show. She is a Quartermaine and the grandmother of Michaell, which no one seems to remember! She is also Jason’s mother and there is still a bond between them. Less Sonny and his harem and more Quartermaines and other characters!


  3. Lori Robertson (RN,MSN,FNP-C says:

    Leslie, I will have many fond memories of my 18 years working with you on GH. You brought forth smiles and tears during so many emotional scenes these past years. I will never forget you trying all morning to remember the long and complex medical words I wrote for you to say. Always perfectly when the cameras rolled. I miss you, all my best!


  4. semaj says:

    i wll monica on gh just like i miss monica and alan scenes and to bad monica will never meet her first grandchild which is jake who is jason’s son


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