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12 December 12th, 2015 GH’s Maurice Benard On Being Part Of David O. Russell’s Film JOY: “Working With David Is Like Working With An Incredibly Talented Mad Scientist. The Energy Was Out Of This World And It Made Me Want To Be Great.”

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Soap fans have become more excited this past week to see David O. Russell’s latest film Joy, which features a character Terri played by Virginia Madsen, who is obsessed with her daytime soap, The Joyful Storm!  The savvy O. Russell decided to bring in the real deal to play very noted soap actors to play the characters in the fictional soap, which is a key ingredient to the movie.   Jennifer Lawrence stars as Joy, in a story inspired by Joy Mangano, and her rise to being a mogul for her creation  … the Miracle Mop!

Soap heavyweights: Susan Lucci (Ex-Erica, All My Children), Donna Mills (Ex-Abby, Knots Landing), Laura Wright (Carly, GH), and Maurice Benard (Sonny, GH) were cast in the motion picture.  After the story broke where O. Russell sang the praises of daytime soap actors during a Hollywood Reporter roundtable with the hottest directors and their latest films, Maurice Benard took to his facebook page to return the favor and say some very nice words about being part of Joy and working with David and his experience.  Plus, the Daytime Emmy winner revealed even his fear of flying could not stop this from being a joy-ful experience.

Maurice shared: “It was such a priveldge to be in a David O. Russell movie. Working with David is like working with an incredibly talented mad scientist. The energy was out of this world and it made me want to be great. I suffer from major anxiety when it comes to flying, so it had been 10 years since I’d been on a plane. Through this experience, one of my biggest fears turned into ‘Joy’. The people on the set could not have been nicer and more respectful and what made it even more of a blast is that I got to work with my friends Laura Wright, Susan Lucci, Donna Mills and John Enos.”

So what did you think about the sentiments shared by Maurice on the filming of Joy? Will you be running to the theatre starting Christmas Day when the film opens nationwide to catch Maurice and the gang in it? Comment below!

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  1. Michael says:

    That’s very cool!


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    im a major anxiety sufferer as well but i cant go on planes at all…i get panic attacks when im on the second floor of my home!!!…I was terrified of heights ever since i was a young child when i went on a ferris wheel with my sisters friend from high school…i was 11 and she was 16 or 17….she kept swinging our seat when we were on top as the ferris wheel stopped to let someone off….she rocked it too fast and i almost fell off…never again did i go on another ride or anything high after that!!!…My sisters friend was a real jerk and i regretted going on the ride with her!!!


    su0000 replied

    0oohh dear Jimh..
    I enjoy climbing .. I didn’t always make it to the top but when I did the feeling is wordless, like I conquered the world LOL
    I’ll tell you a secret that not many think of– getting back down is harder than going up, at least for me.. lol

    Maurice is sooo awesome! he, getting on the plane and facing his fear can open up a new world of flight for him, perhaps.. he calmed his anxiety, good for Maurice!!
    I’m looking forward to seeing him as ‘Jared; in Joy..
    He is very excited for the movie and his part in it..
    Nothing has been mention of the other 3, hopefully we will hear something from them also..


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    climbing rope in gym class was horrible….id get to the top and had a hard time climbing back down…had panic attack…hated it…coach had to coax me back down…lol

    Rose replied

    What a story. Did you ever try to get help for fear of heights?


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Yep…but it didnt work…i can go up only so far…was in hospital fourth floor as a patient and they had to keep the curtains closed…i also get attacks in lower places too…i spend short periods in the basement…

  3. aria says:

    i can’t wait to see it.


  4. su0000 says:

    Looking forward to seeing the move ” Joy !
    Maurice Benard is the Marlon Brando of the soaps, indeed


  5. Patrick says:

    John Enos is salivatingly HOT…

    Maurice Benard ???

    mind blowing muster (?)

    “…and it made me want to be great.”


    prop much


    CeeCee replied

    Right on, Patrick. Far out and sock-it-to-me. So sorry, he will never be great. I think he thinks he’s Rodolfo Valentino.


  6. lynda w. says:

    Will I? Absolutely!


  7. Jamesj75 says:



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