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1 January 7th, 2010 GH’s Megan Ward to guest star on Ghost Whisperer- Friday!

Megan Ward

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While you can never quite know when to catch GH fan favorite Megan Ward these days (since Kate Howard is seldom seen), you can catch her on Friday night on primetime!  The fantastic Ms. Ward will be guest starring in an episode of Ghost Whisperer on CBS!  Ward will play Daisy on Friday night’s hit series.  From what he hear:  personal secrets are broadcast across Grandview radio airwaves when a ghost haunts the station where Ned (Christoph Sanders) and some college friends work.  Apparently, unseen ghost exacts revenge for a death that resulted from one of the station’s more popular shows.  Rot-ro!   Congrats Megan!

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  1. mas says:

    Many will be watching the fabulous Megan Ward, GH, put Kate on the back burner for the boring cousin, and yet Kate continues to be the one we the fans want with Sonny who has become so boring, must be who he’s working with. GH is going to have to admit a “BIG MISTAKE”, fans want to see Sonny with the complete different woman not the same as himself, that’s not sexy it’s BORING, Good Luck to Megan I know that you will not let us down, your acting on GH elevated the show, if tptb only knew that you and Laura Wright would have really been the new Crystal & Alexis, hey maybe they will get a clue now……………….


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