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13 July 19th, 2016 GH’s Michael Easton To Appear At San Diego Comic-Con This Thursday & Friday!

Photo Credit: Peter Konerko

San Diego Comic-Con is set to have its largest gathering yet at the San Diego Convention Center when its held this week from Thursday July 21st through Sunday July 24th.

General Hospital’s Michael Easton (Finn) will be appearing once again, and signing at the Blackwatch Comics Booth #2203 on both Thursday and Friday from 2PM – 4PM.

Easton will be on hand promoting his upcoming graphic novel: Credence: Lose This Skin, plus previous works Soul Stealer, Credence and his short films: Ultraviolent and the upcoming Dreamliner, all which fall under the Blackwatch banner.

The ever-talented Michael recently received yet another accolade for his short film, Ultraviolent starring former OLTL and pal, Trevor St. John (Ex-Victor Lord Jr.)  The film won the Special Jury Prize for a Narrative Film at the recent Barcelona Film Festival back in June.  Easton’s film previously won the Grand Prize Award at the Canada International Film Festival, and Best of Show in the Best Shorts Competition in Los Angeles. 

Fans are eagerly awaiting the debut of Dreamliner reteaming Easton and St. John  Thus far their collaborations have been nothing short of stellar.

So, will you be heading out SDCC this year and stopping by to say “Hi” to Michael and support his graphic novel efforts? Are you enjoying his performance as Finn on GH? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Becca says:

    Attending SDCC is on my Bucket List but sadly it won’t happen for me this year. I wish Michael and the entire Blackwatch Comics team a very successful and exciting weekend at the con. Eagerly awaiting CREDENCE II. Thanks for sharing the great news.


  2. su0000 says:

    aaaawwww :( I will not be in San Diego for the event..
    I have been to 3 Comic-Con’s and they all have been unforgettable!!

    Michael Easton is very multiple talented, he can greatly go in many directions.
    I have loved and enjoyed all his work ..


  3. Rose says:

    Becca…SDCC is on my list, too.


  4. mgb357 says:

    Michael Easton starred in a remake of The Time Tunnel in early 2000′s .

    DId anyone see that?


  5. Soaphound says:

    Michael Easton seems like he has a good sense of humor. I’m sure he’ll be a success at this convention. Heck, I’d like to go just to see what hair products he uses. His hair is awesome! And, like Maura West, all different styles and lengths look good on him. Oh, to be talented AND beautiful!


  6. Letemeatc8ke says:

    I love this guy! So glad they’ve given him a character this 13th time around with a personality. Glad they’ve limited his brooding and replaced it with great zingers and one liners. I also lovebhow the


    Letemeatc8ke replied

    I also love how the characters are all crossing over more and aren’t limited to just 3 or 4 in their clique. I love that he’s friends with women(tracey and hayden) and its not about him trying to bed either of them. These types of friendships and relationships exist in the real world ya know? Truly enjoying him now that he’s not just a stick in the mud and not paired with sam.


    rebecca1 replied

    Agree with everything you said…yet I feel like a romance is down the road for him with Hayden…though who knows? He and Tracy have a great rapport. ( she’s been looking great these days and though I like this new, amiable Tracy…seems like the days of Quartermaine snark are really gone for good. Sigh, those were some classic GH scenes).

    Love Michael Easton.

  7. MBmomof3 says:

    I attended the precursor to Comic Con, Gen Con, back when I was just a teen. LOVED IT! I’ve always wanted to go to the San Diego Comic Con. I’m sure Michael will be treated well by the fans.


    Rose replied

    MB…Lucky you! I have had a similar experience. I started going to StarTrek conventions which then have grown to include comics and other sci-fi. I still go. And with StarTrek 50th anniversary celebrations this year Comic Con will be even better.


    rebecca1 replied

    And Walking Dead, Game of Thrones…Outlander?

    rose replied

    Rebecca…I sure what you listed for Comic Con and tons more of our favorites. Nice place to drop out for a while. Dpn’t know if you are into Trek, but it’s stories all centered around the best humans can be, diversity, working together, and hope. Entertainment could sure use a big dose of that today.

  8. connie norris says:

    hi micheal how ya doin good luck with youre book cant wait to read it


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