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47 January 24th, 2017 GH’s Michelle Stafford Dishes On Nina & Valentin, Playing Cray Cray & The Challenges Of Creating A Complex Character!

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On General Hospital, Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) in a “quickie” maneuver married Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart)! Was it for love, or was it so she could desperately become the mother to his young daughter, Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez)?  Since Daytime Emmy winner Michelle Stafford came to the ABC daytime drama series, Nina has longed to have a child, by any means possible, following 20 years in a coma!  That includes; inducing labor to her then preggers enemy, Ava Jerome (Maura West), delivering her baby, and then kidnapping the child.  After Nina finally came to somewhat of her senses, it seemed she had put her harrowing past behind her, but has she really?

Now Nina is willing to back-up her nefarious new husband, and the two are ready to fight by any means possible to keep Charlotte’s bio-mom, Lulu Spencer Falconeri (Emme Rylan), from being granted sole custody of the child.  Since her time on GH, viewers have seen the evolution of Nina Clay Cassadine.  She became a successful and savvy fashion editor-in-chief of once fledgling Crimson Magazine, and has gone toe to toe with its mob boss owner, Julian Jerome (William deVry).   She has shown she is capable of love, and understanding of what is right and what is wrong, and has also done some humane things for those in Port Charles.  But which version of Nina will ultimately play-out in the months to come?  That is the question only the writers may have the answers to.

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Michelle Stafford at the recent 2017 ABC TCA All-Star Cocktail Reception, where this talented actress shared her thoughts on: working alongside James Patrick Stuart, how she sees the trajectory of her on-screen persona to the audience, if coming over and creating a new role on another soap (after her wildly successful run on Y&R) has been filled with unexpected challenges, and much more.  Here’s what the “Real Stafford” had to say about her current adventures on-screen, and ventures off-screen.

How has it been working with James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine) as your newest leading man on GH?


MICHELLE:  James is great!  I did not know his work from before.  I believe he was on All My Children before I was on Y&R.  I cannot even tell you how much I love him.  He is a spectacular partner.  He is very respectful of me.  We laugh and we have fun, because you have to have fun, and he is really good actor.  The thing about him is … I don’t notice somebody’s work when I am working with them.  I am just doing the scene, but I see the scene back and he is really interesting,   I notice him doing stuff in the scenes I didn’t know was there.  I think he is super sexy.  James is a smart actor.  He and I both get it. They (Valentin and Nina)  have to be in love, and it has to be deep, or it won’t work.  When I have heels on I think James and I are the same height! (Laughs)  I am a big woman.  I walked into hair and make-up the other day and there was Becky Herbst (Elizabeth), Kelly Monaco (Sam), and Rebecca Budig (Hayden), and I am like, “Hello, little children!”  They are itty bitty and good for them! (Laughs)

Do you think Valentin and Nina have legs as a romantic pairing?

MICHELLE:  We will see.  I think it’s up to the writers, and if it’s a story that the audience wants.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that Finola Hughes (Anna) is joining the story with us.  The three of us together I feel is magical.  Neither Finola, or I are playing “I want to be the one that wins in the scenes.”  We don’t have that going on.  I know since social media is so prevalent in what we do now, that people get too attached to what the audience thinks, or may think. You have to be willing to be fired and play the story.  For an artist, it’s such a mistake to listen to a group of people, because sometimes it’s what they feel that day.  They might feel differently three days later. 

Nina is so attached to Charlotte; a child that is not hers.  Are you at all concerned that Nina will be portrayed as one again “cray cray” this time in marrying Valentin, and with her deep-rooted desire in wanting to be a mom?


MICHELLE:  I truly don’t care, as long as it’s good story, and as long as it’s fun.  The one thing I did say is that Nina either has to be crazy, or she has to be sane, but you guys can’t one day have her do something and you play the crazy music, and then next week she isn’t.  I only say that  because as a storyteller your audience gets confused.  They may be thinking: “Should I like her, or shouldn’t I like her?”  So that is my only concern.  I don’t care whatever way it goes, but you can’t waffle.

What did you think of her marrying Valentin on the spur of the moment, which would ultimately be a game-changer as to who has custody of Charlotte … Lulu (Emme Rylan), or Valentin?

MICHELLE:  In any story you play you have to be in love with the person.   Nina wants a family.  The thing that works for me as an actress is she lost her entire life.  Wouldn’t you want a family?  A baby?  She has had her entire life taken away from her.  It’s the impetus for everything she does.  It’s very simple with her.  She got everything taken away, and she is grasping to have love really at the end of the day.  It still works for me as an actress.

So is this marriage to Valentin a sham?  It appears to the audience quite often that Nina’s life goal is to have a kid she can raise and call her own. 

MICHELLE:  She wants a family, and I think if she is playing she just wants the kid that is a bit transparent and thin, always playing her obsessed with kids.   I think she just desires love so much.


Nina is beginning to look like the villainess, especially around Charlotte’s bio-mom Lulu, while inserting herself into the little girl’s life.  Do you see Nina as being the bad one here?

MICHELLE:  I don’t know, but Lulu is not being very nice.  But Nina is supporting her husband.  I think that is very real to her, and Lulu hasn’t even raised this girl.  I like that in the beginning they were all cool with joint custody, but Lulu wants full custody.  She is fighting the fight, because she is thinking: “Why are you doing this, Lulu?  You had joint custody with Valentin, now you want everything.  So,  screw you!  You want everything, and you insult me, so screw you!” (Laughs)  It’s kind of a knee-jerk reaction that people do have in real life.

Has this been a challenge for you as an actress, with the different GH head writers interpretation of the character of Nina?


MICHELLE: It’s a challenge. To be honest, I think I am underestimated going on a show and creating a new character.  It wasn’t tough on Y&R when I started there, but it was 1995.  It was a very different time.  It was Bill Bell (Co-creator, Y&R) writing the character, and this is no disrespect to Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman (GH head writers), but it was a different.  Bill was writing the show and the network was not involved, and it was 100% his vision for a character.  My acting and writing relationship with Bill Bell was magical.  I was too young to know that doesn’t always happen in Hollywood.  Here we are in 2017, and it’s just very different.  So that being said, there have been obstacles, but at the same time I was willing to have them.  I have enjoyed the obstacles and have been creating something new.  It’s very fun, but I believe you have to embrace it, but I will be honest.  Having the GH head writer change, that was a bit jarring, because it was so different.  They really wanted to change up the character, but then you also have to be true to who you were, because otherwise it makes no sense.  The audience is smart.  They are like: “Hey, you are trying to get us to like her!”  And as an audience member, I would not like that, either.

Several months back, GH played the harrowing history between Ava (Maura West) and Nina, when Nina was meeting with a young pregnant girl in the park, and Ava came upon her and shouted to the hills that Nina is a baby-snatcher, and more!  What did you think of this scene, where they finally reminded viewers of the heinous act perpetrated on Ava by Nina; inducing her labor and then stealing her newborn baby girl, Avery? 


MICHELLE: The thing is Nina was deeply disturbed, and that’s true.  She was put in a coma, and basically killed for 20 years of her life by her mom.  I think that would be disturbing. . But now she is growing up.  I would actually like, and I don’t know where the story is going, but for Nina to say to Lulu, “I want you to have this child.”

What’s the latest with your skin care line, Skin Nation?  You are fast becoming quite the entrepreneur!

MICHELLE: We were just chosen by Wellness Magazine as a company to watch for in 2017.  This has been quite an undertaking, and we have new people on the team.   My message for Skin Nation is bigger than the actual product.  The message is to educate people about organics and natural products on their skin, and toxins that are in everything, and about taking care of your body.  When I got emails from women of color saying. “Can I use it too?” And Asian women, I would say back, “Why couldn’t you?  It’s about bringing women together, and taking care of themselves.  And when we become really solvent, I would like to get involved with women’s charities.  So I really like this, and it’s really fun.


And as for your very fun and popular vodcast Single Mom A Go Go, I sometimes see comments that people would prefer you not swear on your show.  How do you feel about that feedback?  What is the outlook for the show, overall?

MICHELLE:  I am going to do some changes there, too.  This year, I am not going to swear.  You’re either in the mom advertiser bracket, or you’re not.   So I have to pick a side.  I think I might make this show eventually an audio podcast.  The episode that I recently posted with Vinessa Antoine (Jordan, GH) was actually the way the show should be.  I have Greg Vaughan (Eric, DAYS), and Finola Hughes (Anna, GH) on new episodes of Single Mom A Go Go, and I am going to announce I am not going to swear anymore!

So, what are your thoughts on the character of Nina Clay Cassadine?  Do you think Valentin and Nina’s relationship will flourish, or combust? Will the crazy Nina of the past emerge? Do you want the character to continue to be more balanced? What are your thoughts on Michelle’s outside projects: Skin Nation and Single Mom A Go Go? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Steve says:

    As nice a person as MS is, the amount of time spent on this character with no long-term connections to the canvas is annoying.

    Legacy characters (Felicia, Lucy) in her age group deserve more airtime than Nina.


    Sara replied

    Cannot stand the character of Nina


    Viki replied

    I agree Sara. I really do not want to watch her when she is on.

    Ronda replied

    Not a fan of Nina’s either. She has been on every day as they try and fit this square peg into round holes.
    It seems she has finally found a home with Valentin and suddenly she is on every day. I also feel like in their efforts to prop this pointless character up, they’ve torn down Lulu. Lulu blabbing to Charlotte that she was her mother was a stupid and selfish move ant totally out of character. Then she climbs through the air ducts, falls through the ceiling and lands on the wedding cake. It’s not enough that that make Lulu look selfish, they make her look stupid and clumsy too.

    Shay replied

    Join the club, Sara….and Ronda, you absolutely nailed it on your Nina/Michelle appraisals.

    Jenny replied

    Great actress….but just doesn’t belong. No amount of shoe horning will work. It is forced and painful to watch the efforts being made to make this character fit in and has been from the start.


    Celia replied

    Sad, but true, Jenny. As I continuously litanize, I love Michelle Stafford. She was my idol on Y&R as a teen, and beyond.
    So, it really and truly hurts to see her so lost in this role. I, honestly, don’t know what could be done to have her fit in, as it were.
    Nina and Valentin are a “good” couple, and I thought this would have been Nina’s/Michelle’s break. But, I must admit that after witnessing the raw rapport between James and Finola? Well, I just don’t know…

    Shay replied

    Touche’, Jenny….My disdain for the character of Nina is one of the main reasons I have all but given up on GH….I’ve grown tired of waiting for her—and too many other pointless players—to finally get the hint and leave Port Charles. It has gotten to the place that there are too many of these individuals to name, however, she’s the most egregious example of the showrunners’ penchant for bringing on big name soap actors from other series and expecting us to accept them despite the fact there is absolutely no rhyme or reason for their characters to exist on the GH canvas. It’s been a non-stop exercise in futility from day one and to keep forcing Nina (and her similar ilk) on an audience that craves more emphasis upon legacy characters and backstories is a waste of valuable time and resources.

  2. ER says:

    I could tell Michelle was upset at one point with her character, because she started blocking so many people on Twitter just like Ron Carlivati used to do (well maybe not as bad as him). Good to hear she’s open to banning swearing on her show. It would be different if she only swore once or twice during the show in appropriate places but it’s tiring to listen to every other word out of her mouth be a swear word, like having a thousand exclamation points in one blog post. To be honest, Nina works with Valentin but I don’t want to see romantic or especially bedroom scenes with a villain on the show. That said, I know they probably wanted to show us how Nina slips into the badness; it’s just a channel flipper for me. I wish they’d put more effort in telling complex stories for the characters on the show that are rootable. I mean, Nina was a bit more rootable when she started running Crimson and facing off against Julian but no more. Skin Nation looks like a good product! Even though I’m sort of neutral as a fan, I have enjoyed three of her podcasts: two because of the actor she was interviewing and a third just to get some GH information. I hope it remains a vodcast. There are plenty of podcasts out there and I love seeing what the actors look like and their expressions. It adds another layer to the show with the snack table in front of them, chatting morning show style. Lastly, I love how another insider is referencing “the execs” once again. I seem to be seeing that a lot lately as if they are the third co-Head Writer.


  3. Iakovos says:

    I love Miss Stafford and have enjoyed on Y&R, PACIFIC PALISADES (!), and on GH, but… I just cannot find love for Nina. The character’s introducion and evolution is so over the top. I know! I Know! That is what GH is a lot of the time, but even so. Still, Miss Stafford is a force and despite the character flaws and story lines, I like watching the actor. She is wonderful. It would be great to see her in some feature films or even on stage!


  4. Markay says:

    No disrespect to the actress but Nina needs to leave PC. This story line is not winning her any fans. It is ridiculous that they keep sticking this character everywhere hoping she will stick. Sleeping with a man when she has known him all of five minutes and the quickie wedding makes her seem irrational. No one on the message boards wants her near their favs.
    Crimson should have been given to Maxie and she needs to be no where near Dante and Lulu. The only time I could tolerate her was when she was isolated with Franco.
    I don’t care for her over the top, in your face acting style either.


  5. rebecca1 says:

    I like Nina, though I agree with Steve’s comment above that we should absolutely see more of Felicia and Lucy (not to mention Scott, Mac, Kevin, Laura). This obviously comes down once again to budget and who the execs are willing to pay. Why it doesn’t seem obvious to them that many fans want more of the aforementioned characters remains a mystery. Or, more to the point, why they DO know it and refuse to write for these much-loved GH characters. They obviously think there’s more of a “payday” with newer characters. Many of us don’t agree.

    With that said…as said…I like Nina. I like her sooo much more than the present Carly. While I think Laura Wright is a wonderful actress…I just can’t stomach the smug way Carly is written. I truly can’t stand her; I fast forward her scenes. They need to tone down her “attitude.” Nina, on the other hand, is vulnerable. I like that. It excuses many of her flaws for me. I got that she was wounded from the start, I like how she evolved and I understand her longing for a child, for connection, for love. So with that psychological profile all that she’s done and continues to do makes sense to me.

    I also like her with Valentin…though I don’t want her taking Lulu’s place. And while I think she has strong feelings for her new husband, combined with a fierce attraction, I think it will be interesting if somehow she comes upon a picture of his former physical self. How will she react to his “original” visage/body. Will she be able to get his image out of her mind and still feel the current attraction? Will she stand by her man, knowing he was “the beast” in this Beauty and the Beast story????



    rebecca1 replied

    So I’m pleasantly surprised; Nina did see Valentin’s “before” picture and her reaction was one of pure love and empathy. Great performance by both Ms. Stafford and James Patrick Stewart…they’re turning into a real love story….


    Rose replied

    Rebecca…I did a recap of last week GH since I wasn’t able to watch. I too like Nina, especially how she blossomed with Crimson and her relationship with Maxie. “Yes” sometimes she can be a limitless too much, but I put it towards her enthusiasm to be “alive” again. I agree about god actress Laura and tedious Carly character. But unlike Nina, she always had an attitude when she came to Port Charles. I know you don’t like Nelle, but I hope she can rise above her grudge and Carly-type intrigue.

    As far as Nina with Valentin, for me sweet in one way, but I just haven’t been able to shake his actions towards Nik, Laura, Lulu at the Greek island. Cruel.

    rebecca1 replied

    Hi Rose…GH is really picking up in my opinion. Did you catch Friday with Franco and Liz? I thought it was incredible…this was the first time I truly loved Franco. I love Roger; that wasn’t the issue. And, as with Nina, I gave his character a pass on his past deeds. But he was portrayed as so obnoxious/imbecilic for a while. Gradually, they emotionally matured him. In this incarnation (as opposed to James Franco’s Franco) he’s always protected those he loved. Even when he was immature. Carly, Nina and now Liz. But he was grungy. (And I think Roger’s gorgeous!) So, I like his new look…still-long hair but somehow sexier…his cleaner-shaved face…the tender way he approaches Liz. Their scene was so moving; they have a great rapport. And it truly captured love mixed with sensuality.

    I realized in watching them how they messed up the love scenes between Alexis and Julian. I don’t know if it was the actors…specifically William (Julian) trying to prove a point…but it was rushed…they practically grunted!!! LOL. And you KNOW I was and am still a fan of the couple…love the actors, etc. But it was awkward to watch the way that it was executed. (I remember now I thought that then, too.) Not, as the few said, because of age. Not at all! But the way they went about it. Had they held each other, reached out to each other…if you FELT the love between them and they made love…I think many who didn’t take to them might have. But I’ve digressed waaaay off!!!

    I’m really loving Nina and Valentin. And yes, we were introduced to Valentin as the enemy, but now we see another side…a deeply troubled man hurt to the point where he wants to hurt others back. Of course it doesn’t excuse it…but he’s not evil for evil sake like Helena was (still is???)

    We’ll see moving forward how it evolves. For now I think they’re doing a great job adding depth of character and motivation to a few of the stories. Not easy to do on a daily, ever-changing soap. Let’s hope it continues.

    Oh! As for Nell? LOL. I just can’t stand her. I’m not saying I won’t change my mind…I’m a softy for sob stories….

  6. Dan says:

    I love Nina and Valentin together, they’ve been a real highlight on GH in recent months. I think James Patrick Stuart is fantastic, and Michelle Stafford is doing some of the best work she’s done since coming to GH. I hope we continue to see more of them. The story about them getting together, and the Charlotte situation with Lulu, and Valentin’s mysterious past with Anna is my favorite storyline on the show currently.

    I like seeing Nina as a more of a balanced character instead of the over the top, cartoon way that Ron Carlivati wrote her, which is what he does. We still see some of the crazy Nina, but she’s much calculating and restrained, instead of climbing the drapes and chewing the scenery in every scene. I’m very much a fan.

    Also loved Michelle’s “Single Mom A Go Go” vodcast with the incomparable and very missed Ian Buchanan, which I had the pleasure of checking out on YouTube recently. It was just two old friends sitting around shooting the breeze about anything and everything over tea.

    Great interview, Michael!


    Karen replied

    I agree with everything you said.
    Love Nina and Valentine together.
    Love Michelle in anything she does.


    Celia replied

    As usual, great post, Dan.


    KansasGuest replied

    I also really like Nina. If you’re talking about soaps being relationship-driven, Nina and Nathan have the best brother-sister dynamic on GH IMO. It’s pure love & respect between those two, even when they acknowledge their disagreements. And, I don’t agree that Nina has no roots. Her husband is a Cassadine, her brother is a Cassadine (even if they haven’t followed up on that), and she’s Maxie’s sister-in-law. She even likes Maxie, which puts an interesting spin on all the relationships. If they would just have Dr. O on more often as “Aunt Liesel,” I think there could be hilarious scenes between all of them at Wyndemere.


  7. su0000 says:

    What the hell is going on lol
    The back story that Valentin was some kind of the Hunchback of Notre Dame junk.
    Jean and Shelly are beyond awful..
    The last of the Cassadines could have been a deep and powerful story, a story with meaning and a future.
    J&S are total crap writers.
    To put James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine) in a who is the mommy story is insane.

    I FF through 70% of the Lame nonsense ..
    GH has been dying, a horrible death, under Jean and Shelly..

    Michelle Stafford is a seasoned great soap actor and she is being written terribly.
    I feel sorry for both James and Michelle, they could give great performances if they had a good suspenseful, intriguing, exciting story and what has been given to them (and others) is pure junk writing..

    ((what happened to the most terrifying character- Valentin Cassidine, the character that was to make us take notice, to be put on the edge? A Cassidine of fear and power, a villain of the times.
    It is sloppy weak nonsense writing. Horrible.


    Markay replied

    Jelly decided to “humanize” Valentin. So now we have this feared Cassadine playing house with Nina! Way to ruin a promising character. Where will they stick Nina next?


    Ronda replied

    I always thought Stafford was greatly overrated as an actress.
    Watch her in scenes with Finola Hughes. The latter actress really shows up the scene chewing, over-the-top Stafford. I wish Stafford could learn from watching Finola Hughes.

  8. Wiley says:

    I liked Nina pre-Franco and I love her post-Franco. I just did not like her stories with Franco. She sizzles with Valentin, and I like her relationship with Nathan, Maxie, and Charlotte. I also like her scenes with Lulu and Anna.


  9. Suz tm says:

    Don’t like the character or the story. Give the vets more airtime please!!


  10. Lee says:

    I love the way she plays her character on GH. She did have an unfair life thanks to her mom. She is a great actress and I do like her with Valentin, however I’m afraid he’s going to hurt her to the point she could go back to her beginning. That would be sad as I think she has come a long way to be where she is now running her business.


  11. mike says:

    Nina is a very interesting character, not typical. She is fun to watch.


  12. Kevin says:

    Phyllis Romalatti Abbott was the role of a lifetime for Michelle Stafford. Pure magic, that special synergy between actress/character. Not quite so with Stafford as Nina Clay. I keep waiting, but for me it’s mostly “meh” … The good news is the current Phyllis (GinaT.) is about as interesting as Phyllis as Stafford is as Nina (again, meh). Maybe there’s a chance Michelle can come back to YandR for a third time and reclaim Phyllis? Or possibly the pairing of Stafford with the super sexy James P. Stuart can spark something in Nina to make her actually interesting to watch. I am hoping for the former…


  13. aria says:

    I love the character of Nina,and love the actress, i never saw her on YR, so i don’t have this comparison to go by like so many posters seem to do, its exhausting reading from those who want her to go back to YlR because they think that character is “better” and those who keep on whining that the show is to bloated, or full of to many soap stars from other shows, etc, so they hold it against the actor, it never ends. I think the character is interesting and i’m enjoying the show more, yes, its been bad at times, it could still be better, but i still enjoy the show, and i hope its on for a very long time.


  14. Yankee fan says:


    Michelle Stafford, James Patrick Stuart, and Scarlett Fernandez are must see TV.


    Laney replied

    Nina and Valentin are about the only characters that keep me coming back to GH these days. I think their chemistry is amazing and believe they have the makings of a good, old-fashioned soap opera super couple. It seems the end game here is actually Valentin and Anna, which is very disappointing. Finola Hughes (and Anna, for that matter) is amazing and is long overdue a decent story. Just wish it was a different story, with a different love interest.


  15. Scoma60 says:

    Nina has been an epic failure since day 1 and nothing’s changed. GH keeps trying to make her work but it’s like trying to nail Jello to a wall–impossible.
    GH’s cast is way too large.Save the money/airtime & write her off. Use GH history & let Lucy could run Crimson.
    MS was very good on YR. JPS is promising as Valentin but Nina drags him down. Plus, their love scenes/kissing come off as desperate & smarmy.
    Nina’s permanently stuck as a baby crazed 20 y/o. Anna & Valentin come off as erudite, adult and sexy. It’s long past time for GH to cut the fat. Needless and unwanted characters need to go. The bloated cast size makes scenes last only 30-40 seconds and screws up over all pacing. Trimming cast size would tighten storylines. A cast this large is impossible to manage.
    Regarding Single Mom a GoGo… bad idea to cut the swearing. Why would you? We’re all adults & if someone swears so what? The interviews are supposed to be up close, frank and personable.


    Ronda replied

    Yes, yes and yes! I agree, Scoma.


    rebecca1 replied

    Because the swearing was every other word…seemed pretentious and “I’m so cool AI say fukk” all the time. Just got annoying.


    Alan replied

    I say if Michelle and/or her guests feel like swearing they should. Knowing that they will consciously not be swearing takes away the spontaneity and realness that makes the show so much fun to watch. People need to lighten up and stop being offended by everything that doesn’t conform to their standard of acceptability.

    rebecca1 replied

    I personally can’t stomach her cursing all the time and NOT because I, LOL, need to “lighten up.” I could give half a shite about someone swearing…if it’s real in the moment and that’s how they’re expressing themselves. Michelle’s just comes off, as I said, as “trying” to sound cool. It’s the same way I feel when a person’s wearing sunglasses in a dark club. Just “too cool.” It’s also the way I felt on the OLTL online reboot. They said shit every other word just because they could. Guess they thought it’d sound more authentic. Just sounded “placed.” Like, let’s place a shit here. Errrrrr…the word. Not…never mind….

  16. Lil' Angel says:

    Nina, Valentin, Ava, Julian, Alexis, Anna, Laura, Liz, Brad, Liesl, and sometimes Franco, are the only reasons I still watch this show.


    Alan replied

    I hear ya — this show is a total mess these days. Whatever happened to Village of the Damned lil Jake and his storybook about the little girl on Cassadine island? Or Laura’s search for the bequeathment Helena left her (she gave up after that thing at the Campus Disco)? Or Kristina’s affair with her professor? Or Kristina’s affair with Aaron? Or Molly and TJ? Or Valerie? Or Nurse Amy? Or the free clinic Michael was going to build? Or the brownstone redevelopment program? Did Ava ever get the flashdrive with her confession that Paul had (she might’ve — I tend to drift off a LOT during this show since Jean and Shelly took over)? If Julian had plastic surgery to change his face why was the picture Jason found of a young William deVry? What happened to The Weeping Nyad? If Bobbi thinks Nelle is up to something why doesn’t she investigate her instead of just waiting for her to make her move? Why are Sam and Jason so excited about a new baby when they don’t spend a lick of time with Danny? How dumb is Lulu to believe that an egg stolen in 2014 has resulted in a 7-year-old daughter 2 years later? What education does Laura have to be on the hospital board (she went to college briefly before saving the world and becoming Miss Star Eyes and then being a prisoner on Cassadine Island)? Has anyone told Lesley that she has a great-granddaughter? And can someone please rent THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN for Alexis so she can realize that she is innocent?


  17. Timmm says:

    Michelle is great. She seems to be in touch with the fans and cares how they write Nina. Franco is an actress killer! ANYONE he is attached to he ruins. Nina will be better off with Valentin. STILL, she is way better off on Y&R!


  18. dante williams says:

    I love Ms. Stafford’s interview and her honesty. My problem was never with her character, but where she went. It’s difficult for everyone in between writers. As a matter of fact, I was fine until she went baby crazy and got with Valentin. Those are Nina’s main problems right now, and I feel like she and Franco were great together, because they seemed to mesh well, they get each other. Now they feel like they are being propped by their prospective partners and it’s a shame. I loved when she found out what her mother did, her fights to keep Crimson afloat, but then they killed her ex-husband Silas just as he started to get properly massaged into the canvas and then there was a struggle from then on to keep her relevant. It’s not impossible to make an interesting story for Nina but they need to connect her to the canvas more, somehow, not sure how they can do that. She has more of a chance than Franco, who I only watched based on the actor, not the character that absolutely NO ONE asked to return. Nice to know the actress is honest as her character is, and not only understands but shares the frustrations. The network is too involved with the show, but if they weren’t then Rebecca Herbst wouldn’t have stayed and our requests would’ve been ignored, due to the machinations of the producer at the time trying to fire her and make us like her succubus ‘sister’ that they just whipped up out of nowhere, so maybe it does just need to be the writer’s vision in the end. I do wish that there were some visionary writers that had a vision worth seeing on GH, and B&B by the way.


  19. JasonLovesGH says:

    This woman is simply amazing. I love that she’s on GH. I’ve liked the character of Nina from the jump…from way back when she carried around her revenge list through her current story. Keep it coming, GH!


  20. rebecca1 says:

    It didn’t offend me in the least. It annoyed me. As I said, it sounded contrived. Not spontaneous, not “real.” Reminded me of a person wearing sunglasses in a club…cause they think they look cool. Trying so hard to look or sound cool just makes ya look…like you’re trying…not being. I could give half a shite about “being offended.”


  21. Rob says:

    Go out and buy her Skin Nation products. They really are great!


  22. Eileen says:

    I actually became interested in Nina when Valentin arrived as Theo. James Patrick Stuart is amazing and he brings swag to Valentin. I’m on team Valenina


  23. Beth CP says:

    The character is a waste of time and space along with the ink and paper used to print the the script. I’m sure the actress cost a lot of money in terms of contract guarantees when that part of the budget could well be used to keep more characters like Mac, Felicia, Lucy and their portrayers involved in relevant story. Putting Lucy at Crimson could have been a riot. But no. Gotta keep Uncle Frank’s “Pets and Gets” out in front and give them something to do even if it forces them down our throats.


  24. Alyssa says:

    I’ve come to love and root for Nina. There have been a lot of whipsaws with her, but that’s soaps. She was great with Rosalie as scheming/crazy Nina, loved the getting it slowly together with Franco Nina, and I’m coming to love the all in with Valentin/Charlotte ignoring warning signs Nina. I’m proud of how she’s made a career for herself. I also thought her recent scenes with Valentin were beautifully done by both of them. So, she’s a fictional character I’m rooting for.


  25. Jim says:

    Nina doesn’t come across as a villainess. If anything, Lulu is the one being unreasonable. I love Nina and Valentin.


  26. Darnell says:

    Since clues were dropped last year, writers! Make it happen. Kiki to Nina. Let there be a horrible accident with Kiki’s life in danger and have Nina find out and go cray cray on Ava. Whether Kiki survives or not, Give us what we want. If Kiki becomes one of GH’s casualties, let her linger in a coma to save her unborn child so that Nina can finally get her child. And please bring back Todd, Star and John McBain. Hell, even Lucky bc Liz needs some help.


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