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8 June 25th, 2012 GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn Gives Her Touching Emmy Acceptance Speech On Windy City Live – Watch the Video!


So, here goes! General Hospital’s Finola Hughes rips open the envelope at Saturday night’s 39th Annual Daytime Emmys and announces the winner in the Outstanding Supporting Actress is her cast mate the fantastic, Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis Davis)!  Only, Nancy is not at the Emmys.  She is live tweeting in her pajamas, but the tweets, if you were keeping an eye on them on Emmy night and beyond, were hilarious!

As itt turned out, Grahn had a previous family commitment to be at her sister’s lake house on Emmy night!  And today on Chicago’s Windy City Live!, in which Grahn was back visiting her hometown, the actress revealed what happened on Emmy night and finally gave her acceptance speech!

Grahn indicated that when she heard her name called, she and her family were left, “confused, and there was sort of this moment of people looking around and going, ‘What happened?’ And then it was like, ‘You idiot, why weren’t you there?!’”

Next, the Windy City Live crew presented Grahn with an Emmy statue and gave the now two-time Daytime Emmy winner a chance to give an acceptance speech and to tell the audience how it would have gone down, if she were to have been in attendance.  And at first, Grahn was witty and self-effacing, and then it became a beautiful, heartfelt speech to her daughter, Kate who was also in the Windy City Live studio, whereby Grahn gave this Emmy for her daughter to keep!

Nancy said to Kate on-camera, “This is the first time I’m telling her this. This is yours. When you go to college … you’ll take this … because I want you to remember that life is good, and that if you do what you love in life and you do the best that you can and you have faith that all is well, it will be.”

Watch the great video segment after the jump and let us know what you thought about Nancy’s comments and acceptance speech!


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  1. Olja says:

    Surprising, warm, mutual speech penetrating heart. I live in Russia, and with excitement in heart I looked and watched ceremony and that writes Nancy. Its speeches were witty, cheerful, ardent. When I heard her name, I was happy … as in paradise. This is the surprising, magic woman she should receive it long ago it is worthy without any doubt. I love you, Nancy Lee Grahn ! : ххххо


  2. Mary Anne says:

    Love Nancy !!! What a BEAUTIFUL speech she made. She is a CLASS ACT !!


  3. Nancy says:

    Just love her.


  4. sheryl says:

    Her speech was so great down to earth funny and wonderful just like she she. Thank you Michael for sharing. I met her at Super Soap Weekend and she is just a beautiful person. Lot’s of luck and good wishes.


  5. aria says:

    nancy rocks, glad she finally has an Emmy for her GH character. I know she has one for Santa Barbara, but for sure happy that now she has it for playing Alexis.


  6. dominicsmythe says:

    nancy is so deserving. she’s put her time in the industry with memorable, powerful performances. there are over-rated (susan lucci, maurice benard) and under-rated performers like her. i love it when the underdog wins!



  7. Traci says:

    Thanks for posting this!! Nancy is one of my favorite actresses and the Emmy is well-deserved. I love her ability to tackle comedy and drama so well and her scenes are always fun to watch – even when I don’t care for a particular storyline. I’d love to see her interact with more of her GH colleagues – it’s fun to see her scenes extend beyond the “Davis Girls”. She’s terrific with Tracy, Luke – I would love to see Alexis have scenes with Anna, Heather, Todd, John McBain, etc.


    barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1 replied

    I would like to see her in a court room with tea’ on opposite sides. Now that would be good.


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