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1 July 14th, 2010 GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn on Alexis’s love life and more!

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In a new interview out today from TV Guide Canada’s, Nelson Branco, General Hospital’s, Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) chats about her thoughts on winning another Daytime Emmy, her current storyline with Kristina, partnering with GH head writer, Bob Guza, in making Alexis and her past character of Julia Wainwright (Santa Barbara) the feminists that they are, her love of twitter, and her current Port Charles love interest, Mac Scorpio play by John J. York.  Here are few juicy exceprts:

Grahn on if she is Bob Guza’s muse: ”No, Jason, Sonny and Carly are his muses. I think he likes me. As much as he wants to kill me a good percentage of the time, he also respects me. We have a mutual respect for each other. We’re both smart. We’re both very capable. And more importantly, we’re extremely passionate about what we do which sometimes makes us butt heads. Overall, the big picture is, we both like and respect each other. He likes to give me challenging [story material] to see if I’m able to do it or not.”

Grahn on if she likes Alexis being paired with Mac: ”In terms of Nancy liking John J. York, yes, I like Alexis and Mac together. In terms of the characters, I’m not sure. It came out of nowhere. Historically, part of what Alexis’s problem is that she likes a guy with an edge. She likes it when a guy pisses her off a little and catches her off balance. I’m not saying that’s healthy, but that’s what floats Alexis’s boat. However, I love working with John. He’s my neighbour, he’s my friend, and one of the nicest men I know. And he’s very good.”

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  1. Silvia says:

    Please create a great storyline for John York. I enjoy the young actors but lets give the middle aged folks some good stories as well.


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