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11 October 29th, 2012 GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn on Her Boobs, Monaco & Shawn/Alexis!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

In one of the funniest interviews we have read and laughed out loud over, General Hospital’s Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) chatted with TV Guide about her noticeably larger breasts, being the cheerleader of her on-screen daughter, Kelly Monaco (as Monaco attempts to win the Mirror Ball Trophy on Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars) and trying to rationalize the out of the blue Shawn and Alexis attraction on GH! And of course, there are some comments on politics and Sarah Palin, that are not to be missed!  Here are few excerpts!

Nancy on why it appears the wardrobe department at GH is accentuating her breasts of late: “They’re not! Here’s the other problem: I can’t stand wearing anything that covers my upper chest because it makes me feel like I’m suffocating. I must have been Anne Boleyn in a past life. I’ve always been this way but it’s only obvious now because my boobs have suddenly grown to the size of twin blimps and now they pop out. It’s also more noticeable because I like to move around a lot when I act.  I’m always leaning over someone in a scene and they’re like, ‘God, stand up straight, will ya! Nobody can concentrate!”‘

Nancy on why she is always in the audience at every taping of DWTS All-Stars rooting on Kelly Monaco:  “Oh, my God! I need an intervention! I can’t stop going to the tapings. Remember Miss Miller, the old gal who used to always sit in the audience of The Merv Griffin Show? I’m her. What the hell am I thinking? I’m so carried away playing Kelly’s mom on GH that I think I’m her mom in real life. I’m the Jewish mother she never had! She’s got a lot of balls for a pint-sized little thing. Sometimes I’ll go get her lunch on the GH set. The other day, as a joke, I threw a head of lettuce into her dressing room and said, ‘This is for today and tomorrow!’ I’m really, really impressed with how hard she’s working because this show is serious s–t! Just brutal! Between the angina I get being there to root for Kelly and the angina I have over this presidential election, I am so headed for the emergency room!”

Nancy on the arbitrary pairing of Shawn and Alexis:  “I love working with Sean Blakemore (Shawn). I think he’s very cool. His character needs to be more dimensionalized, but I’m all for putting Shawn and Alexis together. Frank and Ron Carlivati know that I need to have a relationship on the show. Maybe they’re just experimenting, seeing what works, what doesn’t. It’d be good to start over with Alexis and Shawn and approach this thing again. Why are the two of them together? What’s behind the attraction? I don’t think they even know each other. They were making out in that scene because the show wanted a big moment after the boat exploded. We were shooting at the end of a long day on location on the docks in Long Beach and Frank Valentini came running at me and said, ‘If we don’t get this scene shot in 60 seconds, we’re going into overtime and it’s going to cost us $20,000! So shut up and shoot it! Just do it!” (Laughs) I didn’t have time to stand there and discuss my motivation.”‘

OK, so what do you think of Shawn and Alexis together? Nancy rooting on Kelly Monaco each week in-person on DWTS?  We think it’s a tremendous show of support!  And, how funny Grahn is?  Weigh-in!

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  1. margie says:

    I love Nancy Lee as actress but feel we would be friends. Feel Alexis needed a hot partner & WOW she got Shawn!! Love how shes suporting Kelly! Got my son voting too. pkease call 1800-868-3411 !! Love watching Nancy Lee.


  2. aria says:

    Nancy always rocks. and yes, gh needs to give her a storyline.


  3. Pam says:

    I have loved the character of Alexis since she first appeared on the show. Her scenes with Stefan were superb and intense. Then we got to see her softer side when she gave in to Sonny’s charms. And as a mom, Nancy Lee adds just the right amount of neurosis to make her seem so realistic as the Davis Girls’ Mom. I hope Cartini keep her around for a long time! And what a classy thing she does by cheeering for Kelly Monaco each week. Sounds like she’s a loyal friend and a great actress!


  4. SZima says:

    Loved that interview. I have a love/hate “relationship” with NLG…we have very different politics and I hate when she’s on her band wagon acting like the know-it-all of everything political, but I love her as an actress (most of the time.)


  5. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I love Nancy Lee Grahn. She’s very blunt her own ways and I love that. However, the Alexis/Shawn pairing does not work, nor does Shawn on the series. Ditch him and TJ and put Alexis/Mac back together!


  6. Christine says:

    I heard Nancy is supposed to be on that g-awful show, THE CHEW sometime soon.


  7. Christine says:

    I also wanted to add while I was on the TV Guide website reading the entire interview – very good, by the way, there is a link to The Street that has the top 10 shows that Netflix should revive (since they are doing it for ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT). All of you AMC and OLTL fans should be happy that AMC and OLTL are on there together on page 8.


  8. Jared says:

    I love her. Beautiful and talented.


  9. Kathy H. says:

    I to love Nancy,she’s one awesome actress & mother! I would also like for her & Shawn to have a relationship,they are so HOT together! Also I’m so happy to see her supporting the beautiful Kelly Monaco on DWTS,she really has alot of dedication in everything she believes in. You go girl!! <3! Keep up the awesome work!


  10. Patrick says:

    When i think of NLG… I think of her superb work… on the beloved Santa Barbara… I will always think of that show as a who’s who… of Daytime… History. Uber Talent….

    I simply adore her as the single mother of 3 daughters… she’s so good with all three of them… my favorite scenes are with her and Molly… Molly reads Alexis the riot act…

    it’s my opinion… that we’ll never really see Alexis with “anyone”… she’s too pent up… miss anxiety….”frigid”… with men at least… for all the few choices GH has to offer THE WOMEN… it’s Mac I still hold out hopes for….

    I think Alexis and Shawn look good together…i agree with NLG, there really is no story… but, Shawns’ a handsome man.


  11. Lauren says:

    NLG is so hella cool, funny and she keeps it real. Her character as Alexis is always evolving and I love this new relationship with Shawn. Can”t want to see more scenes with them.


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