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32 October 10th, 2011 GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn tweets her response to Lexi Ainsworth being let-go!

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) took to her twitter account last night to let her thoughts be known on the dismissal of her on-screen daughter, Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina) from General Hospital!

Nancy: “It is no secret how much I love Lexi, and how talented I think she is. It will also come as no surprise that I am sad about her leaving… and yes, tears were shed.

Very often things out of our control turn out to be the most perfect orchestration of circumstances that lead to even better experiences, that shape our lives in profound ways. As much as I will miss Lexi, I believe this will end up being a blessing for her. At 19, there are endless acting opportunities, and now she is free to pursue them. My TV baby is a beautiful, classy young woman with a fantastically, supportive family, and a bright, bright future. I’m so excited for her.”

As we previously stated, we wish the best to Lexi on all her future endeavors and can’t wait to see what the entertainment world holds next for her!

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  1. Carol says:

    General hospital is crazy for letting Lexi go. Ethan and Kristina would have been a sweet love story. I wish Lexi all the best! It won’t take long for someone to snatch her up! Thanks for the article. :)


  2. Sheila says:

    I totally agree! After falling in love with Kristina and Ethan via YouTube clips I was ready to start watching GH again (after almost 20 years) to see these two in a sweet love story. Now I know not to bother because it won’t be the same chemistry with a recasted Kristina. There is no Kristina without Lexi and I don’t see a point in watching a show that is clearly just phoning it in.


  3. Sue says:

    GH really? She’s 19 but looks younger. It’s a disadvantage right now on GH, but it will turn out good for her in the long run. She can be cast younger but work full hours now and hell, when she’s in her 30′s look 20′s , 40′s, look 30!


  4. jo says:

    So glad she’s gone, her annoying acting was fast forwarded as soon as I saw her face. Her pairing with Ethan was horrible and silly, why would he be attracted to someone like that after being with the gorgeous Maya. The writers should give Maxi & Ethan a try, they’re both crazy and unpredictable, what great chemistry these two would create.


    Emily replied

    Lexi will missed greatly. She was acting the way TPTB asked and wrote the character Kristina.

    I’m disappointed to see someone knocking Lexi on her looks — she is beautiful. Maya was so boring — I’d rather watch paint dry then watch her.

    Lexi will go far and Mayannie will be flipping burgers.


    Jack replied

    Sorry to have disappointed you, no not really, Lexi maybe beautiful to you, but to me she looks like a troll. Yeah I’m sure she will go as far as her forehead will take her.

    Waltina replied

    Are you saying that the actress that plays Maya can only flip hamburgers in her future and White Lexi will be this big star? Could those feeling be because the actress that plays Maya is Black? How can you tell what her future will be? Maybe because you think the actor that plays Ethan should be paired with a White woman and not a Black one. The character of Ethan should be paired with a woman and not someone who looks like they are 15yrs old as Lexi’s looked with him. As for someone flipping burger, is that what you do! This is just my opinion as was yours.

    miss C replied

    Emily, so sorry to disappoint you on your prediction for the character that played Mya (that she would be flipping burgers) but she is currently cast on Charlie’s Angels as o
    ne of the angels

    Jodi replied

    The powers that be had plenty of opportunities to write Kristina as maturing but they were lazy!

    Both Lexi and Annie are beautiful actresses and neither will be flipping burgers as far as I am concerned.

    Emily replied

    Jack – I never said Annie (Maya) wasn’t attractive. I just stated that the Maya character was boring to me. Since the writers wrote her off the canvas I thought the character Kristina should have been written as maturing into a young woman rather than chasing Ethan.

    Waltina – Race has absolutely nothing to do with my opinion. I don’t think Annie or Lexi will be flipping burgers at any point in their future. The character Maya was written off and now the character Kristina should be written off as well.

    Jack replied

    Emily- I never said that you did, I replied to your statement regarding Lexi looks, you think she’s beautiful, I don’t, it’s not a big deal, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Emily replied

    miss C – I’m not disappointed at all. Maya or Mya as you incorrectly stated, whose real name is Annie is indeed on Charlie’s Angels. From what I hear the show is not doing well in the ratings. I think she should go back to GH and be with Ethan since he does need a real woman (black or white) and the writers sure know how to write for women, right? Carly — self-absorbed, Liz — needy, Robin — overbearring, etc.


    Waltina Too replied

    Just an FYI…Charlie’s Angels has been cancelled. Annie are you okay? Are you okay Annie? Welcome back to GH Maya!!!

    Skyla replied

    I hope Maya will not be back, I found her character supremely boring and I felt like she & Ethan were forced on us. Personally I feel Nathan (Ethan) & Lexi (Kristina) have WAY more chemistry and I am sadden that she is leaving. I think this is a bad decision on GH’s part as Lexi/Kristina is popular with alot of fans and on the heels of the Megan Ward recast since I’m hearing they are planning to bring Krissy back aged, they are alienating more fans at a time so precarious for soaps. In any case I wish Lexi all the luck in the future and have no doubt she will be successful.

  5. Karen says:

    I HATE the character with a passion (especially paired with Ethan), but I never want to see someone lose their job. I wish Lexi all the best


  6. Lew says:

    Lexi Ainsworth will do extremely well. All the best to her.


  7. Vivi says:

    How disappointing! Lexi and Nathan’s Ethina could have been a beautiful coming of age lovestory.


  8. Stella says:

    It’s a shame to hear of Lexi’s firing. She is super talented and I will miss her on my screen.


  9. Melisa says:

    This was a huge mistake and loss for General Hospital! Lexi Ainsworth is Kristina and no one will be able to replace her. The ratings for the show will continue to go down if they do not bring this talented emmy worthy actress back to the canvas. She has great chemistry with every actor and actress on the show. Her and Nathan were the most exciting story on the show in my opinion and many others opinions. Also the Davis girls was so cute and fun to watch but without Lexi is just dosent work. Lexi as kristina was so important to the heart of the show you take someone as good and sweet as her out and you loose viewers. Please Gh bring Lexi back and let her just grow on the show theres no reason to let her go!!! We love her!!!

    If she was fired because of the way she looks well that was wrong to begin with. Many women at kristina’s age are small and petite. Not every women has to have big boobs to appear older. Its not realistic for every women to be a barbie doll. The viewers want to see normal every day people of all shapes and sizes because thats the way the real world is. Kristina is beautiful inside and out. It dosent make scenes to send kristina away and bring her back a month later with bigger boobs and a rough edgey personality as seen in a circulating audition tape. No one is going to buy the switch. Lexi is kristina she portrays her perfectly!!


  10. Lyndi Steinhilber says:

    They are crazy for letting Lexi go! She is Kristina Davis, there is no replacing her, she made the role Kristina hers and hers only!
    Her and Nathan of the best chemistry I have ever seen, I watch GH because of them!
    They need to own up to their mistake and rehire her!!


  11. Lyndi says:

    They are crazy for letting Lexi go! She is Kristina Davis, there is no replacing her, she made the role Kristina hers and hers only! Her and Nathan have the best chemistry I have ever seen. I watch GH because of them! They need to own up to their mistake and rehire her!! Lexi is beyond beautiful and looks her age (19)! Grow Up GH!


    gail replied

    I love Lexi also. But I think it’s time to replace her before she has a REAL RELATIONSHIP.It seems kind of greepy for someone Ethans age to be interested in someone so young. Not a day over 16. The girl that is going to replace her, will be perfect for the part. I wish LEXI very luck. I don’t think she will need it. She is very talented.


    Sheila replied

    Lexi is almost 19 and so is the character Kristina. Ethan is supposed to be 24 or 25 on the show; however, Nathan is 23 in real life.

    ETHINA IS LOVE!!! The real Ethina is Lexi and Nathan.

  12. Sheila says:

    Beyond beautiful???? I don’t get it. So glad that disgusting pairing is over.


    Sheila replied

    You must be talking about Maya and Ethan!


    Sheila replied

    I’m referring to Kristina and Ethan!! It doesn’t matter if he’s 19 or 23 the chemistry between them is non exsistant. In real life Nathan would not look twice at that girl.

  13. Sheila says:

    I know who you were referring to and I disagree a million times over.

    The chemistry is absolutely there and it’s a shame that you don’t see it.

    Why did you switch to Nathan when you were referring to Ethan? Sounds like you need to get your story straight.


    steve replied

    Because I said REAL LIFE!!! Get your eyes checked.


    Kerry replied

    LOL!, I agree with the Sheila/Steve comments. It’s so funny that some people think just because they believe that two people have chemistry we all should believe it. Lexi/Kristina & Nathan/Ethan have as much chemistry as a skunk and a porcupine.

    Emily replied

    That’s pretty funny; HOWEVER, Nathan’s real-life girlfriend Maria Aceves bears a STRIKING resemblence to Lexi Ainsworth.


    I predict that Nathan and Lexi will be together in a couple of years.

    YEAH BABY!!!! NEXI IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Craig says:

    I hope Maya comes back, she’s Sexy, Hot & Gorgeous!!!! Mayan have Great Chemistry!!! Watching Kristina trying to force a relationship with Ethan was pretty pathetic and boring, I fast forwarded all their scenes together because she’s so annoying.


  15. Smitty says:

    Yes, I hope Maya comes back to GH. She will help put the final nail in the coffin.


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