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6 June 16th, 2010 GH’s Patrick and Lisa to hit the sheets!


It was not a matter of if, but a matter of when.  Well, its finally going to happen on July 2! That is when, according to TV Guide Magazine, General Hospital surgeons, Lisa Niles  and Patrick Drake, played by Brianna Brown and Jason Thompson, will proceed to  get drunk and have sex, while Patrick’s wifey, Robin, played by Kimberly McCullough, is away in Africa working with AIDS patients.

But, according to GH head writer, Bob Guza this is one plot point in a long arc that will see Lisa becoming quite obsessive over the dashing doctor Drake.

Guza stated, “Lisa is going to get very obsessive with Patrick and we will go into a Fatal Attraction story. This is not a Glenn Close sort of thing. Lisa is not a psycho. She won’t be boiling bunnies. But that’s not to say she won’t be acting out in a big way.  Lisa was never able to emotionally let go of that connection she had with Patrick back in school. When that is resurrected for one night — and Patrick says it can never happen again — she tries very hard to accept that. And she fails. Miserably.  We have a good long way to go with this story — in fact, we might easily get another year out of it. Patrick’s refusal to continue [having sex] is not what sets Lisa off.  Rather, there’s a very small psychological event that will happen some weeks later. It gets her very perturbed.”

The item also reminds viewers that Dr Steven Webber (Scott Reeves) recently took a fancy to Lisa, and Robin’s failure to let go of her first live, Stone, can make this a very complex story.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Tico says:

    nice! censorship after I tried to help you.


    Michael Fairman replied

    Hey Tico!
    Thanks for the heads up! Our programmer confused Patrick for Matt! LOL. But all good


  2. Tico says:

    i think i will stick to other sites. they don’t censor you when you try to point something out.


    Michael Fairman replied

    Turns out Nico we relooked at the image, and it wad indeed Patrick Drake and Lisa. So unfortunately, you were mistaken. But we always listen to our users and take to heart when they point out something.


    Emma replied


    Why is it that when people have affairs, the media (movies, books, television, etc…) has to paint the other woman as this psycho, crazy woman that cannot let go of the guy, BUT the guy is innocent, he made a bad mistakes, wants his poor wife back and never loved the other woman?

    If you look into REAL life love affairs, you will see that it is the MEN that won’t leave the other woman alone, even when the wife finds out! The man will sneak around his wife’s back to make that call to the other woman, after the other woman kicked him to the curb and begs the man to never call, he obsesses and continues to call! Us, other women, have to change our phone numbers, quit our jobs just to get away from another woman’s husband! While the wife thinks her man changed and is on best behavior, but in reality, he’s pretending to have changed.

  3. M. Johnson says:

    I have never been so dissappointed in anyone in all my life…you had it all…a beautiful baby, and adoring wife… and you just blew it… you let your looks and your inability to keep your zipper up win…. how many years ago were you in college? when you were 20..and now you are 32…Grow up Patrick…you gave it all up for a five minute thrill….with an immature twit….she is as dumb and as stupid as leyla was…. how did you get so lucky to have Robin fall in love with you …I hope she throws you out… it’s too bad you act like your still in college and zeopardise your family… I suppose lisa will get pregnant or HIV…that would serve you both right.. Robin deserves better….this ditz has been chasing you ever since she followed you to Port Charles…. and you are flattered with her attention at Robins and Emma’s win the Dunce of the year award..

    and we can’t leave out the “head scribe” of GH…we know he hates Rolbin and Patrick
    happy so he has been working on this all along..he is bound and determine to ruin GH and he is suceeding …….


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