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1 September 14th, 2010 GH’s returning Michael Sutton on the Ghost of Stone past and present!

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One of the most exciting happenings in daytime, and for fans of the sad and powerful love story of  GH’s Robin and Stone, is that the ABC sudser is bringing back Michael Sutton to reprise his role of Stone Cates, the week of September 28th.  That is when we see our Robin in a perilous situation where she needs Stone the most.   

As many know, Stone died of AIDS and his story has resonated for years. TV Guide caught up with Sutton for a short take on playing a ghost again, when he has done it previously on the series.   Here is an excerpt below:

Sutton on Stone hanging around as a spirit after he originally died on-air back in the mid-nineties: “At that point I was so emotionally drained and exhausted that I begged them to end it. I had just come off nine straight months on the show dealing with disease, drugs, life, death, time. It was really heavy. I remember having to sit down with the producers and say, “You’ve got to let Stone die! Really die!” I just couldn’t continue as an apparition. On some level, I was worried about the psychosomatic effect on my mind and body. In order to act something like that, you have to live it, and that required putting myself through a long, long period of trauma. And don’t forget that back in the mid-’90s we were all dealing with AIDS and HIV in real-life, too. Stone got it because he had a girlfriend who was an intravenous drug user and we were doing the story at a time when there was a lot of casualness about sex and drugs. At that time, every one of us in our late teens and twenties could relate in some way — we all had friends who had a drug problem and friends who were having unprotected sex because they were straight and didn’t think of themselves as susceptible. It wasn’t just a soap story. It was a story that could easily happen to anyone. ”

Make sure to come back to On-Air On-Soaps next week for our feature interview with Michael Sutton!


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