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11 November 29th, 2011 GH’s Robin and Patrick have some secrets! What will happen when they are revealed?


As news that Kimberly McCullough will be leaving her longtime legendary role of Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake on General Hospital early next year, many have questioned what will be her final storyline.

Well, in a new promo out this week it seems that Robin may have some secret related to her health contained in a file, and Patrick (Jason Thompson) has been hiding something very significant that happened on the boat the night of Lisa’s murder! It seems that Lisa Niles is taunting and playing havoc with the beloved couple even in death.

Check out the new promo from General Hospital after the jump, and let us know what you think is happening with Scrubs, and how you would like to see Robin exit the series!

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  1. Webbie says:

    I have just one wish: let Robin live.


  2. Bonnie says:

    I hope that she does not get hiv symptoms, She has been free of it why now?


    kim delmotte replied

    watched it on tuesday semms like hiv is spreading maybe that is how thye are writeing her off as she is leaving the show


  3. kay killgore says:

    I think they are going to kill her off how else could they write her out?


  4. kay killgore says:

    Here is how I think it is going to go down Lisa & Robin struggled she Lisa infected her with the needle Robin is going to get sick from it and Robin hit her with the wrench and Patrick is trying to cover it up that Robin killed her and he threw her body in the water. Anyone else agree with me???


  5. Doe says:

    I don’t think Robin will die. At least I hope not. She is too important, being one of the original actors, starting as a child. I say they will leave the door open for guest appearances. I hope there is no more sadness for Robin. Time will tell…..


  6. aria says:

    Just don’t kill her off,This character is way to important,and if they do that, it would be the end for GH.


  7. NoLongerWatching says:

    I think she’s going to die because her husband couldn’t keep it in his pants. What a great way to send off a legacy character that has been written as a beacon of hope for so many people for over a decade and a half! Considering the show is begging viewers to tune in, who is the genius at Prospect that actually thinks this will be the story to do it? Unless someone can tell me when being ‘entertained’ also meant getting depressed and sad and feeling hopeless, I won’t bother watching. In fact, I took the show off my dvr after seeing just how hopeful todays’ scenes were.


  8. Susan says:

    I don’t think Robin killed Lisa. I do think Lisa stuck Robin with an infected needle. With Robin’s compromised immune system, her recovery won’t be quick or easy. Lisa’s killer is someone totally unexpected. Patrick and Robin will cover for each other thinking the other is guilty. I think Lisa’s killer is someone we least suspect.


  9. Iakovos says:

    If Robin must die, then let her die. I am so tired of resurrections! My preference, however, is that some sort of happy ending can be struck here. If GH could continue its promised move to focus more on the HOSPITAL of its title, Patrick could continue to have strong story as a professional with Robin off somewhere with her parents and her child. A recast down the road could be workable. Port Charles has become such an unhappy place in the last decade. Some dignity for legacy chgaracters would be appreciated.


  10. chris says:

    Would hate to see this happen, Maybe Robin goes to prison for killing lisa. But if this was the case it would leave open for her return someday if she should so choose. That is if the Soaps are still around.


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