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0 October 13th, 2010 GH’s Rockin’ Rick Springfield shares his dark secrets in new memoir – watch the video

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From successful rocker to successful soap star, Rick Springfield had it all.  But with fame came some very dark times that even started in his younger years.  Now the former Dr. Noah Drake (Patrick’s dad) is on a major publicity tour to talk about his new book Late, Late At Night, which is obviously part of a lyric from his smash hit single, Jessie’s Girl.

With bouts of depression, a suicide attempt, sex on the road with many women, his fame on GH and more, Springfield details it all.  Today, he appeared on The View to discuss suicide and depression.  Yesterday, he appeared on Good Morning America, here  is the link to that segment.

You can watch Springfield’s, The View Segment after the jump!

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