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23 January 18th, 2017 GH’s Ryan Paevey Off To Play Villain In Feature Film!


While viewers of ABC’s General Hospital witnessed Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey)wedding on Tuesday’s episode, on Wednesday, Ryan Paevey appeared on KABC’s afternoon newscast with entertainment guru, George Pennacchio.

While discussing the Naxie nuptials, his photography, and his love for his motorcycle, Paevey also shared that he has been cast as a villain in a new film that he will be shooting for a month in Kentucky!

Meanwhile, Paevey’s managers Justice & Ponder sent out a tweet relating: “GOOD NEWS! @yanPaevey your deal is closed and you’re off to Kentucky to film a lead in a movie for the next three weeks. Enjoy the cold!”

While Paevey and his team have yet to reveal the name of the film in which he will appear, the talented actor will return filming new episodes of GH following the the conclusion of his role.

Watch Ryan on the ABC7 Eyewitness news segment below.  Then share your thoughts on him getting the opportunity to play a lead, and a villain yet, in his upcoming feature? Then let us know, what do you think should happen next in Maxie and Nathan’s relationship now that they have tied the knot?

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  1. Patrick says:

    GOOD for him

    say what one will…. he’s wooden… another model turned actor

    I swear… he’s the definition of genetic male species…. LOL the hottest, one of

    I have been posting of late… he’s the better of the supercouple… Maxie and Nathan
    (Contract role; December 30, 2013 to present) that’s over 3 years ago… he’s doing something right

    after all these years of ooh la la and va va voom and eye candy me OUT

    I make room for Ryan Paevey


  2. su0000 says:


    The ‘young’ people are moving out and up … wtg!

    It’s fot the brst.. the wedding was awful.. BLAH and stale..
    FF and stoped for look-in and immediately FF again through it all.
    I mean to say– it was sucky lame .. good grief, sigh ..

    Keep onward in your new direction, Ryan ..


    becky replied

    you say the wedding was awful that is because they are a blah couple


    Tim S. replied

    I agree.. no connection to this couple… she needs to go back to Days and play Belle… Pretty couple but the writing for them has been baddddd…. Let us hope some of the new storylines will be interesting and move much faster……

  3. Lou piikes says:

    What happened to the rumors of a Nathan recast?


  4. rebecca1 says:

    He’s stunning. His acting on GH improved very quickly. And I observed, each time I’ve heard him speak, including in this clip above, how poised and intelligent he is. He’s gotten breaks no doubt due to his beauty…but he took to acting and puts in the work.

    Curious to see how he does on his film project. Congrats, Ryan!


    Soaphound replied

    I agree, Rebecca. Sometimes I resent extremely good-looking people when they have nothing else to offer (hello, Kardashians). But Ryan picked up the pace very quickly and seems like a nice guy. Dull? Maybe, but leading men often are at times. This allows other actors to shine also.


  5. Margie Dalton says:

    Luv Ryan Paevey he is Nathan! Thank you for posting. Enjoy #GH


  6. Penny says:

    Great news! So happy for Ryan. Have been fortunate enough to have met Ryan, several times. Own several of his photos & jewelry pieces. He is the real deal and one of the nicest guy you will ever meet! Wishing his new movie every success.


  7. Patty says:

    I love his acting and will watch his movie, will miss him on
    GH but glad he is not leaving yet!! Good luck


    su0000 replied

    Ryan is Not leaving GH .. he will return.
    He’s doing a movie and remains with GH ..
    He’s going to Kentucky for the next three weeks to film the movie.


  8. Michael says:

    I think he’s gotten better since he started.


    Tim S. replied

    He has.. he was not very good at the beginning.. He just needs a good storyline…… Would love to see more of his mama… she is a great actress and GH is losing out by not using her….


  9. Tim S. says:

    Anyone else bored with the Nell storyline and romance…. BAAADDDDD I fast forward through those scenes all the time.. No connection there.. I loved her in her first appearance but the writing is been bad and slow….


    Michael replied



  10. elm1951 says:

    ryan was good in the lifetime movie “mr darcy” he should be fine in this one also…………
    i don’t care for his acting on gh but in the movie he was so different – i think it has a lot to do with tptb/directors……………….jmo


    Maria Willson replied

    Elm… It was because of Ryan in the hallmark movie: Mr. Darcy, that I found out he was a regular cast member of GH soap, and started watching him just to follow him, as an actor! I agree he was different in the hallmark movie… So sophisticated; handsome, etc., that It was like I couldn’t get enough of him. LOL


  11. Boop says:

    Ryan has improved immensely! Wish you the best!


  12. sharon says:

    Love Ryan. NAXIE is my gh couple., so many things to do with them. I would like to see them in a house. VERY happy for Ryan. I want to see a new side of his acting. Loved Mr. Darcy.


  13. Barb says:

    When is Ryan coming to Kentucky and what city ? would love to see him


  14. Rose says:

    Good for Ryan. Now he can show he can be a good guy and a bad guy. I always liked him, and have seen him grow as an actor since he started GH…at least to me. Maybe it’s because they finally gave him some real storylines, instead of just being a guy-stud with his shirt off, or pumping iron.


  15. Maria Willson says:

    The wedding of Maxie and Nathan seemed like such a cheap wedding . There was No romantic ambiance, what so ever and yet this is supposed to be a #1 couple very much in love. They have taken the romance, love, and humor out of their relationship….WHY? The change seems to be ever since Kristen Storm’s came back from her sick leave. I really love and enjoy this couple and their acting! They are the whole reason that I switched from watching Days of Our Lives, for years, to NOW watching GH instead. Their fans and “Naxie” deserve sooooo much better. I hope I see a big improvement or it’s Goodbye General Hospital!


  16. Maria Willson says:

    Has rayan paevey returned?.l sure miss.him on. GH haven watched the


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