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25 July 20th, 2015 GH’s Ryan Paevey Posts Update Since Breaking Wrist: “Ditching The Cast And The Donut Beard, Back To Work!”

Photo: Ryan Paevey Twitter

Over the recent fourth of July weekend, General Hospital’s Ryan Paevey (Nathan) had posted via social media that he had a motorcycle accident while vacationing and shattered his right wrist.

Since GH has been on its summer hiatus for the last few weeks, Ryan has had some much needed healing and down time, before getting back to the grind of playing one of Port Charles’ sexiest cops.  GH is back taping new episodes as of this week.

Today via his Twitter account, Paevey posted a photo of himself with goatee and a cast on his wrist in a whimsical photo thanking all of the GH fans for concern on his well-being post the motorcycle spill.

Ryan related: “Ditching the cast and the donut beard, back to work! Thanks everybody for checking on me, I’m alive.”

What do you think of the photo of Ryan? Happy to know he is doing well? Looking forward to the next chapter of the romance of Naxie?  Comment below!

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  1. sharon says:

    Very happy Ryan is ok and on the mend. looking forward to lots of fun scenes between Nathan and Maxie. Like how he tells his fans his status. like the character, Nathan. Love the person RYAN.


  2. Alan says:

    Um, he totally needs to keep that facial hair…


    jbj replied



  3. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    What romance…all they ever do is boingy boingy in bed and talk…let them have a story…they could investigate the disappearance of Mac and Felicia?…lol


    Rose replied

    He may have his hands full being there for Dante since the Valerie thing. Plus the probability of a new gang in town. And then there’s Nina getting messed around by Rick and her mother. Now if Maxie could find something productive to do.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I just want to know where Maxie gets money to pay for her cozy little apartment…i dont know what she does for a living!!!

    Lou Piikes replied

    It was mentioned on screen that Maxie is a personal shopper and a wedding planner.

    CeeCee replied

    Maxie does have something productive to do , Rose. She is there to hold Nathan’s …ahem, hand.
    And, soon we will see fireworks. I still maintain that this Valerie/Dante/Lulu thing isn’t over. We are about to enter THE TWILIGHT ZONE…. Fatal Attraction ……Harry said so! When Harry speaks, people listen…..LOL.

    Patrick replied

    (JimH & Rose )


    “boingy boingy” & new gang in town.. what a coop for “Brad’ acting chops

    wow: Genie Francis is taking two months off? my first thought:

    the writers have to dream up and take time to echelon this new herald…

    Laura, Paul, Traci
    Nikolas and ELQ, plus Spence
    Laura and Lulu, with Rocco

    my first thought… I’m damned mad.. that they didn’t have the aformentioned integrity to feature Genie Francis

    please, to delineate the audience take… less ?

    I saw her work in Genoa City… a singular sensation

    Laura Weber Spencer… laud


    DeeBee replied

    WHAT? Laura taking off already? Did she get a contract like Tony had? I’m so glad she’s staying on but really now…….

  4. CeeCee says:

    I would gladly kiss his boo boo better….


    Jamesj75 replied

    LOL! :) What a trouper you are, CeeCee!


  5. Charday says:

    He sure is a QT.


  6. su0000 says:

    I’m glad he shaving off the face hair..
    Beads give me the heebie jeebies!!
    They are dirty.. )cringe.
    Food crumbs. juices, boogers, germs all kind of nasty stuff in a beard and some things may even be crawling around in there like in a carpet..


    Rose replied

    Totally agree. Plus kissing someone with a beard can be a little weird…IMO. I’ve mentioned one of my favorite sports is baseball. Way to many beards this year, combined with all of the sweat and spit…ugh!


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    But he is a cop with a donut beard…that is suuuuu funny…lol


    Alan replied

    “Food crumbs. Juices, boogers, germs…”

    It’s just a goatee — and a well maintained one at that. It’s not like he’s living in a cardboard box under an overpass.


  7. Jake from NJ says:

    Love the beard


    Patrick replied

    I know

    facial hair… bemoan the fact that masculinity woof!

    just heightens sexy


  8. JUDY says:



  9. Amy says:

    i think the beard and goatee look awesome!!! You resemble my son and he is very handsome also.. Glad your feeling better ❤️


  10. Chrystie Delancey says:

    Look, I am happy as the rest that Mr. Paevey has recovered, but WHERE is the story about someone with REAL acting chops … RICK SPRINGFIELD, having a major role in Meryl Streep’s new movie, RICKI AND THE FLASH?

    For the record and since you asked, I hate selfies.


  11. Samantha says:

    I am so glad you were not hurt any worse than you were. I hope you heal really quickly. Looking forward to seeing you back on GH!!!!!!


  12. Jamesj75 says:

    “playing one of Port Charles’ sexiest cops”… “one of?” Can we please give Peavey a little more respect? I’m just sayin’…


  13. Phil says:

    Ditch the shirt too


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