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5 March 2nd, 2011 GH’s Sonya Eddy dropped to recurring status!

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Is it so long Epiphany on General Hospital?  Well sort of. General Hospital’s Sonya Eddy who has played Nurse Epiphany has been bumped to recurring status by the series.  According to ABC Soaps In Depth, Eddy tweeted, “There’s a rumor out there that I’m off GH. It’s true to a [point]. I’m recurring now, so we shall see.”

The actress also posted the news on her Facebook page as well, writing, “So, the question has been asked. Here’s the answer… It is true, I have been taken off contract with GH. And so it goes…”

It would appear the latest tweets from Ingo Rademacher (Jax) announcing he will be seeing much less airtime, and Eddy’s annoucements that this is where some of the necessary budget cuts are being made at GH at this time.  Stay tuned.

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  1. kristi says:

    GH sucks, liz, then she is re-hired, Ephany now, jax tweeted us, johnnie who blew up the limo and rumo olivia and joslyn, maybe jake since he is ran down by a car, wth? Guza gotta go, storylines have to improve and not repeat themselves over and over and who is freakin left on the show, dirty lisa, uggggly terrel, and nik is thinking of leaving in the spring due to no air time when brook was the main star of y&r as coleen she is an awesome actress and her and nik could have a great story, they only get 5 mins a week, trust me i wait and the video is just under 5mins, wow they are so going off the air and this is due to having franco show up or adrean b or that weird guy playing balkin, stupidest storyline, i only watch for robin &patrick, my jasam, and nookie*(brook and nik) and I am praying for ethan and Kristina. oh, lucky & shiobon and my sonny and brenda, dante and lulu and maxi and mat, now steve and olivia would be awesome! sick to make baby jos die of stage 5 cancer and wow when drew garrett was up for an emmy and it made national tv how people were protesting, hell of an actor, but liz who has no story, same one since zander,whhhhoooo going back and she is still repeating same story! Gloria Monte is probably rolling over in her grave, R.I. P. God love her, way bf this Guza’s time. So worried bout production, can’t produce no material, oh yeah u guys blame it on people not watching soaps, lmao! Wow, my 13 year old comes up with shocking stories, a gh fan for 40 years and this is the most disappointed besides liz having jason’s baby as sam take s bullet for him and he turns into a monster,lying scum bag, thank God steve reclaimed his rep by being the honest loyal jason with his trusted partner in crime solving sam! “and that’s all she wrote” wow, felt good to vent!


  2. lisa says:

    i really like her on gh.i hope they dont drop her from the show. i love the way she always tells the nurses and doctos straight forward how it its like shes the mother hen of the hospital. if they get rid of someone get rid of LISA, save Piffany!!!


  3. what? says:

    Gh has really lost it’s mojo, even entertaining the idea of Ethan & Kristina is a total yuck fest, Nik & Brooke suck, Sonny with annoying Brenda is painful to watch, Carly & Jax need to be 2gether!!!!, Patrick & Robin are tolerable, Ethan & Maya play well off each other, Lucky & Siobhan are not bad, but her fake ancient makes me gag!, Jason & Sam are Hottt!!!, I even like the thought of Johnny & Lisa?, Luke & Tracy are fun to watch, Alexis & Mac really work, stop playing around and let these two hook up! Last but not least Michael & Gabby, kill me now please, Gabby is just plain annoying, her voice makes me cringe, I’m sure some people out there thinks she’s eye candy, if so, Sour Patch comes to mind, in my opinion.


  4. sorry says:

    Feel bad for Epiphany & Jax, I know people where fighting for Liz to stay (not me), is this the reason for two great actors to go on recurring status? Rebecca should be put on recurring status, they where going write her off?? GH once again you break my heart with your crazy decisions.


  5. Saher M says:

    Sonya is really nice as Epiphany. It’s always good to see her.


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