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24 May 19th, 2015 GH’s Teresa Castillo and Jeffrey Vincent Parise Perform “An Ode To Carlina” To Nick Jonas’ CHAINS!


CAR-LOOSSSS we will miss you! Those are the yelps from On-Air On-Soaps and many General Hospital fans who watched the very talented Jeffrey Vincent Parise bid farewell to mobster Carlos Rivera, when the character was shot (several times!) by Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) on episodes of GH Live!

Now to commemorate their time working together, Teresa Castillo who played the love of Carlos’ life, Sabrina Santiago, posted two videos as a send-off to her great scene partner!

First, Castillo and Parise perform the hit tune by Nick Jonas, “Chains”!  Teresa sings the lead and Parise raps and chimes in while handling the  percussion! Then, in a hysterical little video ditty, Teresa posted a rehearsal moment from GH Live where Anna shoots Carlos, only this time with different results!

After the jump watch Teresa and Jeffrey! Then let us know your thoughts on the videos, and of course, if you are going to miss Carlos on GH?

An ode to #Carlina #GH from TeresaLuvz on Vimeo.

Carlos lives! from TeresaLuvz on Vimeo.

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  1. Rose says:

    I really liked what Teresa did with Jeffrey. For those who didn’t see the Madman Sunday night Jeffrey was part of the finale. His character is a complete change from Carlos. I’m hoping with a little help from ABC’s Magic Kingdom, GH can once again borrow the fairy dust that brings him back to Port Charles, a better, but not completely wiser man.


    Rebecca1 replied

    I don’t know Rose…that’d have to be some pretty strong magic…he was dead as dead can be… I liked him…was waiting for him to shave that beard! Loved the hair, though….


    Rose replied

    Just ever hopeful. I know what you mean about the beard. I’m not a beard person myself. I’m finding it very distractive even with baseball (my favorite sport) players now sporting them like left over ZZ Topps or guys from Duck Dynasty. And then when you hear might be living/lurking in them…wouldn’t want their snuggles and kisses.

  2. tskyent says:

    Still can’t believe he is gone :( suck’s!


  3. Jeremy says:

    What a talent Jeffrey Vincent Parise is. He is a fine actor. I wish we could have seen him in final scenes with Maura West. I did like Carlos but the show didn’t evolve the character. It’s a shame that he wasn’t on-contract, but I sure enjoyed Jeffrey’s fine acting. One of the best on soaps right now. Good luck to him and his career. He’ll be missed.


    Rebecca1 replied

    Liked it! She sounded great and he was jammin’! They actually have good chemistry; it would have been interesting to see more of their story. Their history and his love for her should have been expanded…

    Cute video!


    nancy dillingham replied

    I agree; a fine talent totally wasted.


  4. sandie says:

    Loved it!! Gonna miss him!!


  5. sandie says:

    Maybe they can bring him back as another character and put him and Teresa together,,they missed the ball with this pairing!!


  6. j9girard says:

    He sure had charisma!! Hoping his career shines as bright as he is talented!


  7. Robin from East Tennessee says:

    So Cool! Love them together, what a voice Teresa Castillo has, so much talent from both of them! I am going to miss Carlos!


  8. su0000 says:

    I really am not liking to lose Jeffrey Vincent Parise /Carlos..
    He is so HOT !.. A great actor/ very talented..
    I’m sure we will soon be seeing him in prime time..

    luved to song, they both made me smile/ could feel the closeness..

    I had to laugh- when Anna shot Carlos he caught the bullet in his teeth and spit it out!
    AWESOME!! they had fun with his killing lol .


  9. Patrick says:


    OK I am seriously crying

    people of color : mix add stir meld drive ok with

    get me… : I love this

    Jeffrey Vincent Parise and Sabrina… take


  10. Rodd says:

    Love those two. Gonna miss Jeffrey on GH.


  11. Daryl says:

    Jeffrey played a new age guru in the finale of Mad Men …


  12. Timmm says:

    I never thought I’d say this but WHY, WHY? Why are you picking on Nick Jonas Saaaaaabrinaaa! Dont ruin Nick too! Nick take your “Chains” and use them, ankle to ankle with Carrrrrrlos and Betty! Dance with the fishes! Sabrina+Carlos=Titanic!


    Shay replied

    Oh, Timmmm…..On this subject, you are my absolute soulmate!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!!!


  13. Rebecca1 says:

    I just googled Jeffrey and didn’t realize how accomplished and good looking he is! Great pics of

    him clean shaven or with a five o’clock shadow…really handsome. He’s an artist, as well.

    I think they should take all the fired soapsters and just start a new soap!


    Timmm replied

    They should. Its a special talent with a loyal following. I realize the Soap Opera Network crashed and if its not making money OR no one wants to put money into the channel its gone and it is gone but I dont know why they didnt keep it, run ALL the soaps on it AND saving OLTL and AMC and charge a small monthly subscription fee to offset the costs?


    Rebecca1 replied

    I agree, Timmm. From the few prime time as well as actors in film who had their start in soaps that I’ve heard quoted…they all seem to say acting on a soap is quite the feat. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of script they need to memorize, the blocking and the pace they need to sustain.

    As for our defunct soaps, there seems like there were several avenues they could have explored. Subscription as you suggest, or why not reduce the shows to either a half hour…or even a full hour once a week like a prime time show…

    They crunch the numbers. Perhaps they did them and it still wouldn’t have been lucrative enough. Then there’s always the possibility they didn’t explore any options at all…

  14. nancy dillingham says:

    Another character with much potential (and great screen appeal!) wasted.


  15. luisa says:

    She sings very well, and he is very talented, GH did not use him enough,


  16. Sigrid says:

    I think that Jeffrey was wonderful as Carlos on GH, and I’m going to miss his scenes terribly. I was always kind of hoping that Carlos would turn out to be a Federal Agent and then get a position with the PCPD. Maybe that way his life would’ve lasted longer and he could be with Sabrina. I will miss you Jeffrey!!!


  17. Trish says:

    Jeffrey was wonderful. No one’s ever dead on GH, I hope we’ll see him again! Loved the “Chains” video!


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