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0 May 18th, 2010 GH’s Tony Geary named Number One Greatest Soap Actor of All-Time!

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Well, was there any question?  GH’s Anthony Geary (Luke) name was finally revealed this morning by We Love Soaps in their several month long reveal of the Top 50 Greatest Soap Actor of All-Time. Several industry panelists weighed in as the jury for the selections, and in the end it was Geary besting  runner-ups in the top five: David Canary, Larry Bryggman, Justin Deas, and Michael Zaslow for the top honor.   Several of Geary’s co-workers offered their reactions and praise of Geary’s selection!

Jill Farren Phelps EP of GH: “ I remember the first moment Tony walked on the General Hospital stage all those years ago. He was this magical presence from the start – captivating and fearless and funny and brilliant. With Tony’s entrance into General Hospital , a legend was born and a new standard was set.

I feel absolutely privileged to work with Tony today. He’s still a magical man – generous and humble and such an incredibly brave performer. I’m not ashamed to say that after all these years, Tony Geary continues to take my breath away.

Jonathan Jackson (Lucky, GH): “For me, Anthony Geary is not only the best daytime actor of all time, but one of the best actors of his generation period. Film, television or theatre; Tony Geary is on another planet from the average performer.

His raw, nuanced, fierce and unpredictable craft, along with his natural gift as a storyteller and writer enable Tony to explore the heights and depths of the human experience with passion and precision. He is a truly gifted and dedicated actor as well as an amazing person of grace and humility.”

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