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58 July 11th, 2014 GH’s Tyler Christopher Chats On Nikolas Love Life: Britt Vs. Liz, Nicolas Bechtel, and Bringing Back The Cassadines!

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Things will be heating up in the coming weeks as Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) amps up her game plan against Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) to win the affections again of Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher)!  And even as recent as the fourth of July, Britt found a way to get some reminiscing time with the Prince! But just who will end up the victor?

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with one of our favorite gents, Tyler Christopher on the red carpet at the recent 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards for a video interview where we had the chance to ask him a few select questions.

We asked Tyler: who he thinks Nikolas should end up with romantically, what does he think of his scenes with on-screen son, Nicolas Bechtel (Spencer), and if he would like more Cassadines to be resurrected and return to Port Charles and more! Here’s what Tyler had to say, then watch the video of our conversation following it!

So, who do you want Nikolas to end up with?  Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) … or someone else perhaps we don’t even know about?


TYLER:  Oh, you’re not going to get me to play favorites!  They have both worked on-screen and that’s what we hope for.  You basically have a 50/50 split with the fans.   Half of them want Elizabeth … and half of them want Britt.  So, we have done our job in that regard.

What has it been like working with Nicholas Bechtel as your on-screen son, Spencer Cassadine?  The two of you are hilarious together … you must have fun with him?

TYLER:  Oh, my God.  We totally have fun.  Our take with each other is: he does not treat me like a grumpy old dad, and I don’t treat him like a nine-year-old kid.  We talk to each other on the same level.  I don’t know if that means he’s really mature, or I’m like a child… I don’t know what that means.  (Laughs)

Do you want to have more Cassadines come back to GH?


TYLER:  I do!  I have always lobbied for more Cassadines to come back on the show.  Unfortunately, we did our diligence in killing them off quite hastily… and making sure they were dead, after they were already dead!  But if the team wants to bring them back, I am all for it.

Are you enjoying your time back at GH?  When you were on the soap previously, you were carrying a lot of story.  Is it different for you this time, because the way they do the show now, and tell story, where it’s more spread out among the characters on the canvas?

TYLER:  It is!  It’s a lot of work in a short amount of time, but it was always like that, but more so now then ever.  But you do get a welcome break every once in a while were they do focus on different areas of the show.  It all works out, and everyone is happy, and we are doing better than ever.

Watch our red carpet video interview from the Daytime Emmys with Tyler below! Then weigh-in!  Are you rooting for Nik and Liz … or, Nik and Britt?   Do you enjoy the Spencer/Nikolas scenes?  And, would you like to see more Cassadines return … or new ones come out of the woodwork to stir things up in Port Charles?

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  1. su0000 says:

    I would rather have the Cassadine’s back in full force than the Q’s..

    Too bad the previous writers decided to kill off the some of the awesome Cassadine’s..

    I hope FV can get as many of the Cassadine’s back as possible..

    (the Q’s never really excited me, so I’d push for the Cassadine’s)


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    You’d like the Qs just as much as the Cassidines had not past and present writers had detroyed them over the years by killing off several and putting the others in lame storylines like Pickle Relish, dumbdowning Tracy and using Monica as if she was a background prop…the Qs were fun and exciting to watch…somehow i feel you would have loved the plotline when Alan Q plotted to kill Monica and her lover Rick Webber…lol


    Charday replied

    I’m with you, JIm, all for more Qs. It was great seeing Monica back on the show this week.

    Harry replied

    SU00, it’s clear you are not a GH fan despite your protestations. I think you’ve been watching GH for about two minutes and know nothing about its history or what it’s really about. Your comments are inane and irrelevant and while I used to find your willful obtuseness and condescension amusing, I no longer do considering the GH that I know and love bears no semblance to its former self.


  2. aria says:

    how many cassadines do we need? i know nicholas and little spencer and now victor are the only ones carrying the last name, but alexis, molly and sam are also cassadines. and we all know nathan will be revealed to be victor son so lets not get greedy here Tyler, you have plenty of family around. i don’t mind Helena coming back, but keep starvos frozen pleaaase, he’s a total waste of villian time.


    Jimmy replied

    Actually, I really like Stavros. Well, I mean, I love to hate him because he’s a villain. I think Robert Kelker Kelley is a great actor and he is so amazingly creepy in the role, his return last year and scenes with Luke and Laura were fantastic!

    The thing is, Cassadines are typically though of to be villains, but there isn’t a single villain Cassadine on the show right now, aside from sporadic appearances by Victor. Alexis, Sam and Molly are really only Cassadines in name – they’re very distanced from the core of the family.

    Helena, Stavros and Stefan are the real villain Cassadines, and while I don’t think having them all on screen at one time would be a good idea, I’d definitely love for one of them to come back!


    Aria replied

    I agree with u then ! But I don’t think Stephan was a villian he was more of an anti hero, a list soul ! I would really like to see valantine cassadine though .

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I agree with you plus Alexis’s other daughter Kristina is also a Cassidine…cast is bloated anyway!!!


    KMB replied

    Too bad it’s become bloated with some pretty useless characters.

  3. pinevalleylover says:

    Oh god could you imagine Helena and Spencer sharing scenes together? A match made in hell. I love it! It’s about time Helena came back. But I understand Constance Towers is 81 and probably doesn’t want to be back on for an extended stay.. Maybe a recast?


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Someone mentioned Louise Sorrel might be nuHelene and it would be a hoot to see Helene in scenes with Spenser and i can see Helene grooming him to become an evil Cassidine but GH seriously needs to trim its oversized cast first!!!


  4. crimson151 says:

    Love Nikolas & Elizabeth & hope they finally get a real shot at romance. I would love to see the Cassadines come back and by that I mean established characters not new made up ones. I wouldn’t mind seeing Helena rise from the dead to make an appearance but I would love Stefan even more. I think the little guy who plays Spencer is adorable but I hate the way all the kids have been turned into brats and honestly would like to see less of them not more definitely. I hate that they have ruined Spencer & Cams friendship for a silly love triangle. I would rather see the kids friends now, save rivalries for when they reach their teenage years.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Spenser and Cam shouldve started out as friends and written like Kids and then in the next few years become bitter rivals for the affections of a now teen Emma with Josslyn thrown into the mix…lol


  5. Patrick says:

    I totally agree… with his response

    that it’s fan split… 50/50

    either or with Nicholas… Britt or Liz

    be that as it may: I really like Liz with Ric

    Nicholas has smoldered with Britt
    and Britt with

    why not have 2 couples in the know…. to work with easy

    I love these two pair

    GH production simply have to write mystery and mayhem for the two pair.. that sizzle

    Liz and Ric
    Britt and Nicholas

    have them form a friendship… and something down the road tears them apart… ensnares… rips up

    fan pull… want those magic couples

    I applaud the chemistry with Britt and Nicholas

    gosh darned it. if Britt and Nicholas can’t have Ben
    then they can share Spence

    it’s just complete to me


    Patrick replied

    i want to clarify :

    this is Liz’ own story… with the further development with Ric Lansing

    not for her to intrude on Nicholas… as the past… with his 1/2 brother Lucky… is just that… Nicholas stepped aside…

    and it’s where it belongs

    now… if something drastic where to happen to Britt… and I doubt that very much
    he belongs with Britt

    let Liz heart soar

    the chemistry with Ric… her equal… for cast sizzle… is where these two belong…

    I mean that about Liz and Ric


    Marie replied

    The only real split is within Liz’s fanbase that want someone other than Nik, and haters that hate Liz and root for Britt because of that agenda. She has no real fanbase of her own, it’s a game. Niz has waaay more fans. Just check out twitter or fan sites. It’s obvious.


  6. Bandele says:

    This triangular situation with Nik has been going on for Liz fans for nearly five years with 7 triangles can she get moved around the canvas in other stories? I’d like to see her interact with Silas and some of the other characters in other storylines besides cajones it was refreshing to see her with Ric and AJ but again cajones storyline

    NiZ fans have waited patiently for her and Nik to get together. How much longer, do we have to wait… Please resolve this so we can get off the ropes.


    Marie replied

    Exactly. If Niz don’t get a shot, and I have to see that cartoon Brit with Nik again? I’m tuning OUT of GH. Their ratings have already dipped the last few weeks since Liz disappeared again and Brit is making a fool of Nik. And Nina is eating the show…if it keeps up the show will continue declining.


  7. rebecca1 says:

    I’d love to see Stephan back. He and Nicolas were great together…and he had that old world charm…that villainous yet debonair thing. He could bring back some of the Cassadine mystique/glamour…but not sure how they’d make it as intriguing without Luke, Laura and that whole intertwined dynamic.

    I love Tyler…and I love Nicolas Cassadine. But he’s just a very rich guy living in a creepy mansion…the legendary terror of the C’s are gone…


  8. Patrick says:

    “…you do get a welcome break every once in a while were they do focus on different areas of the show. It all works out, and everyone is happy, and we are doing better than ever.”

    kudos! Cheers! I agree! GH for all it’s intent and purpose… has prevailed.. and echelon it’s worth

    Fans couldn’t be happier

    thank you Tyler Christopher… for your being a part


  9. Patrick says:


    he’s so handsome… even in those glasses… as he’s being interviewed by MF

    I will not traverse any further in to :


    husband material

    ’nuff said


  10. Cassaluvdine says:

    I believe Nikolas and Elizabeth where meant for each other along time ago. They make each other complete in every way.I so want to see their Love Story played .It would be beautiful. As for more Cassadines. Bring them.Stafan,Stavros and Helena. But then you need to find away to bring Robert Scorpio back. He and Luke where the awesomeness that brought the family to their knee’s. Now that was EPIC. Ron and Frank show me you can work this!!!!!


    Sarah replied

    I like Niz now but I don’t believe they were always meant for each other. His soulmate will always be Emily, IMO.


    Cassaluvdine replied

    I don’t agree about Emily.But it’s jmo. I believe she was his first true love Like Lucky was for Liz. But at some point we have to put them in their place and move on.I was never much an Emily ff. I liked Amber but not the older replacement.

  11. curacaoman says:

    You should have asked him about having his mother back. That is what GH needs more than anything


    Andy G. replied

    Agree 100%!!


  12. Susan says:

    To start I would love to see the Cassadines and would love to see the Cassadine come out in Nikolas… It does with Liz…

    Second, it is not that I don’t like KT… I didn’t really find her a strong actress but she has grown. I am not a Britt fan but I was at first… However, when they put her with Nikolas it destory what I liked about her. The I’m a B and I own it… Even with the return of Britch she is still whining to Mommy and blaming others…

    I do think the story with Britt manipulating Spencer could be very strong and real but only if it is written very raw. No white wash or glazing… but I highly doubt we will see that. To bad that is not onky a story needing to be written but written well and would have been strong for all involved.

    No I don’t think Nikolas belong with Britt. I think both are good actors but together they date each other. He makes her come off as a teenager and she makes him seem old… It is not their looks it is their characters.

    Liz and Nik I had very high hopes for them. They have amazing chemistry and potential for real conflict. They have history and potential for maybe one of the strongest built love stories in soaps. However, RC keeps pulling them into stupid triangles… That make no since anymore…

    I would love to see Nik and Liz really have a chance but if not move them both on. Give thembboth stories and pairings. Liz with Rick and Nik with someone knew he really only fit’s with Liz right now… He could work with Robin… They could test him with Olivia.

    I do think her manipulation of Spencer has a strong possibilty as a story but only if RC and FV are willing to really hit it hard… No white washing, no glazing overvthe hard stuff… I do notb trust they will so they should not have did that scene. I will say it would have been a strong story for Britt and Spencer and Nikolas.


    Shay replied

    Me thinks you give Britt too much credit for being able to charm Spencer into doing her bidding with Nic….yes, she is the adult this equation, but Little Mister Cassadine, despite his pint-sized stature, is already a master manipulator all by his lonesome. He doesn’t want “Niz” to happen either…as it would mean his major nemesis, Cameron, could possibly become his step-brother! Plus, he actually loves Britt and has a bond with her….can’t blame the kid for wanting her back in his father’s life!


  13. Susan says:

    I should add the story of the manipulation might not be a pretty one but showing a real out come of an adult using their love and influence over a child creating a conflict between them and their parents is a strong story… But not s love story and should be hanbled with kit gloves. Yet still should have a real bb and serious out come.

    It is sad such a serious subject is being used as a pp to put Nikolas and Britt back together. Or even whyvhe might belong with Liz. This is a subjectvyhat shoild be it’s own story with as many children being manipulated and the exploit ed in todays world… But it starts with manioulation… So even though the story would not be leading to an intentional harm by the adult in this story. It needs to show any manipulation of the love of a child is not only harmful but can be dangerous.


  14. Dinah says:

    want Laura back


  15. Dinah says:

    Anyone besides Liz works for me with Nikolas


  16. I love gh says:

    I agree about the rivalries – Michael & Morgan now have a giant fracture in their relationship along with real love. This can make for years of story because we will ultimately root for both; same with Lucky & Nicholas. Cam & Spencer are being made to be enemies, a story that will eventually grow old and predictable.


  17. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I too would love scenes with Helene and Spenser and less of that silly kiddie love triangle…let kids be kids…on Coronation Street characters killed off stay dead and children act like real children…im so spoiled by that soap i want ours written more that way but im dreamin…anyway there are enough Cassidines in Port Chuck…bring back Victor full time after Nathan is revealed to be his son…


  18. Karen says:

    Elizabeth and Nikolas have so much history together and way more chemistry then Nick and Britt have. They have danced around each other for years and with each other for years. I remember way back in 1999 when Nikolas took Elizabeth to the nurses ball. I wanted them as a couple then and I still want them as a couple. More Cassadines we need more of our long time family is restored. as for young Spencer I think the actor that plays him is wonderful but I don’t like the way the writing the character and I think having Britt manipulate a child is just wrong that’s what abusers do.


  19. Timmm says:

    Niz sucks! Nick and Britt part II. Recast Helena and brink back Starvos.


  20. wpbpatfl says:

    I’d like to see Helena and Stefan come back. I like Victor, particularly if he turns out to be Nathan’s father and Liesl’s lover.

    I want to see Nicholas with Britt. With their families, it could be played for humor and so interesting. Liz is pretty, and she is nice, but she is sort of boring.


  21. terri says:

    I am all for Nicholas and Liz!!!


  22. Kat says:

    I would very much like to see Stefan return! He’s the best choice, IMO, to give Nikolas a viable storyline outside of his relationship woes.


  23. Charday says:

    I’m rooting for Britt to get back with Nicholas.


    dmr replied

    I like Britt, too. The actress does a great job-you love to hate her; but, she also has a sensitive side and does try to do some good. Love her scenes with Dr. O. Happy to see The Britch back. Elizabeth is sort of like nails on a chalkboard for me. She’s never been my favorite character; though, I appreciate the years that the actress has given the show and that the character is from a core, legacy family.


  24. Nikki says:

    I adore this interview. Tyler seems like he’s really enjoying his time at GH and I love how he supports the ensemble part of the show, with how stories rotate.

    I love him talking about Nicolas, as well. That kid is adorable and so talented for his age. Whenever Nik and Spencer are on screen, I know I’ll be laughing. You wouldn’t think a child, not even 10-years-old could command a screen so well, but with influences like Tyler, it shouldn’t be surprising.

    I personally would love Nikolas and Britt to get back together. I have never liked Elizabeth at all. I love Becky Herbst and think she is supremely talented, but I have never been able to root for her character. I love Britt and the journey her character has taken. Kelly Thiebaud really has been a find.


  25. Marie says:

    Liz and Nik!!!! Britt is a cartoon newbie with no real fanbase. And the actress is terrible with no chemistry with TC, and I don’t believe for a second it’s a fifty/fifty split with fans! He’s just being nice.


  26. KMB says:

    How I wish more then anything that Stefan would come back played by the great Stephen Nichols ONLY. What an incredible character he was, and Stephen’s interpretation of Stefan kept me glued to the screen. He wasn’t an out right villain like Helena and Stavros, but a layered, complicated, and torn man. He was so sexy and dynamic. The relationship he had with Nikolas was so loving and loyal, though Stefan didn’t always do things by the book which sometimes caused complications. Still, Stefan would have died for Nikolas. More then anything I would love to see Stefan/Stephen come back. One thing is for sure, if they do ever bring him back, don’t make the mistake of writing him like the previous regime did towards the end. Stefan was not some campy bad guy villain. Just watch the YouTube videos of the Cassadines from 96 to the late nineties. I loved that time…they just don’t write like that anymore. Those are the Cassadines I miss.


  27. Mary SF says:

    The show seems pretty pack filled already with nasty villains — and anti heros— even if Helena came back who is she going to torment— Luke again? Maybe Lulu? Unfortunately sometimes characters just run their course and no matter how much we loved them bringing them back will not necessary recapture past glory. If they can come up with a different angle, then I wouldn’t mind seeing the Cassadines return, but if it will more of the same, I’m not sure if I’m up for another round of super villains in Port Charles when there are plenty of bad guys cluttering up the screen already.


  28. michelle says:

    Great interview. TC is a class act and seems a bit mischievous(in a good way). So glad he’s returned to GH.

    Count me in for another Cassadine appearing. My choice would be the amazing S.Nichols. Stefan is sorely missed and Nik could use his “dad” figure. Though I wouldn’t mind his mom returning as well. Could be interesting to see Laura & Stefan reunite again.

    I am 100% on board for Prince Nik and Elizabeth love story. So much story potential. BH and TC have smoldering chemistry. NIZ are organic, flirty, passionate and fun. A foundation of decade + friendship and complicated history. I want to see them fully explored. They light up the screen. Hopefully RC/NV will do them justice.

    It’s refreshing to have the original actors playing the roles of Liz and Nik all these years later with so many new characters most fans have no investment in. Overall i agree with TC that the show is more ensemble than even 4 years ago and that’s a good thing, but I miss the development of characters. I miss the friendships, family scenes and romance and angst with couples.

    Thanks MF.


    dmr replied

    I AGREE! I miss the friendships and core family characters. I loved the Brenda, Lois, and Ned friendship. I miss Luke’s Blue’s Club. Mac’s Outback, etc. etc.


  29. Tammy says:

    I like Liz with both Nik and Rick. I don’t like Britt with Nik though. I did like Britt with Patrick. I do like Liz and Britt in scenes together. I wish they could be friends.


  30. Lia says:

    I’ve been asking for more Cassadines since I don’t know when. It’s time to bring some back, and do another huge story. How do you phase them out with good reason?

    Love Nicolas and Tyler as Spencer/Nikolas. They have the sweetest, funniest father/son relationship I’ve see on soaps in a long time. GH casting did a great job in finding the perfect child to play the lil prince.

    I’m a huge Britta fan, so I want her back with her man asap. I truly adored their scenes during the Independence Day celebration. ;)


  31. dmr says:

    I miss the Quartermaines. I miss the Cassadines. I wish that the writers would honor and respect the history of General Hospital more. Instead, precious air-time is wasted on Levi, the ridiculous “love” triangle of Michael, Kiki, and Morgan-which has no heat or spark. Talk about boring and a waste of the viewer’s time. Kristen Alderson can hardly carry a believable scene, never mind a front burner story or love triangle. I cringed when she found out Rafe was brain dead. Please just do away with the character, as well as, the on-slaught of recurring characters. With so many characters and storylines, I forget where each story left off, only to be picked up again a week plus or more.


  32. lizzy says:

    Why does GH thinks it’s cute to involve little children in a love triangle that deals with lies, deception and obsession? It’s annoying and a waste of air time. I guess by next year those kids will become victims of SORAS.


    Harry replied

    Lizzy, they might as well invite Barney, the purple dinosaur in for yet another idiotic stunt casting device. No wonder dumb dumbs like SU00 like GH now.
    Really–lets bring back long time viewers who have stopped watching all together. There are a lot of us and ratings will start to reflect that.


  33. Kalee says:

    Nikolas and Britt is the more interesting pairing. I really enjoy them together and the dynamic Britt brings to Nik. I’m sorry but Liz is a bore and she in turn makes Nikolas a bore. I love that Britt is complicated and damaged and not a goody two shoes. Nik and Liz are just friend zone, that’s the only vibe that really comes through with them now.


  34. Allen Saint James says:

    Ive always thought Joan Collins would make a killer Helena! She’d bring sexy back


    Shay replied

    So true, Allen Saint James! I love Joan Collins….she is an absolute legend and femme fatale supreme. But I think she may have soured on daytime after her last brush with the soaps stateside didn’t work so well. She is more in her prime when in primetime! Would love to see her do a stint on “Downton Abbey!”


  35. Gin says:

    As a relatively new viewer, I have to say that Elizabeth is the woman for Nikolas.

    I’ve been watching old clips of their affair and they blew me away. So much history there and built in angst, the story should write itself.
    I have to say that Tyler does such a great job with his facial expressions without being OTT. Great actor and he has a new fan in me.


  36. Harry says:

    Bring back the Cassadines? Who started this idiotic demand? It smacks of propaganda. Listen, the Cassadines have always existed in the shadows, coming in and out when the story line dictated it. Yes, I would love Stefan to come back to but the collective query singing from the rafters should be, BRING BACK THE QUARTERMAINES!
    Good Lord, they were the mainstay characters of GH forever–the upper class sector which comingled with the working class sector as seen with the Kellys. or the white collar class as seen with the Baldwins and the Hardys. The Cassadines exist on the fringes of Port Charles society and were originally brought in to provide conflict for Luke and Laura.
    I think the people who started this irrelevant and really silly demand that the Cassadines be brought back are merely deflecting from the main issue at hand–bring back the Quartmermaines and cut out the rift raft–that means all the little tots, Sabrina, Ava, Nina, the person taking care of Nina, Franco, Silas, the Donna Mills character, Shawn and so many more people. Do that and people like me will come back. I think the first answer is to fire Ron and Frank as they have ruined this show.


  37. madluv4u says:

    I just want better writing.


    Dee replied

    I want better writing too. I was a huge Nikolas and Britt fan, but the writing they have been getting has made me lose interest. I have always found Elizabeth and Nikolas boring together, so although the writing for them is not great either don’t really care. It would be nice when this triangle finally ends.

    Don’t care about more Cassadines coming on the show. I think the show has enough villains already.


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