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58 March 24th, 2013 GH’s Tyler Christopher On The Liz/Nik Affair: “I Wish Jonathan Were Back So We Could Repair The Damage In The Past!”

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There may not have been a dry eye in the house when on Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Nikolas Cassadine returned and gave a big hug to his mother Laura (Genie Francis) !  And, that ushered in the return of Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) for the 50th anniversary episodes of the ABC soap!  Now just how the story will pick-up from here, we just have to wait till Monday’s episode.   However, this week in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Tyler gives a very frank interview and discusses how Nikolas’ past affair with his brother Lucky’s (Jonathan Jackson) love of his life, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), all but destroyed his character for good!

Tyler revealed: “I tried so hard as an actor to unvilify Nikolas by playing that he has this incredible undying attraction, and love for Elizabeth rather than it just being, ‘I’m lonely, you’re hot. I’m not bad looking, let’s hook up.”   Which was kind of how it started.  And I didn’t want to do that to the character.  The only way I could justify it was if it was love and that’s what I tried to play. But I wish Jonathan (Jackson) were back so we could repair the damage in the past.”

So soapers, did you feel Nikolas was all but ruined with the affair with Elizabeth, and that he would have never in a million years done that to his brother?  Would you like to see GH’s current head writer, Ron Carlivati address the Nik/Liz relationship, and try to lure Jonathan Jackson back at some point to repair the “damage” as Tyler refers to it ?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Dinah says:

    would love to see JJ back with Tyler, always hated Nikolas was with Elizebeth. They always best of friends only.


    Tarlyfan replied

    I used to be a NEM fan and I loved loved Nik. But since the NIZ hookup, I just hated Nik. I can’t believe he stole Lucky’s love of his life. It was so out of character for Nik. I just stop watching GH from then on… until lately that I tuned back in for another reason. All in all, it was a bad move to hook Nik with Liz.


    Meg Shumaker replied

    You are crazy Elizabeth and Nik had one of the hottest love scenes on a daytime soap ever. Why would you not want two characters with that kind of passion together? Let Liz get her Prince for once!! Lucky is gone and she couldn’t have Jason. It’s about time she had her man! Save your morals for real life, this is HOLLYWOOD bring on the action!


    Mary replied

    I whole heartedly agree .Bring it on for Nikolas Cassadine and Elizabeth .They do have the hottest loves scenes .I want them together .
    They belong together. Stop playing dumb idiots by having her with AJ.AJ and Carly should be put together. Make a great team.
    Lucky is gone. Jason is gone ,though I do wish they would bring him back.The original one.
    I agree on save your morals for real life,this is Hollywood.

  2. su0000 says:

    When the impatient fans were nasty mouthing poor RC about not having a story for Liz, he said to wait for it, that here was a story for Liz and a love in the future..
    Apparently Nikolas’s return will be it ?

    (( patients is golden as silence lol :)

    soap writing and developing stories and making them happen, takes time..


    ces replied

    hey, I”m all for a Nicholas/Liz/AJ storyline! :)


    caroldee replied

    I agree the combo of all three and Nick trying to tell Liz not to have anything to do with AJ will be great to watch.. ANYTHING is possible on GH.. we have seen that in the past…

  3. tasneem says:

    Aw I wish Johnthan (Lucky) can come back. Even its for he’s kids. Yeah I agree with Tyler Lucky and Nik could fix a their issues its no good just leaving it just hanging . I really hope they can fit him and he’s schedule allows it. He deserves it and the show deserve it.


  4. aria says:

    i agree with tyler, hopefully jonathan will come back down the line.


  5. Cath says:

    I’m with Tyler Christopher on this. The Nikolas/Elizabeth affair severely damaged both Nikolas & Elizabeth’s characters. It took 2 full years to address the issue with Liz & make her rootable to the general audience again but TC/Nikolas hasn’t had the luxury of having the same amount of screentime to go through the same process. Having Jonathan Jackson’s Lucky back on canvas would be great although Jonathan now has Nashville that limits his availability. Having Nikolas back on canvas & him being there with his family while they search for Lulu is a good start though. RC could try to address the Niz affair in some capacity, but only if it’s to repair the friendship between Liz, Nikolas & Lucky. And besides, the developing relationship between Liz & AJ definitely has some legs to it.


    Gillian replied

    Amen! Tyler is right and he played the storyline.e as best he could. Fans are forgiving though. I am more than willing to forget that awful storyline. Nik is back and I am thrilled.


    Anna replied

    Agreed. I am just starting to root for Liz’s love life again after that horrible Niz debacle, but it is sad that Nikolas hasn’t had that onscreen time. I would really love to see Jonathan Jackson and Tyler Christopher together again (especially because of their history on the show), but I know that probs won’t happen :(
    I am pretty excited about TC’s return though. I actually shouted his name when he came onscreen.


  6. jim says:

    Why would it just ruin Nikolas…what about Elizabeth? It takes two to have an affair! It would be great to see R.C. address the Liz/Nik relationship( just to give Reb. H more to do) but it would be more exciting story with Lucky there. It just wouldnt be as interesting if Lucky werent there. But as long as it gives Liz more story im okay without Lucky. Meanwhile i would like to see Liz and Nik in scenes together and have A.J. react to it.


  7. Renee says:

    I don’t think the way Nicholas was written in the beginning that he would have ever betrayed his brother, however the direction that they took Nicholas after Emily died he became dark and cynical. He was almost self destructive at times. So yes, at that point in his life anything was possible for him to do. Did it ruin Nicholas, No! He has such a good heart and is so family oriented and loving. He is very easily forgiven and can redeem himself. I think on some level it felt to all of us watching that Nicholas was in love with Elizabeth and she definitely appeared to be in love with him. The marriage to Lucky and the relationship seemed to be over and she was moving on.


  8. shan says:

    Love him we can all pretend it was a dream . a very bad dream


  9. Mary Fergen says:

    Another one of Bob Guza’s bad stories that needs repairing! Yes, I wish JJ would be available to help correct that awful storyline, forgive, and move on together as a family. The Spencer family needs to be strong again!


  10. gwendolyn says:

    I would like to see it addressed, and to give AJ at least a little run for his money. I loved the relationship…I know I’m in the minority though.


    ces replied

    I agree – I think it would be great to give AJ a run for him money but I’d like to see that relationship develop a bit because I think AJ & Elizabeth have mad chemisty and AJ needs this.


  11. Leyla Mir says:

    Did TC forget that Nikolas got Brook Lynn as a potential love interest while Becky was on ML then she got fired first?


  12. Lin says:

    I really could not stand NIcholas after that- and was disgusted with Liz as well. Woudl fast forward scenes with either for the longest time. I would like to see JJ or any “Lucky” back to repair this. should be back for the 50th, anyway. Wish Gh would not have killed Alan and Emily. I really miss them both. stupid selfish writers and PTB of teh past


  13. Sal Piscioneri says:

    I agree. They damaged Nikolas and Liz and ruined the wonderful friendship they all had thru the years for sex. Lucky, Liz, Nik (Emily) were family, a close loving one to boot. These kids had the audience pull for all the time…. The previous writer; EP; ABC head man ruined many charactors on GH thru the years………….the Luke and Felicia afair was the start of horrible family sex scenes that ripped apart and destroyed many on the GH canvas. Nik and Liz was their ( pre-regimes) last catastrophe of cast……


  14. Phil says:

    As long as they don’t come between Elizabeth and AJ. Loving them right now! I am glad to see more Elizabeth though too!


    su0000 replied

    So far, there is no Liz and AJ.. they have not even had a passionate ..


    rebecca replied

    there’s no need for a kiss for them to be a developing couple. it’s an obvious attraction and bond that’s developing between them; I”m definitely into AJ and Elizabeth. Hope their storyline progresses.

  15. Caffeinated Joe says:

    Yes, I’d like them to repair that, but that is just one of the many wrongs in need of repair and I am afraid there is no way to address the list of wrongs. Nikolas and Liz sleeping together, killing off Georgie and Emily, destroying the character of Rick Webber, having Bobbie fade off into nothing. I could go on. And on.


  16. Rose says:

    I am with gwendolyn! I would like to see it addressed and if Lucky could come back to work things out with his brother that would be good. But I never thought Nicholas was ruined. He is after all part Cassadine!!!


  17. Memphis Belle says:

    It wasn’t Nikolas’ fault. Liz was just looking for someone – trampy Liz. :-) I love Nikolas and so glad he’s back. As far as I can remember, he’s not related to Maxie…would like him to hook up with Maxie. I hope he’s not one of the ones leaving after the 50th.


  18. 10261991des says:

    I agree…That writer changed alot of G.H…Not only Nikolas..There’s Brenda and Laura..I dont know how they will repair this,He was the nice Cassadine!


  19. Tammy Kreiss says:

    Yes, they ruined the character, & the brotherly bond. Nick would never have done that to Lucky! Either way, JJ left because his music is priority. I would love to see if he could work something out though. I know for a fact, team Cartini are flexible & want the best for all to be happy.


  20. Shirley Miller says:

    I sure would love to see Jonathan come back and it would be terrific if they could get the situation with Nikolas, Elizabeth and Jonathan worked out. I don’t know how long Tyler will be staying on GH but I hope it will be for a long time. I think Jonathan is going to make an appearance at the 50th Anniversary but I don’t think he will be staying around long as he has a great position on Nashville and I think he is doing a fabulous job!!!!! Proud of you, Mr. J. J. ….. keep up the great work!!!!!!!


  21. heidi says:

    YES… those scenes with Nik/Liz/Lucky were so painful. I would love to repair the damage between the two brothers and with Liz. I am hoping that the secret person coming on might be Lucky! Maybe we will get a chance to see the brothers re-unite and move forward.


  22. Joan Faist says:

    Love seeing Tyler Christopher back on GH. Love him.


  23. MissyLady says:

    I remember when Lucky had no problem after Liz called off their wedding back in 2002, sneaking off to sleep with her sister Sarah behind her back. Elizabeth walked in on the couple what looked like the bed that they shared at one time above Kelly’s diner.

    Guza destroyed what was once the Four Musketeer’s by killing Emily, trashing Liz and Nicholas, and writing a multiple cheater like Lucky (Sarah, Maxie and Sam) as a saint the last two years with JJ in the role.


  24. Donna says:

    Lucky had slept with half the town including her sister and his teenage dealer in Liz’s bed. Niz started as a joke as Lucky was sniffing around Rebecca. For some reason it’s a bigger deal when the woman does it to the man than all of the times Lucky did it to Liz. I don’t play that.

    Lucky can stay away. His self righteous hypocritical rant about the virgin he found in the snow the repulsed me. Seems his whoring isn’t important as boys will be boys, but Liz was drug through the mud for years. Lucky is just another Deadbeat dad now and I hope his weepy ass never shows his face again.


  25. MusicCityGHFAN says:

    I loved Liz and NIK together and I HATED how they tried to act like LUCKY had never hurt Liz. He pushed her away and told her to be with NIKOLAS for years. He slept with her sister after swearing he wouldn’t, and Liz even caught them. He took Maxie in Liz and his bed more, and Liz saw him. He got revenge for Jake by sleeping with SAM, who had kidnapped his son. HOW in the world did JJ get to waltz back onto the screen and act like none of that ever happened. Making Liz and Nik out to be the bad guys was the biggest joke of the last 10 years on GH in my opinion. I don’t care whether or not NIK or LIZ ever make anytthing right with Lucky. LUCKY needs to admit all the ways he hurt LIZ too.


  26. 1loveabcsoap says:

    Me too, Christopher. Me too.

    I just blogged about it earlier on this site and your announcement return. I was so hoping that you, Lucky, Lulu, and Ethan would gather together with Luck and Laura for one FULL FAMILY acquaintance.

    And with the original Lulu ( Julie Marie).

    It will happen, maybe not for the 50th but it will happen one day, hopefully!


  27. sean says:

    That story garnered JJ another Emmy and perhaps one of the top moments in soaps so it was worth it.


  28. Lew S says:

    Does anyone know if this is short or long term?


  29. MK says:

    I think Liz did the most damage to the Liz and Lucky romance. I was wishing for a Nik and Liz hookup the day that Liz started in 1997.(They also flirted with this in 2001). It would Liz who would go out an steal Nik from Sarah, but once Liz knew that Lucky wanted Sarah she manipulated the situation. Nik should have been paying attention to Em’s twin, Rebecca.


  30. markcol says:

    I thought that story started out good with needy Lucky (GV) bullying Liz back into a relationship that she was trying to say no to becaue it was hurting her kids. Liz played the martyr and agreed only to have Lucky start dating Rebecca a short time later. Liz and Nik went on a fake date to mess with Lucky and Rebecca and ended up having real feelings for each other. The plan worked thougn as Lucky went running back to Liz like an a spoiled kid remembering an old toy that was forgotten about until his brother started playing with it and then it became his favorite toy again and nobody else should have it. Liz and Nik tried to deny thier feelings for each other but it wasn’t working. It was a great start to a story for a soap and quite frankly if any character looked bad it was Lucky. Though that was nothing knew. They hadn’t written that character right since JJ left. Then the story took a nasty turn with the return of JJ. Liz and Nik were portrayed as selfish, slleazy hornballs and Lucky was the sweet, angelic angel being wronged! Ridiculous considering the build up. To this day I beleive that JJ was brought back to help Fronz push out Rebecca and Tyler. It’s a typical Fronz M.O. to destroy characters before firing the actors so they don’t take their fans with them when they go. He knew almost nobody would side with GV’s Lucky over Liz and Nik and he never expected that pairing to be as popular as it was so he brought back JJ to try and sway the audience the other way. Happily it didn’t work pout to well for him but he did leave a lot of damge to all three characters behind and it would be nice to see it cleand up a bit!


  31. Yvonne says:

    I thought Liz & Nik could have been a really good soapy love story but at some point that writing seemed to be more about destroying Liz and Nik and shining up Lucky’s somewhat tarnished halo, not to mention giving JJ a really nice Emmy reel. I don’t think it had anything to do with TC being fired though. I think that decision was made for other reasons but I really wonder that TC didn’t mention the damage done to Liz and Becky Herbst because IMO Liz was damaged much more than Nik. Nik’s life went on pretty much as usual after a few strong words from Lucky, Luke and Lulu; he was even allowed to move on with a new love interest while Liz on the other hand had a nervous breakdown, ended up pregnant, lost both her love interests, was suspended from her job, was publicly humiliated more than once, was tortured by Helena and of course the paternity of the baby was switched by Helena to add further misery and then Becky was fired. I can’t remember her ever blaming what happened to her on the story though.

    I am happy that Tyler is back though; I love Nikolas. I hope that Liz and Nik can get their friendship back before Nik leaves again.


    MissyLady replied

    I agree with your entire post. Liz was being trashed so that it would be easier to fire Becky down the road, and I am so glad that fans refused to allow it to go down that way.


  32. Iakovos says:

    Would be nice to bring the brothers together. Every mother wants her children happy and close by. Laura surely would like that. Maybe when Lulu returns there can be somesort of reunion for all the Spencers, even if it’s written short term to accommodate Jackson’s NASHVILLE demands.


  33. janet says:

    Another Guzafied damage to loved characters. Guza loved to ruin the GH history. he destroyed them. The characters were written as we never knew them. JJ came back with the promise he would be with Liz.So much for that. he left when he knew it wouldn’t happen.
    I liked Siobhan, but I was disgusted with Liz and Nic. But Guza loved to have her in the bed of half the show and have children with everyone.
    Guza ruined the show. F&R are trying. Great to see Nickolas back and JJ on a prime time show.Good luck to all of the actors and remember they are actors playing a part.


    jule replied

    you do realize that in the 15 almost 16yrs that Liz has been on the show she has slept w/5 men. all of them but 1 she had been friends with for yrs. so i don’t get that Liz has been in bed w/half the show. there are characters on this show that have been on a shorter amount of time and some that are supposed to be at least 7-10yrs younger than her that have slept w/the same amount or more than Liz ever did. and of the 5 guys she has slept w/now w/nik back he is the only one on the show.

    as for the children she is only one of three that has multiple children w/multiple fathers. carly has three kids w/3 different dads as does alexis, but i never see this ever come up w/the other two women. and as i said all but one of Liz’s relationships were w/guys she had known and been friends with for a while, can the other 2 say that?

    i hope the repair the Liz/nik relationship, i liked them as friends.


  34. CTwildheart says:

    For me, if done right, I could’ve gotten behind a Nikolas & Liz pairing. And I think I still could. The right story with these actors and it could work.


  35. gina says:

    Love Nikolas!!! SOOO glad he is back! It was a crime when they let him go even though he hasn’t had a decent storyline in years. Hoping for a Nik/Liz reunion…he will give AJ a run for his money!


  36. Dawn D says:

    Absolutely! I didn’t even want Liz with Lucky. Liz needed to be a stronger female in the show after all she has survived. But alas the writers at the time were awful or Frons dictated what he wanted. Hate to say it but I will I was a huge Liz/Jason with Cam and Jake supporter and they ruined everything by killing a little boy!! The show has improved alot with FC and Ron.


  37. liz says:

    I love that he is back and I hope they fix it with him and lucky I loved them all as a close family. Maybe he will know about Robin too and save her and Lulu,Please let him tell Patrink that Robin in alive and he will grt them both back.


  38. gloria says:

    Oh who cares about the past, really? When Nicholas walked thru that door looking better than ever, all I could think was he LOOKS BETTER THAN EVER! I could not even rem. him & Elizabeth! I am just so happy to see all these people from the past, I can’t be mad at them for what they did back in the day. When the episode (I think it was last Thur.) ended with Luke, Laura, Bobbie & Scotty together in one room, I was transformed, tearfully & wonderfully back to the late 70′s when I was a teenager, loving those characters & the show & here I am today, nearly 53 yrs. old, still loving those characters & the show! As a soap watcher since I was WAY TOO YOUNG to be watching soaps, I cannot & will not complain about a damn thing after all we’ve been thru losing the shows we’ve lost, fixing to see GH’s 50th anniversary, and getting at least 2 of our lost show back. Is it all perfect? No. I still wish I was seeing OLTL at 1 p.m. central on my big flat screen. But guess what, I will adapt to whatever it takes to get that show back where it belongs, which is in MY LIFE. Long live our soaps & thank you Michael so much, for the best soap site ever!


  39. May says:

    I love Nik & Liz and no I don’t think it ruin him at all… Those two have major major chemistry I was never a Lucky & Liz fan they seem more of brother sister to me…. Liz & Nik is sparks flying putting my tv on fire. AJ & Liz I hate no chemistry at all… Liz & Nik deserve an opportunity together and I hope Aiden ends up being Nik’s son….


  40. melissa deneau says:

    i hope he is with her because emily is gone


  41. Indyra says:

    Honestly, I like the Liz and Nicholas pairing much better than Liz and AJ. As for Nik making amends with Lucky ? It would be nice to have Jonathan Jackson back! I wish Emily played by either actress’s would come back!


  42. amy says:

    I wont Emily back . i think Emily and nikolas are soul mates


  43. Suzie says:

    Love Liz and Nick they r awesome together


  44. Ree says:

    I have watched GH for years and the way i saw it is that nick has always been interested in Liz. She never gave him a chance because she was into lucky. Nik and Liz affair was not that bad, if you understood what the actors was trying to portray. Besides, was she was single when the romance between them started. the writers tried to ruin the characters by making liz accept lucky’s proposal. It’s ok to move on. Lucky and Liz are not soul mate as adults. She loved him because he has always been there for her after the rape. With Nik, Liz had passion. he sets her free from the rape, from her fragile image. with him she was a woman. Now, i am very understanding about lucky’s feelings but to make it seem like she has to be tied to him forever is really stupid. people are in love with the past and thats fine, but don’t deny a future for two characters who certainly has a powerful connection that scares them both. if written well, Nick and Liz romance can be epic. and as far as emily and nicks relationship, again its in the past. the passion between them though was nice, though, it does not compare to Nik and Liz. they were willing to risk it all, if that doesn’t make things clear then i don’t know what to say. they both knew they had a lot to loose. to minimize their love makes no sense.



  45. DomSmythe says:

    TOTALLY DISAGREE that characters were ruined with this storyline. as far as soaps go, an affair is chump change! and i firmly believe it’s in everyone’s realm of possibility to cheat. nikolas has a dark side; tyler christopher succeeded in portraying that nikolas actually fell in love with elizabeth. love plus a deep, burning passion was enough (for me anyway) to explain the affair. as for elizabeth, she has loved lucky so long that it was hard for her to own up to losing those feelings. many of us have been there. i continued to have sympathy for both characters, despite their failing. (and come on, with the sonnys and carly, these 2 are still angels!)

    liz and nik, despite the black cloud of their affair, had it all: love, lust, friendship, history, trust and chemistry. they made each other better people. nikolas was happier and sunnier with her in his life. and elizabeth became a woman, really, thru nik. with lucky she’s always 15. it was a story for the ages, but TPTB backed off the story.

    i hope now, in 2013, they get it right. frank valentini seems to really like this couple. i like the AJ triangle, but am rooting for “Niz” all the way!


  46. ilka stevenson says:

    liz is tramp . lucky don’t need to come back find someone new who can love him back. liz and nikolas need to be togethef their nothing but dogs. and lied. lucky had every right called liz a whore. maxie and lulu should beat liz ass. ethan and lucky should beat nikolas ass too.,


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