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44 February 7th, 2014 GH’s William deVry Chats On Julian’s Reaction To Lucas Being Gay & The Corinthos vs. Jerome Mob War!

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On today’s episode of General Hospital, Julian Jerome learns his biological son Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) is gay.  And clearly he does not process the news to well, especially with his comments towards Lucas after his son spills the beans to his gangster father!

On-Air On-Soaps sat down for a chat with the talented William deVry (Julian) to get his thoughts on Julian’s reaction to his son’s declaration, and if he thinks Julian will eventually come around to accept the son he never knew and more!

In addition, William weighs-in on the mob war that continues to escalate between the Jerome clan and the Corinthos clan, and working with his General Hospital scene partners; Maura West (Ava) and Maurice Benard (Sonny)!  We think you will find William’s comments on all things about badass Julian, insightful, soulful, and candid!

What do you think of Julian’s response to Lucas being gay?


WILLIAM:  It would be too easy for Julian to react well to the situation.  I think Julian is programmed to go through a journey and learning curve with everything.  So, I think he will have a bit of an issue.  I think he is just not familiar with this situation so his instinct is to go, “Whew, that’s disgusting and unnatural!”  But then I think eventually, hopefully, he will come around and that his love for his son trumps any prejudice he may have towards the idea of the whole thing.  Then I think it would be nice if Julian comes around and understands a bit more and is not so ignorant of the subject, and that will help his relationship with Lucas.  That is my hope.  But of course, I don’t know what Ron Carlivati (head writer, GH) has planned.

Do you like the idea of Julian not being accepting of his son’s sexuality?  Do you feel that many people in the audience will relate to Julian’s conflict?

WILLIAM:  I think some people will have empathy for Julian, when they see he doesn’t approve of his gay son, and in his mind, does not approve of his lifestyle.  I think a lot of people will relate to that in the United States.  I think there is a lot of that going around … especially with what happened at the Grammys the other week.

Speaking of the Grammys, what did you think of the performance by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis of their song, “Same Love” combined with the live marriage ceremony of over 30 couples illustrating that if you are gay, straight, young or old … love is love?  I thought it was amazing.


WILLIAM:  It was amazing.  Keith Urban had tears in his eyes after the wedding ceremony and the performance.  It was a powerful moment for a lot of people, and then you had the other half of the United States that were absolutely appalled by the whole thing, and that is the way that they were raised.  I saw this Twitter comment from a girl who called up her mom and said, “Hey. did you watch the Grammys?”  And her mother’s response was, “Yeah, I was until that ‘faggot’ started singing.”  So this is what is taught, and it’s just ignorance, and a knee jerk reaction, and sort of inherited.  I don’t think people are born with these prejudices, I think they are learned and passed on.  But I think with anything, and I don’t know if you or I will be around, but two or three generations from now it’s going to be a completely different feeling and there will be more acceptance.  Then we will have to worry about something else.  There will then something else on our agenda that we will need to make equal.  As Julian is going through his journey, I can only hope a few people in the United States are going to go through the journey with him, and maybe see something they haven’t seen before, and it will help enlighten them and educate then a little bit.  Some people are just going to turn off the TV or fast forward it.  So let’s hope that it will change a couple people’s ideas of what gay is and what gay is about, and what it means legally and socially.  You may not be OK with it socially, but we have to start accepting it legally.  It’s really what it boils down to.

And for Julian, here is this mobster who has learned in pretty short order that he has two children he never knew existed … Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Lucas!  Does he truly want to be a father to them?


WILLIAM:  It’s not really part of Julian’s DNA right now, or something that he has even asked himself, or questioned himself about.  It’s been about himself for all this time and revenge and me, me, me.  All of a sudden, there are these warm feelings coming over Julian.  I don’t think he knows how to process them right now, obviously.  I think if he did, he would react better to the first time he finds out that Lucas is gay.  I think this is really new for him and this bond that you have, and this blood connection you have to another human being that you created.  It’s really something completely new.  And for me, it will be an interesting journey, because in real life I don’t have any kids.  It will be an interesting emotion to mine and see what comes up.  I am looking forward to going on the journey with Julian.

What have you thought about being the guy getting to incite this new rivalry with the now legacy GH mob character of Sonny Corinthos?  How are the scenes to play with Maurice Benard (Sonny) as his on-screen adversary?


WILLIAM:  It’s been a lot of fun.  When I am reading the script, I want to honor what’s there already, but I also want to find an interesting way to honor what’s written in the script.  Obviously, I am playing with a lot of the best actors in daytime.  There are great actors in daytime, no question.  But all I can speak for is the show that I work on now.  I am really lucky and fortunate to be working with some fabulous actors, and some Emmy winning actors, and people who have been nominated for Emmys, and some people that will get nominated for Emmys, and some people that will win Emmys!  With Maura West (Ava) and Maurice Benard and this rivalry, I don’t think Maurice has had anybody who hasn’t been expendable; sort of speak, to go against on-screen.  All of a sudden, there is this rival of Sonny’s who is not so quickly expendable.  I think it’s going to be really cool for the audience to go through this.  They know Sonny can’t necessarily get rid of Julian that easy.

How are the mob shoot out scenes to play?   Do you like the idea of getting to play cops and robbers, if you will, with guns blazing and bloodshed, et al?


WILLIAM:  We move so quickly here, obviously.  Any moment that you can experience in daytime is gold, because of the pace.  We barely finished one scene when we are learning the next scene.  We barely finish one day and we have to go home and learn 30 pages of dialog for the next day.   You never really experience, for me any way and I can’t speak for Maurice or Maura, but I don’t really experience that method depth of feeling or emotion.  I try to be in the moment.  So I enjoy it when I am in it.  I don’t feel like I am playing cops and robbers.  I have some techniques that I make sure that I am actually in that moment.  I crack up one minute, and then they go “action”.  I am not one of those guys who needs to be crying before I shoot the crying scene, as a matter of fact, I would rather be laughing before shooting a crying scene.  I feel laughter brings out emotion anyway.  I don’t think you can cry without laughing, and I don’t think you can laugh without crying.  I enjoy it.  I definitely try to experience what Julian is experiencing, and try to have those objectives that Julian is trying to achieve. 

The dynamic between Ava and Julian is so fascinating to watch!  There is this inherent brother/sister rivalry thing going on!  (Laughs)

WILLIAM:   For me, I think that the first time I saw her it was a, “what if …” for me. What if she really was my sister and we have different mothers, but we have the same father?  I try to approach every scene with that in mind.  I try to have fun with her in the scene, because otherwise it’s going to get too heavy.  And again, I have to always honor what is written in the script, and the objective, and the obstacles.

Julian can be very glib, snarky, and come off as calm and collected, but then when he is ready to strike, or feels crossed or threatened by Ava. or anyone else,  he can be a real SOB.  What is intriguing about your performance is that you are not playing it like a stereotypical “gangster”.  How do you merge all of that into your portrayal of Julian, in particular in scenes with Maura West?

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WILLIAM:  Well, you do have a relationship with that person.  That’s the thing.  You have a way of playing off of each other, but then there is a time you are serious, such as, “In this particular line or scene you are not my sister right now!  You could potentially be my enemy.  You could potentially be my obstacle to my objective, so don’t mess with me”.  But once you are passed that it’s like having an argument with your wife, or your significant other, you have got to kind of forget about it.  I am not one of these guys in real life to hold on to stuff, and so I have kind of made Julian that way.  He has a certain little relationship with everybody.  He is going to approach problems a different way depending on who he is talking to.  So, I am just having a ball with this role.

Duke (Ian Buchanan) and Julian have a major score to settle with each other!  It will be interesting to see where that leads both characters.

WILLIAM:  I am interest to see what happens there, too.  Julian is going to get back at Duke somehow.  I think this is the cool thing about Julian in that he has won a few battles with Sonny.  Now whether or not he is going to win the war, I don’t know, but I doubt it, but the battles are interesting!

So, GH fans, what did you think of Julian’s reaction to Lucas revealing he was gay on today’s episode?  William’s comments about the key scenes?  What have been your thoughts on William’s performances as mobster Julian Jerome?  Do you love the scenes between Julian and Ava …  and Julian and Sonny?  Do you think Julian can ever completely win the mob war against the Corinthos clan? Weigh-in and comment below!


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  1. su0000 says:

    I am big fan of the Jerome’s!
    they bring a lot to GH..
    Watching their stories and their development is exciting..

    I also am a mob fan it is very unique and GH only,,

    I am also a Franco fan, and there so very much yet to come, something we do expect, but it is coming ;)
    I would Franco with Ava ..


  2. Catherine says:

    No one but Sonny will ever be allowed to win a mob war on GH. I wish they would stop with the mob wars unless they are going to let Sonny lose everything and have to start all over. It is the same recycled scripts over and over, they just crossed out Alcazar, Zaccara, Sorel, and all the other names from the past 20 years. It is ridiculous at this point, not to mention boring.
    The reveal of Sam’s father should have been about Sam, Alexis, and Julian – NOT Sonny.
    Love, love love Julian and the potential for a relationship between he and Alexis – hottest pairing on the show right now, with very limited screen time together.
    They need to make Julian and Carlos undercover WSB and have this silly mob war be part of the cover – that would be original.


  3. Mark says:

    Love him so much!!


    Ces replied

    me too!!


  4. Lexie says:

    Love William DeVry, Love the chemistry with him and Alexis! Hope they keep that going. Want him to be in total control over Ava. Just can’t go with her being in control over Julian. LOVE the dynamics with Sonny. And thought his reaction to Lucas was right on. I want him to have a relationship with Sam, but I’m ready for Lucas to go and take Brad with him.


  5. katieK says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens when Ric comes back to town. Id like to see him interact with the Jeromes.


  6. Caroline says:

    I love Julian! I love that his first instinct after the talk with Lucas was to call Alexis. I love Julexis! Finally a non-forced pairing.
    Wish GH would get away from the mob war since it is about as suspenseful as the alphabet song. We all know Sonny will win.


  7. Patty says:

    I think William is awesome, love the Julian/Alexis thing….scenes between Julian and Ava are intense sometimes. Sorry to say but I think Julian’s first reaction to the news of his son ( a total stranger ) were spot on. Love that we have a few different sides to Julian Jerome…William is really bringing it !!!


  8. Janice says:

    Just wanted to mention that being gay isn’t a lifestyle, because lifestyle connotes choice and and being gay isn’t a choice.
    Does anyone ever refer to being straight as a lifestyle. I don’t think so.
    Just wanted to note this.


    Matthew replied

    Glad you did and your absolutely right!


  9. Eileen Hargis says:

    I just know I love him in every scene but most especially in the scenes with Nancy Lee Grahn. They simply sizzle. I love Maura West too.


    Ces replied

    ditto!!! He’s sooo sexy :)


  10. Patrick says:

    William DeVry:

    the person, the actor, his character… is unique in that he’s an enigma… naturally…

    a mysterious tantalizing prospect that any one with interest doesn’t compartmentalize

    he’s a perfect cast… for this genre. a mainstay in Serial… that captures our imagination

    A fine specimen you can wander with

    he has many dimensions unfolding… layers to treat

    I like that he readily admits ignorance (whether his son is gay… and in regards to fatherhood, with Lucas and Sam)… and he’ll state … up to this point… it’s been all about me, me, me… yet a warm feeling is coming over him

    he said it perfectly…. “… He has a certain little relationship with everybody”

    it’s his call… and thats going to be his downfall and/or challenge

    riveting stuff for the actor to play

    it’s interesting to watch… his relationship with Ava… which is my favorite “couple” his sister… they’ve yet to be affectionate… and it works…. no tender scenes to bog them down… because they have to remain allied and “moving” forward with their agenda… both of them are intrinsically playing well off of each other

    is it a double edged sword , if Lucas and Sam do not come in to play… with this mob stuff, as… it lessens the impact… his dalliances, relationships… for progression… with his new found family… that’s a lot to monitor. it can’t be about … you either are or aren’t mob tied to the jeromes or corinthos… (misgivings about.. again) it’s a fine line… I hope RC and FV bear…. they certainly don’t have to worry about the talent…

    man… I miss Kelly Sullivan…. again… for the few days she had left on GH, with WD’ Julian… it was scintillating… and no worries … he met his match. another fine line… with Alexis legalese… uphold… she needs to jump right in and vamp… support… and without question… meet him eye to eye… time for her to let her guard down… and love

    personally… I hope, that… his revenge… doesn’t get the best of him…. and I want that Anna and Duke… find their way out of his mob ties… Duke was fun to watch when he was at ELQ with AJ and Tracy… I want this romance to remain… Duke and Anna LIVE


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I want Lucas to join the mob…on Sonny’s side! Just wonder what Julian’s reaction would be to that, especially after Sonnys own son Morgan was part of the Jerome mob? Maybe Morgan realizes he is bisexual and attracted to both Ava and Lucas? Karma needs to pay a visit to Julian Jerome!!!


    lll replied

    That’s what I’m hoping…that Lucas will join team Corinthos.

    Lin replied

    I agree about Duke and Anna totally. I do not want Lucas in the mob in any way, shape, or form. I hope he finds someone. I’m not crazy about Brad, with anyone. But don’t want Felix hurt. On the other hand, I’d like to see Lucas as a more classy person. Brad is not classy. I don’t mean because he’s gay. He’s a borderline low life. He’s getting better, but is still a work in progress, and I don’t think he naturally picks the high road. What does Lucas do for a living? I want him to be a decent person because of who his parents are.


    Judith replied

    I love Felix, and was beginning to like Brad a bit better, until he sleezed around with Lucas. Lucas is a piece of work.

    Lin replied

    I don’t feel like I know much about Lucas except he seems to sleep with anyone. Whether you’re heterosexual or homosexual, that is not smart.

  11. rebecca1 says:

    I didn’t know of William deVry before GH and fell in love with his character from the start. I think he’s unique, great-looking, tough yet personable…love the snarky comments…I enjoy every scene he’s in. I also like the fact that he’s portrayed as capable of great violence, yet even before he knew Danny was his grandson he offered to help. Same with his apparent feelings for Sam, Lucas and Alexis.

    Very charismatic actor and a big animal lover…that’s extra points in my book! Hope he and Ava are with GH for the duration…


    Lin replied

    I wish I had not seen him on AMC as a rapist. Every time I see him, his role as raping Bianca , even if I’m not thinking about it, I feel those feelings. I wish I could get that out of my system. It’s like knowing that a person did something long ago and you can’t get it out of your mind.


    rebecca1 replied

    I never watched AMC…had no idea that he was a rapist on that show. I guess it’s a testament to his acting that you can’t erase his other character from your mind!

  12. su0000 says:

    GH has a great cast..
    All are different from the other,,
    they are truly unique and very talented!!!
    There is total variety of personalities !!
    When they are mixed together we have excitement!!


  13. JLH says:

    DeVry is fantastic as Julian, and as much as I’ve grown sick of the mob in Port Chuck, I appreciate that we’re not force-fed it 5 days a week–it lets me sit back and actually enjoy the storyline. LOVE LOVE LOVE Carnes’ Lucas, too, and look forward to Julian’s interactions with him. GH is finally must-see TV for me again.


  14. I love gh says:

    Love what he’s doing!


  15. Suzanne says:

    Being a huge Will Devry fan,I was a little turned off but not surprised NY Julians” attitude. I feel better about the reaction after reading this interview, but that’s probably caus of that big crush and all. ..;)


  16. Mary SF says:

    I think his reaction was realistic– not every parent of a gay son or daughter is accepting or understanding– it is heartbreaking for both of them, but it happens. I had a dear friend whose family completely disowned her because she was gay, so to have a show reflect that side of things will be telling a story many can relate to.

    It would be nice to see Julian go through a honest process to acceptance– perhaps many viewers who are like Julian will learn with him, or maybe he will never accept it and that too is a honest reflection of society.

    I believe Julian should fall somewhere in between, he will accept it,be more understanding, but there might always be a part of him that will feel if he had been there for his son growing up he might have been able to do something to “prevent” it from happening, because they will always be those who will believe it is a choice, despite the evidence to prove it is not.

    But whichever direction the writers go, I just hope it is an honest depiction and not a hokey one— by hokey I mean when a person goes from being homophobic to a champion of gay rights in like a week–or after a ” light bulb moment”. It rarely happens that quickly, if at all.


    lll replied

    That’s what I’m hoping. Let this be a realistic journcy. I fear that GH will pick a side instead of letting the reactions come naturally, but we’ll see.


  17. Gerry says:

    I enjoyed William DeVry and Ryan Carnes’s scenes immensely. Clearly, there’s a huge gap between the two regarding Lucas’s sexual orientation but I appreciated that it was an opening salvo on both men’s parts and not an outright rejection of each other. That Julian was in tears after Lucas walked away and Lucas having a chip on his shoulder because he felt the need to honor and defend Tony Jones’s memory on the 8th anniversary of his death were great touches to the dynamics between the characters. The viewer saw each man’s point of view and it was evident that it would take more than one conversation to resolve Julian and Lucas’s differences. This is one of the actually watchable stories on GENERAL HOSPITAL that don’t deal with insanity and camp, see, e.g., Victor Cassadine and Robin’s apparent ability to bring people back from suspended animation and Heather Webber’s old and tiring antics. The Jerome family dynamics along withJulian and Alexis’s attraction deserve more airtime especially when the scripts are actually decent and you have actors who can deliver the goods.


  18. Robert says:

    Thank you for your well said and straight to the point on the “Lifestyle” comment. I was planning on commenting the same thing even thou I am sure Mr. Devry may have meant it from the point of view of those who believe there is a gay lifestyle. I love that the Jeromes are there but I will flip out if Alexis gives in to Julian b that relationship would be toxic for her and after everything she has been thru she should no better.


  19. Jared says:

    I’m enjoying Mr. DeVry and Ms. West and the Jeromes. Finally, an anti-Corinthos clan with some teeth! Can someone finally take out Sonny once and for all? Please?

    Also, I’m sure he didn’t mean anything about the “lifestyle” choice of words. Perhaps he was speaking for those who think it is, since that was the context of the answer to the question.


  20. Charday says:

    I like deVry’s character on GH—I just hope he can destroy Sonny permanently!


    su0000 replied

    They can not and will not kill each other..
    Sonny cant kill Julian because of family and Sam and Danny..
    Julian can not kill Sonny because his/Julian’s of children and Alexis..
    They will simply threaten each other and do dirty deeds..

    Sonny and Julian are now both invincible .. heh


    chevjuls replied

    Why do you want Julian to destroy Sonny they are both good characters and both mobsters they are good working together.


  21. Ces says:

    I like most of the current stories on GH right now except Heather Webber running amok. It was fun the first time she got out but it has definitely run its course and I can’t wait until she leaves the show. It’s a shame because I like Robin Mattson and the character Heather but it’s just been TOO much!!!

    Love Julian Jerome. I hope he gets involved with Alexis.
    At first I didn’t like Ava but now I actually do and think Morgan is a fun character too; much better than his whiny brother Michael.
    I don’t like Olivia & Sonny. Too forced and too boring and the actress herself actually annoys me; Connie was much more fun to watch!


  22. chevjuls says:

    I love William deVry ever since he came on All my children as Michael Cambias and Bold and the Beautiful as Storm Logan and now Julian Jerome, he good in the other two soaps but as Julian he is the best love and can’t for the other week to see him do his thing.


  23. jene McGill says:

    I’m loving williams scenes with everyone he’s an amazing actor an a great mobster I really hope he’s around a long time! Him an ava are hilarious especially when he’s talking about her and Morgan he’s cracks me up with that and of course the scenes with sonny are just great right on the money and I’m loving him with Alexis I want them together a lot of fire there lol and lets not forget he’s so easy on the eyes lol I do believe his kids will come around as for his feelings with Lucas being gay I think that’s just a mobster Is going to feel in the beginning I do believe he wants a relationship with both kids bottom line he’s amazing and he better have a long time contract! ;)


    Johnny replied

    The mobster should throw the slutty gay never before heard of kid under the bus. Now Alexis will have her choice of murderous thugs…Ric…Julian…Sonny..Im sure Jerry will pop up in a couple weeks. What a pleasant show!


  24. Fanny says:

    From the moment William DeVry set foot in PC as Julian, He’s been nothing less than superb. Multi layered,complex,witty,soft on Alexis and Sam,Hard with Sonny and Ava,Sublimely played by Maura West.
    Thank U, Frank V 4 hiring such great talent ,and Ron 4 writing such enjoyable monologue .


  25. Heidi says:

    I love the Jerome storyline because the acting is so good.


  26. Johnny says:

    I loved Julian’s reaction. His son is a male slut who prances around town sleeping with. Whoever he wants. What father, mob lord or not, would be glad to hear that? “Hey dad..last night I sodomized the creepiest lab tech in town!” Good on ya son! Keep up the good work!


  27. Scott says:

    I think Julian’s reaction to Lucas was . . . normal. Many G/L/B/T lose their biological families, for a time if not forever, when they come out. Coming out is a process not only to the person coming out, but to those around them as well. So, the character of Julian has to come to terms with his son being gay. It’s part of life, and is more realistic than Julian being just fine with it. Hopefully, the writers will show the progression of Julian coming to terms with how his son was born.


  28. Sharonda says:

    It’s time for Sonny to take a vacation. Him and his family (Alexis, Morgan, Sam, Carly, Morgan, Michael – Kiki by extension). Sonny isn’t dangerous. He only steals shipments. He’s not the Kingpin! I’m tired of MB, he hasn’t shined since Brenda died in the plane crash. He needs to get back to being Sonny who had the strip club, threw Brenda down when he found out about the wire, and show more passion in his scenes like when him and Brenda was in the shower and when they were washing the strawberries or like with his obsession with Karen. Sonny needs to be the aggressor again and pursuer.


  29. Judith says:

    I like Sonny. I am not happy to see Rick back and wish someone would smack the smarmy look off his face. The whole hotel adventure was sickening. Just because a teenager uses condoms does not make them responsible. Good grief. Alexis looks absolutely stupid with Julian, and I really hate that.


  30. Kaffe says:

    I love William DeVry……I hope he and Sam have a good relationship,and he and Silas can be fiends too….


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