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31 January 17th, 2018 Gilles Marini To Days of our Lives!

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Days of our Lives has revealed another casting move, and this time it has cast none other than Gilles Marini to the long-running NBC daytime drama series.

According to, Gilles will play an attorney named Ted who finds himself drawn to the character of Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow).

Marini had already started taping episodes back in December, and his first appearance will air in early June.

As to just how long Ted will be on the canvas that is unclear, but the report indicates he will be hanging around for at least a few months.

The actor, who has also appeared on the sudser The Bold and the Beautiful, is also known by primetime TV audiences for his roles on Brothers & Sisters, Sex and the City, Switched at BirthDevious Maids, and Dancing with the Stars.

So, what do you think of Gilles Marini coming to DAYS? Comment below.

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  1. Jack says:

    I call bluff. Nicholas Alamain!


  2. Adam says:

    I think it’s great, but put him with anyone but Kate.. EWWWWW. I think Jenn needs a hot lovah.


    Jovin replied

    Kate is pretty much the Salem Welcome Wagon. Pretty much every new male over the age of 30 gets a crack at Kate! But with each passing year, they get younger and younger. I love how they have three former prostitutes in Chloe, Eve, and Kate, each from a different generation of Ho-Dom, each one thinking they are classier than the next! Lmao!! Chloe is on good behaviour these days, but these senior ho’s better settle their respective kettles!!


    Shay replied

    “Salem Welcome Wagon?” “Ho-Dom?” “Settle their respective kettles?” Oh, you are on fire, Jovin….My compliments! Now come to Port Charles and size up Alexis in your own inimitable fashion!

  3. SZima says:

    Loved him on DWTS…can’t wait to have him on DOOL…hopefullly for more than 2-3 episodes!


  4. Celia says:

    Not impressed. I like his Greek/Italian looks…other than that…hmmmm, I do not much care.
    Perhaps, he will be able to change my mind….I do like the idea of a triangle…loooove Kate. I’d like to see them in action.
    Now, who needs an attorney? Kate? Will someone be murdered?


    Mo replied

    He’s French.


    Celia replied

    Sorry, Mo….he is French by birth, or moved to France as a child. He is not of French descent.
    Marini is as an Italian name as you can get….and his mother is Greek.

    Mo replied

    My bad. :-)


    Celia replied

    That’s OK, Mo….his accent is very “telling”, very French…..I bet everyone thought the same thing. His surname gave him away for me….so I looked him up when he was on DWTS.

  5. GramS says:

    I loves him in Switched at Birth!!


  6. Patrick says:

    I am – IN LOVE – with Josh Taylor and Leann Hunley . WOW Roman is thee man of the hour. literally and seriously… he’s so much FUN… he injects humor, tenderness, and care.. and just simple common sense .. and his share of excitement is still ALL their. he comes to bat…

    Laughed out LOUD on new years day… when he gets a good laugh with Eric… as dad sows his wild oats… as Anna walks out looking for her erring. just playful romantic good ole tough nut Roman… at his job.

    any way : my point…

    this new Guy… WITH Kate ? what about Andre ? what about Anna ? what about

    Roman. WOWSAH this is a lot of serious drama that could unfold.

    I want Kate… LOVE KATE to pieces … with Andre… with this Lawyer… is trouble for kate brewing … she certainly is having a “trying” time with all the menfolk. ie: Chad and Stefan to boot. Lucas…

    Kate and Roman
    Andre and Anna

    this is due’zy

    stuff on the horizon… I’m loving these people


    Boes replied

    Right on, Patrick, with all your comments! I’m loving this rejuvenated Roman, too.


    Mo replied

    Yes, glad to see Roman get story besides choking at the Pub or just serving drinks.

    And glad to see Anna back. I thought she and Roman were going to have a romance, but then she brought Tony out. Three’s a crowd girl, even if one is in an urn. I guess it’s a setup for Andre being killed. I hope Andre isn’t actually dead. If so, maybe Tony can return.

    Kit replied

    Josh Taylor always displayed those qualities when he played Chris Kositchek–the role he should still be playing.


    Celia replied

    That’s what my grandmother said, Kit. Chris Kositchek was, apparently, the bomb.

    Patrick replied

    YES ! @Kit… this is too funny… because I’ve been enjoying him so much… that I’m thinking of him as Chris…

    so yes.. @Celia… WOAH… Josh Taylor as Chris… bombs away he took you

    be that as it may – Josh as Roman. I’ll take it and welcome his nuanced acting talent with charmed flirtatious getting it aint ya

    I’ve wanted to post about his character for a while now. recall? how some posts were sharing… how much they missed Caroline ? Peggy McKay – I LOVE YOU WOMAN. endearingly so… Ms. Matriarch Brady.

    and now some posts have remarked.. they are seeing a lot more of Roman

    it’s been an absolute transition of Josh Taylor as the Brady Patriarch. his changing jobs… from 35 years at @SPD.. to tending bar . has he not lit up.

    it makes it special seeing Roman take to .. his leading the family… and layering his character. it’s a wonderment… to see an actor MOVE us that much

    he always seemed to be in the back and or prop to Marlena and even John.

    NOW here he is.

    i’m going their… SENSATION’al

    Satan replied

    Chris Kositchek was a bartender who became an amateur detective. Roman Brady was a detective who has now become a bartender. So basically, he’s returned to his roots.

    Celia replied

    Hi, Kit,
    My grandmother said Roman was never a bartender….always a cop….not amaturish as Satan said.
    Chris was the bartender. Days switched Roman….and ridvitselfbof Chris.
    But, you’re right….better as a bartender….should switch Roman to Chris, the original role Josh was hired to play.

    Celia replied

    …..And, Josh is not the original Roman, either….that “copper” position was delegated to Wayne Northrop.


    K/kay replied

    Who was great never the same when WN left I love DH but making him Roman only about five inches taller etc but I always adored DH as John Black and oh how I missed WN have not watched the show in a decade just lost interest and never came back but I will always hope they stray on the air

    Celia replied

    DH is back to being John Black, Kay…..Josh Taylor took up the character of Roman. I guess it was sort of hard for many to get used to that…..a lot has changed. But, Days is great…you should think about coming back, Kay!!!!!! Try it !! LOL.

  7. blake says:

    Yummy, glad he will be on Days, and just in time for summer shirt less scenes. I’ve loved him since Sex And The City movie to recently on 2 Broke Girls for a season. I’d like to see him with Kate, she is great with younger men. She was a cougar before it came in style.


    Stevie g replied

    He’s been around for a while now, I don’t think he’s that much younger than Kate. To old to play Nicholas Alamaine, I would think


  8. Rebecca1 says:

    Love Gilles! From Sex and The City to Brothers and Sisters to Dancing With the Stars! He is completely stunning and can actually act…great dancer, too! I was so looking forward to his role on B&B but it turned out to be a 5 minute walk-on. It seems though this might be an actual role, in only for a short but at least substantial time.

    Great news!


  9. Boes says:

    Now that’s a newbie I’m looking forward to!


  10. Anna says:

    Not Kate… for christ sake… Kate has slept with every male on the show (age appropriate)… then again so has Gabby. I say… bring back Sammie and have her with him.


    Celia replied

    Haven’t they all, Anna? LOL…. all characters on all soaps play musical beds—-I guess some more than others.


  11. Dr Helen Ruth says:

    I love this guy, it’s a good move for DOOL.

    He should have won Dancing With The Stars. I still remember his Argentine Tango. WOW!


  12. Tivette says:

    Love Marini and hope this hunk stays a while! Just wish they picked someone like Chloe who is a closer match and with the club, couldn’t she use a handsome attorney!?


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