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8 September 15th, 2011 Good Morning America Segment on AMC Farewell with Cameron Mathison!

Courtesy: Steven Bergman

This morning on Good Morning America, the series special Entertainment Correspondent, All My Children’s, Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery) brought to the show a terrific piece on the legacy of All My Children as it prepares to say goodbye to its 41-year-run on ABC next week. In the segment, Cameron is seen saying goodbye to Susan Lucci, touring the set, we see his first screen test, and multiple clips of Pine Valley throughout the decades. At the end of his segment, Cameron made an announcement that some of the stars of AMC are very close to signing on the dotted line with Prospect Park with a a few more details to be worked out.

Mathison stated,  “I have been given permission to announce that I and others from All My Children have been approached by the company, Prospect Park, who bought AMC with the intention to move it online. Just as soaps were very pivotal in the transition from radio to television, they will be right in the thick of things again in the transition from television to the Internet.” Mathison added that while there are a few more details to be hammered out before any contracts are finalized, “it’s looking very good.”

As we are just seven shows away from the series finale, it all seems to be catching up on us, doesn’t it? Hard to believe, that this much lauded and historic show will soon be off network TV. Watch the GMA segment with Cam, after the jump!

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  1. Nancy Wizner says:

    Extremely sad to see my favorite soap come to an end on TV. Disliking ABC/Disney immensely now. Do not plan on watching The Chew. Not a fan at all! ABC ends on my TV on 9/23/11. Also looking forward to picking up All My Children onlline. A NEW BEGINNING is about to come. I was there for it in 1970 and I’ll be there for it in 2012!!!


    Brenda Warner replied

    Look at all of the time you wasted.


    Deb replied

    You obviously are not a soap fan. Maybe you spend your time on things we think are wasteful to us. Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it. If everyone were the same this planet would be a very boring place. Just a thought.

  2. Torrey says:

    Quite frankly, I could care less if Cameron Mathison stays with AMC. I was kinda hoping that he would disappear from the canvas….but no such luck. PP is gonna have to sit down and do some serious thinking about who should be on that casting list. There have been some major flawed decisions, when it comes to the AMC, in my personal opinion. Starting with THE WORST RECAST IN DAYTIME, Jamie Luner as Liza Colby….not to mention the young lady who plays her daughter. I want some smart decisions made, when it comes to the cast. Go back and look over the history of the show….that’s a great starting point. Bring back some characters that can carry the show in the right direction. Being that we can’t get David Canary back full time, why not try to cast the role of Ross? Someone needs to head up the Chandler Clan. Work from the past and pull that history into the present. AMC has a rich history and it’s time to utilize that.


  3. David says:

    The show went downhill in the last few years. The past few weeks reminded me how good it WAS and hopefully it Will BE.


  4. Blake says:

    Yeah i’ll be done with abc in january when oltl is over. Hope amc and oltl make it to the web and to a cable tv network (that most people get!) and most of the cast follows.


  5. Brian Greene says:

    Cameron–We Love You In NW Illinois. You’re A First-Class Good Guy–Yessss! :)


  6. temma says:

    i am very sad about all my children be close to its last days on t.v. it said because of low ratings not watching, it because we can dvr and watch it later or on soapnet. I hope it will continue on internet i will for sure watch it


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