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14 September 9th, 2011 “Goodbye Trevor St. John” Video with OLTL’s DePaiva, Alderson, Missal & Trischitta!


One Life to Live recently said goodbye to one of its most prolific stars in the 43-year-old history of the series in Trevor St. John. For over eight years, St. John played Todd Manning, until it was revealed a few weeks ago that St. John was really Victor Lord Jr. … Todd’s twin in a complex and unique storyline twist.

While many soap fans are mourning the loss of Trevor from their daytime screens, (Victor Jr. was shot and killed) some of the key members of the Manning family, Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Kelly Missal (Dani), Kristen Alderson (Starr) and Andrew Trischitta (Jack) participated in this special video goodbye message for Trevor!

Clearly from this video, the message was loud and clear that his co-stars all learned so much from him and admired his performances. Watch it after the jump!

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  1. Brian T says:

    That was awesome!


  2. MEG says:

    dam can’t see it


  3. Sherry says:

    That was sweet.


  4. heidi says:

    Thanks Michael! That was great! He’s my fave and the best looking most talented actor on that show! I so hope that someone snags him up because he is so much fun to watch. Doesn’t USA network have a lot of shows in primetime in NYC? Trevor we love you! Wish you could come back as a ghost till the end. Michael would love to see a video interview with him or a podcast?


  5. heidi says:

    Oh… forgot to say that is an awesome picture of him! He’s so cute!


  6. Brian Greene says:

    I love it–very generous & classy! :-)


  7. richard says:

    We can’t see this video in Toronto–can you clip another one?


  8. Patty Coyle says:

    Trevor is so talented. I am going to miss him. He is my guy than never won an emmy and should have. I hope he is acting soon so I can follow his talent. Thank you Trevor for giving your best to us!


  9. Margie says:

    That was sweet. Kassie is a class act.


  10. lisa says:

    is there anyway we fans in Canada can see this ??


  11. Blake says:

    That is nice, it does suck that they killed him off after he was Todd for 8 years when they needed him. Hopefully he can return to the Prospect Park version (will be different writer and maybe producer)


  12. Margie says:

    Where was Florencia, washing her hair?


    david replied

    She was crying her eyes out because many of her best scenes have been with Trevor (she probably wasn’t at the studio that day).


  13. Debbie Barnett says:

    Well I would like to see Trever and Roger square off as the Lord twins…boy that show would really skyrocket…I love both actors, but Trever was my favorite Todd…I’m sorry to say…if you really want to have a head start on OLTL….you might ought to reconsider getting our Todd back…I will take him as Victor….Trever come on now…we need a great finish with the twins.


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