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5 September 23rd, 2011 Grab Your Hankies: Watch the behind-the-scenes ending of AMC on segment of “The View”!


Well this did us in! And we know many of you will feel this way as well.  At the very end of today’s The View Salutes All My Children special episode, with many of the guests from the series in front of the studio camera crowd, co-host Sheri Shepherd introduced the final clip package of the day.  It was a behind-the-scenes look at the final moments of the last day of taping on the set of AMC.

In it, executive producer, Julie Hanan Carruthers addresses the cast, Agnes Nixon the famous AMC lines, and the actors, mostly in tears look on.  But then, when they cut back to the AMC group on stage at The View, we don’t think there was anything more poignant then watching the brilliant creator, Agnes Nixon openly weeping right beside an emotional Susan Lucci!   Grab the hankies.

Watch the video clip after the jump!

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  1. April Gates says:

    Whoa…that was emotional. Thank you for sharing the link. I just still can’t believe it’s over….


  2. De says:

    That was very sad especially poor Agnes Nixon losing both of her soaps. I am truly upset with ABC daytime how could they cancel both AMC and OLTL on the same day there are some very cruel and heartless people behind the scenes there and i will never watch ABC daytime again.


  3. ethel says:

    the entire show was so emotional but when miss agnes nixon cried at the end i just couldn’t stop sobbing – i know we (the fans) are devastated that amc is now off the air but i can’t even begin to imagine how miss agnes nixon feels being the creator of amc…………….


  4. Brian Greene says:

    Watching the show made me cry buckets, too!


  5. Jacque corry says:

    I misAll My Children.s


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