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17 April 20th, 2012 Grayson McCouch lands role on Nick at Nite Soap, Hollywood Heights!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

As the World Turns favorite Grayson McCouch (Ex-Dusty)  has been cast in the role of  Dr. Don Masters in the upcoming Nick At Night series, Hollywood Heights!

The series is being executive produced by former GH leader, Jill Farren Phelps, and stars One Life to Live’s Brittany Underwood (Ex-Langston) with a guest-star turn by James Franco.

According to Soap Opera Digest, who spoke to McCouch on his “Heights” role, the actor revealed,  “I get to be a surgeon and he’s a player so I’m right in my element!” (Laughs) This project is special; it’s the first of its kind!”.  My first tape day was around the 24th of March and it was spectacular. It’s taped in the old All My Children studio!”

Hollywood Heights is set for a June premiere.  Will you check it out?  Let us know!

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  1. Charella says:

    That’s so cool! Jason is such a hottie! I really Miss my fav soapies of atwt


  2. Charella says:

    Sorry meant Greyson instead of Justin


  3. soapfan says:

    I love Grayson, but I’m saddened to see him do a project like this- He’s 43, not 23; Hope he’s doing this just for the money. I won’t be watching this kiddie soap!


  4. graysonfan says:

    I’ve always supported Grayson over the years, but this latest project was a BAD idea. I thought he knew he was more talented that just being a ‘soap’ actor- his fans tried to find projects for him that were age appropriate, I’m guessing he just wants to forever be treated like a piece of meat, and not be taken seriously as an actor! I won’t be watching this kiddie soap either, and if he continues to make BAD choices like this, I may lose interest in being a fan too!!


  5. S says:

    I was one of those former fans whom did try and find work for him, and it was insulting to see him ending up doing a project like this, but what can I say, it was his choice to do it, and with choices like this I’m glad I’m no longer a fan (and he’s not a fan of me either). Best of luck Grayson; you’re going to need it….


    K.B. replied

    We’re all trying to support him, but where’s the support from Grayson for what his fans have done for him??!! Did he once thank-you for your hard work???? Grayson, if he was a person with a conscience would invite you back then maybe I would go back on, as many other fans might. Yes he is working, won’t be watching the show; I’m too old! You found ‘The Good Wife’ for Grayson, and Michael Park did a great job in the role, but Grayson should have been the one sitting in that courtroom chair. This is where my frustration lies: fans wanted more for him, and he’s listening to the wrong people, and taking stupid roles as a result.


  6. Mary says:

    Grayson, what were you thinking?????


  7. Mark F. says:

    I might watch this soap, depending on who else joins the cast. I’m way past the target age for Nick at Night (25), but I hate the fact that this is being produced by that vile woman and soap killer, Jill Farren Phelps!! How does she still get work with her s****y track record?!


  8. Rita Oom says:

    Grayson should be James Bond. The only reason I can see that people watching the show is because of Grayson. Well Frank Sinatra did a movie for free and it became a huge hit. Good luck Grayson, get this done and move on kid. :)


  9. rinta says:

    I felt I had to chime in. I am not sure how many auditions/scripts Grayson was getting over the last couple of years, but I’m guessing he just wasn’t getting the goods with his soap background hindering him. That is, being out of the loop for pilot seasons and all. I often wondered why his networking skills failed him until I read Jill Phelps signed him on here. They worked together on Another World. Maybe the four remaining soaps have never called him up for a role, but Jill thought of GM and called him to work on this telenovela.

    I’m just thrilled for G. I hated his Dusty post 2004 and have been waiting for him to play someone else and get a clean slate. You don’t know how much hatred I had for ATWT in its last few years.

    My first reaction wasn’t kiddie soap, but more like O.C. where even the adults/parents got storylines. One Tree Hill was like that in the beginning too. Gosh even Mark Derwin is on a perceived youngin soap: The Secret Life of the American Teenager!


  10. californiagirl says:

    I thought Grayson outgrew the soap opera world, c’mon Grayson is this all you think you’re worth? I agree with the above comments; your fans wanted what was best for you, and we got let down. I no longer visit your site either; I’m bombarded with Dutch stuff , and there is no more ‘juice’ or excitement left, especially after your regular; ‘Grayblue’ was axed. (my advice; make amends) I am happy that you are working, but please choose your next gig carefully, and listen to your fans. You deserve more!


  11. L Faye Heighton says:

    May I be added to your mailing list?


  12. rinta says:

    So…Jennifer Landon is no better because she hasn’t outgrown the soap world at age 29? Why hadn’t anyone asked why she can’t do any better than a soap? Especially with her pedigree and three Emmys? I wonder what exactly the producers told her when she was auditioning for gigs after she left ATWT.


  13. californiagirl says:

    The soap boards are talking about Grayson have done another project called ‘Visions of Joanna’, does anyone know the release date?


  14. Skylar says:

    PS: I guess the message I’m getting here is if you ask a question, help on the site, etc; you will be removed. What kind of site is Grayson running?! Don’t say a peep if you don’t want to be removed!


  15. Hi Sklyar:
    Want to make sure your question is answered. I dont believe anyone at MF SOAPS purposely deletes questions for posting. We certainly want people to ask questions. If there is a delay in answering back, just be patient and it will be answered. If it is a question of a post that has certain language not alllowed on this site, then it may have been taken down.

    Thanks for your comment,


  16. Denise says:

    I do miss Grayblue :( . Wishing you success with this new series, and wishing to see you on my tv plenty this year.


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