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24 May 5th, 2017 Greg Rikaart Confirms Departure From Y&R Via Heartfelt Post: “I Am Sad To Leave A Place I Hold So Dear But Also Really Excited About What The Future Holds”

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After Thursday’s devastating news for longtime Y&R fans, Greg Rikaart took to his Instagram to confirm that the reports were indeed true, and he is leaving the place he has called his “home away from home” for the last 14 years.  Through his character Kevin Fisher’s transformation from the dark side to loving good guy with an edge, Rikaart made what ever material he was given soar.

In his heartfelt post, along with a collage of memorable Kevin Fisher moments, Rikaart wrote the following message: “Fourteen years ago, I booked a two-week long gig on The Young and the Restless. In my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined what it would turn into: a career-defining experience that has brought me so much happiness and fulfillment.

Playing Kevin and watching him evolve over the years has mirrored my real life in so many ways.  We both found love, both became dads and we both have more gray hair now than we did in 2003. I have such love and fondness for the cast and crew of Y&R that when I watch Kevin enjoying himself in scenes, it’s hard to know where he ends and Greg begins.

At the moment it is unclear what lies ahead for Kevin and I, as we will be saying goodbye to Genoa City for a while. I am sad to leave a place I hold so dear but also really excited about what the future holds.

I cannot overstate how much gratitude I have to all of you who have been such loud cheerleaders for me. You’ve all enriched my life. So stick around. The journey is just beginning. :)

Share your thoughts on Greg’s message to his fans and colleagues in the comment section below, as we now have to prepare to say our farewells to Greg and Kevin in the months ahead

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  1. holly says:

    I’m so sad to see Greg leave the role of Kevin. We basically watched Kevin grow up on the show. I wish him luck, and hopefully Kevin will be back in Genoa City in the future.


  2. Dr Helen Ruth says:

    Y&R loses too many of their good veteran actors. They are making a mistake by letting him go. I wish him the very best, maybe a role on General Hospital? Best of all would be for Y&R to reconsider, and to keep him on.


    Soaphound replied

    Thank you, Dr. HELEN, I’d love to see Greg reunited on GH with Michelle Stafford and Billy Miller, both of whom were great scene partners for Greg. I loved when Billy used to squeeze Kevin’s cheek and call him “my little chipmunk”. Imagine the sour, humorless Jason Thompson doing that and you get a reality check on all the major talent this show has lost in the past 3 or 4 years. A sad announcement indeed!


    Dr Helen Ruth replied

    You’re welcome. That is an excellent point about the humor that we’ve lost on Y&R.

    Billy Miller, Michelle Stafford, Greg Rikaart, all added their upbeat personalities to the characters.

  3. toscanti says:

    This is sad, he is very talented. Unfortunately his character has been poorly written over the last several years. I wish him Good Luck both personally and professionally.


  4. Carolyn says:

    What a shame, Greg is one of the better actors on Y&R. Writers making a huge mistake, will lose even more fans than they have lately with stupid story lines. Example Reed? Instead of Greg? Just trying to garner the younger viewers for the summer, then what when summer ends, BIG MISTAKE, HOPE TPTB READ THESE COMMENTS.


    dmr replied

    & Mariah. Perhaps he’ll take Mariah with him.
    I understand your frustration with the Reed character. The onslaught of teenagers during the spring and summer months is unbearable. Today’s teenagers do not watch daytime television. Why do TPTB continue to write these boring, stupid, ridiculous teen driven storylines as “filler” that loyal viewers do not care about?


    su0000 replied

    Yuppers, Teenagers do not watch TV, they are mobile.
    And, the teenagers parents are of the internet not so much sitting in front of a TV during the daytime hours to get their at home children hooked on soaps. That era is long gone.

    Reed is not like any teenager guy I ever knew. He is a mama’s boy and being portrayed as a Beaver Cleaver a PSA guy. YUCK .. LOL

  5. dmr says:

    Perhaps Kevin could take Mariah, Devon, Hilary, and Chelsea with him while he heads out of town? Please?


    su0000 replied

    Kevin is a great character. A loss for Y&R, for sure.
    I wonder where and when we will next see him .

    I would not like to see Kevin recast, nope … that would be too weird and wouldn’t work out.


  6. Mary SF says:

    I think he is talented enough that he will land on his feet just fine and perhaps will benefit from being free to do other things– my only question is now that Dylan is gone and soon to be Kevin who is poor Paul going to talk to at the police station– Christine? — LOL

    Okay seriously, Y&R missed the boat they could have made Kevin and Scott a couple raising Bella together– and I suspect that might have been the plan, but someone upstairs got nervous and when Greg was told the story was being nixed he decided to leave—

    If it was a money issue– then they should have gotten rid of Cane– how this once heroic and interesting character turned into this whiny neurotic jerk is beyond me– but watching him on screen is like nails on a chalkboard— I know when they killed the character off years back there was a big push to get him back, but honestly, if fans knew what they would do to the character I think they would have let the character RIP


    elm1951 replied

    tptb decided not to renew greg’s contract – this was not his decision to leave y&r………..


    Cathy replied

    I am not a fan of Cane either. I really liked Lily with Daniel.


  7. Mo says:

    Good luck. I’ll miss you. Y&R will definitely miss you.


  8. Mark Y says:

    Continued success to you and your family.


  9. Nikki says:

    I totally agree dmr. Devon, Hillary, Mariah are boring as heck. Now that Chloe has admitted killing Adam I just don’t care for Chelsea with Nick. I was watching it for a couple of reasons 1-Billy/Phyllis/Jack/Victoria was my favorites 2- I was hoping Sharon would end up with Scott. I think it’s a shame for months every T.V. magazine would say “Is Adam alive” ” Adam to return” etc. all to keep the fans watching. They knew Justin Hartley had another show and would not be able to do both and they wouldn’t bring back Michael Muhney because of a few seniors that should be on call.


    Timmm replied

    Friday show was a Friday AND its sweeps and the show was terrible! Mariah is great BUT with the wrong cast members. Devon is as exciting as a root canal! This guy Scott is horrible! Tess is a snore! I guess now Nikki is Shirley Partridge? DUMB! Reed sucks and Ravi looks out of place! Cane is a pain! Victoria is a sad sack. Never like Chelsea. What is there to like?


  10. Lynn says:

    I am so saddened to hear greg/ kevin is leaving Y & R.. perhaps they will write him back in the near future…. I have enjoyed watching Kevin grow up.. Good Luck to you Greg With you Nothing but the best.. Canada


  11. Angela Johnson says:

    Love you as Kevin Fisher watched you grow as an actor and how your character changed I will miss you but wish you all the best . I am sure you will succeed in all you do .Hopefully I will see you again on screen. Best of Wishes Greg from one of your many fans Angela


  12. Sunshine12 says:

    Gone miss you please change your mind and stay..will not be the.same without can replace you


  13. Tani Sterling says:

    Well, as usual am seven episodes at least behind. Wanted something special with Kevin and Mariah; even just the friendship maintaining. Sorry to see him leave but wish the best.

    I was just beginning to move into the new flow of Y & R. Depending upon how one looks at things, it was better than wanting to throw my pillow at the set for the past year. No couples seem to click. One couple always needs to hold the show. I don’t seem to mind letting so many days go by without watching. Wish the news were something I wanted to run to the set and view.

    Things feel disjointed.


  14. Soaphound says:

    Big mistake letting him go. For what? The repulsive Billy, the irritating Hilary story, the sparkless Nick & Chelsea non-romance, the charmless Ravi? I barely recognize a show I’ve watched since 1974 and it’s becoming heartbreaking. Greg is talented beyond the norm, incredibly sexy, smart, and never “phones in” a performance. For more of Reed and that asinine guitar I suppose. Shame on you!


    Abruzzfan replied

    Well said, Soaphound!


  15. Christine Milligan says:

    Well if they didn’t want to renew his contract I don’t believe they deserve him! If true another stupid move on their part. Oh.. well maybe they should just get rid of all Emmy worthy actors!!


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