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54 September 26th, 2016 Greg Vaughan Returns To Days of our Lives!


Days of our Lives is bringing back to the canvas the character of Eric Brady! That is great news since it also means that Greg Vaughan will be reprising the role.  According to, who broke the news, Vaughan who can currently be seen in OWN’s Queen Sugar as Calvin, will be back on air on the NBC soap starting with the January 17th episode!

In an official statement on his return, Vaughan expressed: “After coming toward the completion of Queen Sugar, I had the opportunity to speak with the executives and head writers at Days of our Lives. I’ve always been proud of my time and the work I contributed to Days, and I was excited at the opportunity to reunite with the cast and crew. I feel my job as an actor is about more than just stepping on stage and taking a role. I’m trying to create a presence that resonates for myself and the core of  Eric Brady. I feel Eric’s journey will have a huge and impactful return!”

Just how will Eric return in story when he was sent away for four years to prison for his drunken vehicular manslaughter in the death of Dr. Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian)?  Stay tuned!

But for now, you can check out Vaughan on Queen Sugar where Calvin is currently involved in an extramarital affair with series lead, Rutina Wesley (Nova Bordelon).

So, are you thrilled to hear Vaughan is back at DAYS?  How do you hope Eric returns in story? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. holly says:

    This is great news! I love Greg Vaughn as Eric Brady.


    Celia replied

    Same here! He’s so hot, Holly!!!
    But, I can do without the beard and ‘monkish’ hair cut.


    Patrick replied


    do the beard and bring back his sides… hot yeah

    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Thats Eirks prison look…lol

  2. Iakovos says:

    I assume Eric’s pastoral background and caring heart will have won him early release or probation for his crime. That is a plot turn I can accept. This character can have such play on the Salem storyboard. And Mr. Vaughn is genuine talent. I have not been a forever DAYS viewer, but in the few years I have been, there have been so many upsets and reboots. I am praying this legacy daytime program has its ship righted.


  3. Rebecca1 says:

    Well…that was a quick run on Queen Sugar and a spoiler since I had no idea he was leaving the show and there was no indication that he was.


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    I didn’t see this as he was leaving his prime time gig, just that they wrapped up their season.

    In any event, I hope they have something for him. In particular, DOOL seems to bring back characters and give them nothing to do. (Every single return of Carrie/Austin, Belle, Sean, Phillip…. )

    I hope he gets a better storyline than the Chloe baby daddy drama. That takes five minutes to wrap up and they’ve been at it for a month already…


    Patrick replied

    thank you Tomas… I wanted to comment on that… argh! with all due respect the actress who plays Chloe

    perhaps after maternity leave… her story will come alive

    they brought her back for a reason…. ???

    Nancy will light a fire under her arse

    Deimos … just doesn’t have a clear path…. to CARE’acter

    that family “get together” albeit circumstances…. the 3 amigos wreak havoc

    but his character just didn’t jive… not yet anyway

    this jealous and/or whatever it is… with the has beens… of Chloe and especially Philip… gawd he’s ruining … will be happy dancing when his arse is let

    perhaps VI’ Deimos got a doctorate whilst in prison…

    what a cure

    that’s a Kiriakis MAN

    davlestev1 replied

    The season is over they don’t immediately start on season two his schedule is open during the hiatus


    Patrick replied

    i’m hoping they’ve already wrapped taping for season 1. Queen Sugar has been renewed for another “season”

    it just bothers me that shows are only aired for …. 8-12 shows… and have to catch on that quickly an audience

    Ryan Quan and Dena Higley… DAYS headwriters stated in the latest SOD issue that … addressing fans wishes… that past cast members will be coming and going… in story arcs

    which is a cost cutting measure… thereby no bloated cast… sorry had to use that.
    but.. this addresses all the cast that are interested in coming back for story

    sounds good to me

    so… i’m hoping this is Greg Vaughan using his time away from Queen Sugar


    Rebecca1 replied

    I don’t know guys…the way Greg phrased it sounded to me like he was done on “Quuen Sugar.” He said, “After coming toward the completion of Quuen Sugar…” He didn’t say the season, etc…

    Michael Fairman? Do you know it Gregg will be doing both?


  4. Chuck-off yr says:

    This is exciting news. Greg and Eric have been missed.


  5. damien says:

    thankkkkkkkk goddddddddd!!!!!!
    greg vaughan missed u on days!!!
    the moment gregs back on days i will return to watching him on days!!
    with carrie and austin back im full time days once again and everyting will be right once again in salem…
    eric and nicole need to reunite as the supercouple they shld ve been until the hiccup of daniel jonas!… their love story as eric the tempted priest and nicole the sinner was my fave years ago and it was cut too short..
    cannot wait
    thnx again ptb… do greg and the fans right and pls dont dissapoint… greg is a keeper!


    Celia replied

    Yessss, damien!!!!! A possible triangle? Nicole; Deimos; Eric? Hmmmm.


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    Agree, they were a great fit


  6. Claudio says:

    Wow, this is wonderful news. Looking forward in seeing Greg back to Days. Greg is a terrific actor. Now bring back Vivian Alamain, Louise Sorel can act and I miss my madam so much.


    Celia replied

    Oh, Claudio!!!! I have been waiting for ‘Vivian’ forever. She just brought it home…now, she should come home to Salem. Imagine the possibilities!!


    Claudio replied

    I agree with you Celia, Vivian and her side kick Ivan were funny together. Vivian and Ivan need to come back to Salem. My madam had great chemistry with Ivan.

  7. elm1951 says:

    omg!! yes i am thrilled to death – he is such a powerhouse actor – tptb at dool had better utilize his amazing acting talents this time around………….
    i am so loving greg on “queen sugar”………….


  8. kevin says:

    Glad to hear Greg is returning to Day’s…I have always been a fan of Greg’s when he started on Y&R as Diego.


  9. 4ever DAYS says:

    Dena Higley giveth what Josh Griffith taketh away!

    Eric, the former priest, should join Nicole, then former porn star, to find her daughter who Nicole gave up during her porn DAYS. Maybe Nicole’s daughter is trapped in porn too! Together, Ericole can save her!

    Excited for Greg’s return!


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    And in a Sony cross over… she can be working a pole in Genoa City getting pointers from Miss Nikki!!!! LOL.


    dante williams replied

    Whaaaat? I haven’t watched Days long enough, because I never knew Nicole had a daughter. That’s amazing, and I’m so happy she does. I was always sad that she lost two children, but that would be a great story for her, and Eric. I always felt that they belonged together. I’m happy to hear of his return even though he is great on Queen Sugar, it’s an amazing show.


    Patrick replied

    yeah , right ? that took me

    I cry… I shed tears… for this character.. and it’s all because of Ali Zucker…

    she’s a stand alone ACTs circles in and around

    but with bad writing… gawd this show gets painful

    I”VE wanted forever…. BRING BACK HER MOTHER Fay for layer and child


    or do we have to kick it in to high gear

    Abe / Roman / John / Victor

    Nicole is her mothers daughter… with pause for limits

    Fay is desperately needed

    it’s like a pandemonium… Ali Zucker’ Nicole will get LOVE, if not from a “man” then from her womb

    and I will weap

    4ever DAYS replied

    I’m sorry, dante, that’s wishful thinking. I’m hoping she has a daughter.

  10. Elaine says:

    Yesssssssss!! There is so much story with him, and I hope and pray the writers realize how stupid it was not to let Eric and Nicole be together! Let them have a miracle child, and give Nicole a family that’s rooted in Salem! I hope the writing is there for them because Dan ruined Nicole in some ways…Sooo go #Ericole!


  11. Llanviewer717 says:

    This is fantastic news. Greg Vaughan is a terrific actor and I loved him as Eric. (I loved him as the adult Lucky on GH.) Eric is such as sweet person and Days needs some sweetness.

    I hope he keeps the beard he has in the photo above. Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Question says:

    Does this mean he is leaving Queen Sugar or that he is just off for the season. Love him on both shows but he is the only Calvin for me. Loved him on Days don’t want him back with Nicole though. Give him a new leading lady.


  13. Tom Joyce says:

    Great news. Greg is a talented guy who has been missed. The problem with the character of Eric has all been about story, and not about the talents of the actor. I hope this story lives up to his talent.


  14. Jimmy says:

    This is fantastic news for DAYS. First Kassie DePaiva returns, then Brandon Beemer and Martha Madison were rehired, then Christie Clark and Austin Peck return, and now Greg Vaughan. These are very good moves by the casting department, who have made some serious blunders like letting Kassie and Greg go last year.

    However, this is sad news for GH, since many fans wanted Greg to return as Lucky. GH really needs to steer its ship in the right direction because they’ve been off course for a while now. Lucky is a legacy character and should be brought back, if not with one of his former portrayers then with a suitable recast.


    Rebecca1 replied

    I agree…and all former Lucky’s aren’t available. I think Mark Lawson (Brody, OLTL) would be perfect.


    Jimmy replied

    I was thinking Tom Pelphrey, but Mark Lawson is also great choice! No doubt people will complain about “yet another” OLTL star joining GH, though. I would just be happy to have Lucky back.

    Rebecca1 replied

    I’m not familiar with Tom; just googled him. He has the look…But I just love Mark Dawson. Wonder if he’s even interested in a return to soaps. As for the whole OLTL thing, I agree with you about the expected reactions but I think it’s ridiculous. These are talented actors skilled in the genre. IF they do hire another OLTL actor, maybe the reaction won’t be as negative if he or she is brought on to play an established GH character instead of a new one.


  15. Libby says:

    Fantastic news. Love to see Greg Vaughan as Eric


  16. penny says:

    I guess I’ll have to wait and see how his Queen Sugar character plays out in the season finale. I hope returns for season 2. DOOL’s still tapes 6 months in advance so who knows how long his return will last.


  17. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I hope that this ia a long term return, and not a short term guest stint. The role of Eric was horribly misguided during Greg Vaughan’s portrayal, despite him continuing to knock it all out of the park. I don’t wish him to return to the priesthood, but I do wish him to become a multi-dimensional character at heart.


  18. Patrick says:

    I couldn’t be happier…

    I was just thinking of Greg Vaughan the other day… when I was watching @GH

    Griffin as the slash dr. / priest

    THEY ARE BOTH so GOODLOOKING… but… without doubt… Greg Vaughan OWNS his priest… just the right temperament and ooze appeal

    PLUS… Ralph Waite, who played a priest on DAYS ( Father Matt )… WINS ! YIKE

    so danged sexy ! why not.. I grew up with the Walton

    Greg Vaughan is WORKING IT

    Queen Sugar has already been renewed for season #2.


  19. rebecca1 says:

    U r? I’m not. He’s barely on, has no interaction with anyone but Nova…and just seems at this point like he was hired to play a white character paradoxically sleeping with a woman fighting the white system


  20. Patrick says:

    Just how will Eric return in story when he was sent away for four years to prison for his drunken vehicular manslaughter in the death of Dr. Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian)? 

    the overwrought audience ( LOL ) is still on guard…. “NO MORE Dr. Daniel Jonas”

    he never existed… thereby Eric Brady swaggers back mans up .. and is ready to party

    Jennie Bear weakens


  21. Steve says:

    Am beyond thrilled. Pleaseeeeeeee have Nicole finally forgive her friend.


  22. Donna Mackie says:

    I am so proud of Greg Vaughan. A tenacious, determined, compassionate and talented ACTOR


    Patrick replied

    thank you for the word; determined

    he was all that and thee bag of chips as Lucky @GH… wasn’t his fault… they bailed on him when Jonathon Jackson wanted back in… JJ is so dark somber and humorless.

    his take as a priest… lighted up the show … Greg Vaughan made this work. the pain and angst of his character lose …… ???? the fork in the road

    his exit from Jennie Bear and mom Marlena… ALL the RIGHT STUFF

    bring it home… Greg


  23. Patrick says:

    Ryan Quan…. QUICK FIX and MAJOR laud and approval from your staunch supporters

    simply —— bring back Lauren Boles.
    simply —— bring back the SORAS Chase

    wallah! complete family (s)

    Aiden and his son
    Hope and the beleved original : Ciara Aice

    love and romance : Chase and Hope

    give it up already… Rafe belongs with Carrie, if not with Carrie… why not Kate… the fire never left that couple…. let Rafe be cougar … Anna DiMera is the HOTTEST


    Patrick replied

    Ryan Quan and Dena Higley :

    RIGHT the WRONG(s)

    it’s that easy… Hope is not front and burner… without Lauren Boles… w/ Aiden too ?

    Aiden has been FANTASTIC and simply amazing… with SORAS Chase

    of all the SORAS “teens” Jonathon McClendon is affecting

    3 things that the audience will forever clamor

    1. firing Kassie DePaiva
    2. the murder of Will Horton… huge letdown… gaping hole YOU must fix
    3. the recast and SORAS of Lauren Boles’ forever Brady/Horton Ciara Alice

    GIVE Christopher Sean ‘ Paul a story

    by any ways and means… take care of one of your own… gold Kassie DePaiva


  24. Patrick says:

    he’s simmering; catch


  25. Mo says:

    I was happy when he left. I wouldn’t mind Eric returning, but not Greg.


  26. Ghlover says:

    I love Greg but very sad he is not coming back to GH (where he belongs)


  27. Phil says:

    Good news, now can you work on bringing Kassie DePaiva as Eve for good and full-time!


  28. Rj says:

    Glad to here that Greg will becoming back to reprise the role of Eric Brady. I hope that he will stay for awhile.


    Rj replied

    Oops, sorry for the typo – that should be ‘Glad to hear not here.” :)


  29. Libby says:

    Thrilled to have Greg Vaughan for as long as we can. Certainly, if Sept 20117 – Days is leaving NBC… He should return as Eric. Vaughan is the best and has been missed. Yah.


  30. John Gordon says:

    I thought his character was very sanctiminious and whiney (Eric, not the actor) but if they write him a decent storyline that’s fine. Right now the show is “picking up the pace” after an atrociously long Summer where the storylines were…..zzzzz


  31. Shirley Kukhan says:

    Wonderful news! Greg is such a talented actor & an asset to DAYS. Hopefully he’ll be there long term & they’ll utilize his talent with great S/L.


  32. CJ says:

    Upset his character is being written off. He left Days for Queen Sugar now leaving Queen Sugar for Days…make up your mind dude!


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