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22 April 8th, 2016 Greg Vaughan Shares How He Prepared For His Emotional Final DAYS Scenes!

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Next week, Days of our Lives fans will say goodbye to Greg Vaughan, who has played Eric Brady since 2012 when the character exits the canvas to serve a prison sentence following the car crash that took the life of Dr. Daniel Jonas.  Eric, was the drunk driver behind the wheel that caused the crash.  Since leaving DAYS, Greg has begun filming a role in OWN’s new soapy drama, Queen Sugar that is currently filming in New Orleans.

In this week’s issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, Vaughan opens up in an interview about his final scenes, what precipitated his exit from the long-running NBC soap opera, and more.

On Eric’s emotionally intense scenes when he exit the canvas for prison stripes, Vaughan shared:  “When Eric leaves the canvas, I have an eight-minute scene and I rewrote some of it.”   He went on to say of his co-stars:  “It’s the greatest scene that I have had.  It was me, Deidre Hall, (Marlena) Drake Hogestyn (John) and Josh Taylor (Roman).  I moved everybody into a huddle and I told them … (gets emotional) … just thinking about it … I was saying thank you, for having the chance to be there and share the stage and play and connect with every one of them, and how much I appreciated them.  I said, ‘This is going to be the mark, this is my thumbprint, and my final thing and I just want to make a connection, so let’s do it.”‘

So, are you ready to say goodbye to Greg Vaughan on DAYS?  Do you hope he will return one day? Are you looking forward to seeing Eric say goodbye to his loved ones?  Comment below!


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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I seen some chemistry between Eric and Jen that seemed to be going somewhere-too bad we will never know where…


  2. Patrick says:

    was reading the issue of SOD, today

    Greg Vaughan, was sharing the cover, with his pic

    and caption, reading….

    “on his exit” there wasn’t a dry eye on the set

    OK one last time… I’ll quote Deidre Hall again… “he’s so beautiful”

    that aside… He really had some charged scenes… and the angst and emotion in his face alone… is stunning

    despite the storyline … who will ever forget Father Eric and Kristen DiMera

    I”M SO GLAD he’s on the OWN Network…

    I will be tuning in to his show – “Queenie Sugar”


    Jeremy replied

    Yes, the Father Eric & Kristen DiMera “scandal” story-line rocked! It was sooo bad, yet sooooo good. (good – meaning, real soapy material). Definitely will miss Greg, I agree with Jimh, there was definitely some great chemistry between Eric and Jennifer. That was unexpected and interesting. I wish Kristen DiMera would have made a brief and unexpected return to Salem, alive and well, just to take Eric captive to parts unknown…To get back at Marlena for throwing her out that window/cliff in Italy. In the words of Susan Banks…”that Kristen is mean, mean, mean….she’s the head vampire.”
    Farewell, Eric/Greg, for now. Eric and Sami will have to be back, when the time comes.


  3. damien says:

    i will miss greg vaughan as eric soooo much
    ericole was such a exciting and electric couple !
    eric had so much angst and moral anguish with being a priest and his firce love for nicole, his rage with kirsten, his broken heart with serena
    i wont let that b.s about daniel being love of nicoles life taint the real truth
    even eric and jenn had potential
    good luck on the new project…. i dont watch days anymore because of too mnt rapid changes but cant wait for the new own project!!!


  4. Mary SF says:

    I’m confused– I thought I read a while back on another thread that GV had already come back to DAYS; perhaps I misunderstood and the thread was about a rumor he was coming back– if I have time this weekend I will try to find that thread.

    Anyway, Eric is seldom on that in my mind the character has been long gone, so these goodbyes will a bit anti climatic for me— I loved Eric as the priest and with Nicole, but the character was destroyed with that hold Serena? and the elephant story line. His addiction story line and trying to help Jen was promising but I guess because they knew he was leaving they left that story in lurch to focus on other characters, so this goodbye is long overdue


    Patrick replied

    in the latest SOD issue… I read… he was “given” a 13 week extension… to close up shop… hence the drinking issue and scenes with Jennifer


    Mary SF replied

    I was aware of that 13 week extension–no this was something back in Jan when the show announced they were going to rehired someone, and there were pictures on social media of Greg hanging out with the cast on set and Greg twitted something about never say never when people asked if he was back on Days. I did an engine search and could only find one site that had that rumor on it, but I really thought On Soaps did a thread on it, but I couldn’t find it. Anyway in my mind it was a fate complete, but obviously it was just rumor. Oh well.

  5. Dylan says:

    What a complete waste of talent!! DAYS had the chance for a new power supercouple in Eric and Nicole. To have him go to prison while unrepentant psychopaths and murderers roam free is an example pf why soaps can be so depressing and discouraging to watch. On the plus side, it will wring some great performances, and it is great to hear that Greg already has other employment.


    Patrick replied

    yeah, the FACT that he already has … other employment lessens the sheer disappointment… in DAYS


  6. James R. Poissant says:

    Boy—they took long enough to send Eric to prison—I thought the actor had been given a reprieve and was going to be able to stay—so much for that.


  7. Dean_Morgan says:

    He is a good actor and Eric is a legacy character. Both will be missed. I like the chemistry between Jenn and Eric and with both of their history with Nicole, the storyline could have been entertaining. With that said, I am excited for Greg’s new role on “Queen Sugar”. I would welcome his return to Days, though if possible.


  8. Tony says:

    Griffith destroyed the character with the hit and run and for no reason! Too bad. A better story would have been to have Brady be driving driving drunk, then be the one to get the heart. Years of story with someone they wanted to keep on the canvas. Brady is so boring now. Daniel could have been in another car with Eric. Maybe Eric was drunk too and Daniel grabbed the wheel to swerve out the way of Brady’s car. Daniel dies. Eric can’t remember what happened. Brady’s fall off the wagon is temporary etc.. could have been powerful.


  9. sonniorsolita says:

    Sending Eric to jail and this whole story made me sick. One of the reasons I stopped watching. Loved Greg Vaughn, though. Look forward to his next project.


  10. Llanviewer717 says:

    I am really going to miss Greg Vaughan. I think he’s a very good actor and I enjoyed his portrayal of Eric. Loved him as the adult Lucky on GH years ago. I wish him much success in the future.


  11. Rj says:

    Sorry to see Greg/Eric leave. I enjoyed when he came on, and the chemistry with Nicole. I was sorry that they destroyed his character and the relationship. I would have liked to have seen him in some other storylines as I liked the character and his acting ability. I wish him good luck and hope the door can stay open for him to return in the future. Sorry he went in the abyss and will be going to jail – may be in the future he can be redeemed again.


  12. Elise Kiefer says:

    I’d like GH to recast and bring back Lucky. Greg has played him already so it’ll be easier to accept him as the character. Elizabeth needs her first love back in her life.


  13. Mo says:

    Is Eric still on?

    Another character who could have been better and the writers ruined. Although, I don’t think the actor suited the role.


  14. Rj says:

    Liked the scene with Eric/Marlena today. Felt the mother/son pain. Kudos to both! Greg is doing an excellent job as he wraps up his final days. Sorry, the character came to this, but he is doing a good job expressing his pain, hurt, fear. Would love if in the future he could come back stronger after he has worked through his problems.


  15. Judy says:

    Eric and Nicole were the super couple of daytime why didn’t DAYS let it continue. I will miss Greg but will wait for him to appear on Queen Sugar on OWN in September. Maybe someday NBC will wake up and he will come back to assume his roll as Eric Brady


    Mo replied

    When Eric returns, I hope he is recast.


    Judy replied

    I guess you never met GV he is a great actor beside being kind, considerate, a great loving Father and loves his fans. YOUR LOSS MO !

  16. CeeCee says:

    The scene between Deirdre and Greg was so REAL, you could almost touch the affection they hold for each other. I did cry; that’s how much their own tears got to me. This was not acting on their part……Marlena and Eric disappeared there for a few minutes… and friendship took over.
    Sorry to see him go. Sad!!


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