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4 April 1st, 2010 Guiding Light cancellation remembered: Chappell says “Sad Day”

Today is a day that the soap opera world will never forget, and the legions of fans who followed the lives of the citizens of Springfield and it’s enormously popular cast.  Guiding Light’s cast and crew were told on April 1st of last year that the 72-year-old soap was canceled.  Thought of as first as an April’s Fools joke, it turned out not to be, but a cruel irony delivering a knockout punch to its fans and its stars.

On-Air On-Soaps spoke with Crystal Chappell today whose role as Olivia Spencer was front and center until the bitter end.  Crystal with heavy heart shared her thoughts on the one year anniversary of the show’s announced demise.  ”It is a sad and heavy day for me.  I am very aware of it, and how ridiculous is it that it was on April Fool’s Day.  And, people didn’t believe it and we had cast members calling other cast members that the show is being canceled and they said, “Oh yeah, right, ha ha.” But it’s heavy.  I miss all the people, and I had the opportunity to tell a great story, and I think they told it beautifully, and at the end of the run I got to work with Jessica Leccia (Natalia), and it’s really magical when two women in a loving respectful way can tell a story that is important to so many people.  I will light a candle for Guiding Light today.”

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  1. Maureen says:

    I miss Guiding Light…every Peapak-ing bit of it. I got to meet not only most of the cast at the Guiding Light luncheon in October of last year…but also so many other fans. It was such a great experience and just reflected what a wonderful show that came from the heart that it is and was. The fact that so many of the cast were and are soap fans…like Crystal…was obvious in their work…their love for the show until the very end…and their true, genuine affection for the fans. The great thing is…while we all might be moving on…you can bet that soap fans never forget.


  2. Rita says:

    I only started watching it when the Otalia storyline came to light, and I miss it terribly. The storyline was so beautifully crafted and the acting by Crystal and Jessica was just superb. I so wish that they could have continued the amazing story that they were telling. In the fast paced lives that we lead, it’s a testament to how good the show was, that there are still so many talking about it a year after it gets cancelled.


  3. semaj says:

    i miss guiding light


  4. a_c says:

    Like many others, I was brought to GL by Otalia. While I resisted for awhile, seeing CC in the Graveyard scene just blew me away. Slowly over the last months of the show, my interest started to expand to more than just Otalia. I liked watching Buzz & Alan, Shane & Dinah & the baby Henry story. I soon found myself rushing home from work to watch Guiding Light. That was no easy feat since I live in Australia. But thanks to the many, many fans of GL out there, I can go back & re-watch Alan & Olivia’s wedding, or Reva time travelling through the painting, or Cassie’s heartbreak over Richard’s death. The residents of Springfield were & continue to be like members of the family. I know in this house at least, the Light will always live on.


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