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15 December 6th, 2012 Guiding Light Favorites Return To Daytime! Karla Mosley & Lawrence Saint-Victor To B&B!


Now here’s two folks that we had a lot of fun with when we visited the cast of Guiding Light on location in 2009 in Orlando!  And now soap fans will get to see Karla Mosley and Lawrence Saint-Victor return to daytime and this time out it will be as new roles on The Bold and the Beautiful!

As hinted at in this week’s Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, B&B’s executive producer and head writer, Brad Bell indicated he was beefing up the Dayzee/Marcus storyline with some faces people knew!  Soap viewers remember that Mosley and Saint-Victor played young married Springfield couple Christina and Remy Boudreau on GL shortly before it went off the air.

TV Guide got some exclusive scoop on the situation today stating that a rep for B&B revealed the casting of the duo was not intentional stating, “We went for the two best actors possible. These new characters are not connected, though they will arrive on the show in close proximity.”

Mosley joins the cast January 17th  as Maya, a woman who shares a Skid Row past with Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd) — and Dayzee is not one bit happy about it!  Saint-Victor hits January 29th playing a not-yet-named character who is the adoptive brother of Dayzee’s husband Marcus (Texas Battle).  Both are contract roles.”

So soapers, what do you think of the casting of Karla and Lawrence to the B&B canvas?  Are you glad that this gives more story to Dayzee and Marcus?

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  1. Rodd says:

    BB is lucky to have them. Loved them on GL! Wishing them the best.


  2. Jules says:

    I think it would have been much cooler to have brought them on as their GL characters, and find a way to fit their histories into the agenda they have for them on B&B. It wouldn’t be too difficult at all, and it would be neat to hear where they are in their lives, and maybe have a scene or two where they talk about other GL characters and where they are. GL only flashforward a year (if I remember correctly), so what would be the harm?

    Happy Lawrence got the part. I remember really enjoying him when Ava was pregnant. Karla not so much. She was a bit annoying, but hopefully it was the writing, stupid way of filming and the editing that made her seem worse. Good luck to both.


    Christine replied

    “I think it would have been much cooler to have brought them on as their GL characters …”

    Whoa, I gotta stop you there. :-) Agreed it would be cool, but if they did that you would have nothing but complaints about how there needs to be more GL characters on there and then the other side would complain that GL was taking over B&B. We already have that ad nauseam with GH and OLTL. Where does it end?


    Jules replied

    *I* would have nothing but complaints? No *I* wouldn’t. I watch maybe 4 episodes of B&B a month…..if that sometimes. I watched GL only during commercials of GH. On the “Care Scale of My Life” from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, B&B and GL’s combined rate is at like a -0.0005. What makes you think I would have complaints about GL characters coming aboard B&B in the first place I haven’t the slightest clue but honestly, what an incorrect presumption.

    To your point, maybe OTHERS would complain about wanting GL characters if they got these 2. I think it would be a natural reaction and something I absolutely would never blame them for. Would it be fair to the B&B cast and their fans? It depends how it’s handled. With 2 of the 4 major stars already gone, and veeery few other cast member aboard who’ve been on longer than 5 years (Taylor, Rick…???) it already isn’t the B&B they’ve watched for so many years. That said, in all reality I would never want B&B to start feeling like GL. Which is precisely why I suggested if these 2 GLers merely talked about life in Springfield to give people some scoop, that would be a neat idea. Nothing more.

    As for the GH/OLTL comparison, I stopped watching before the OLTL characters came to GH. Well, maybe Starr at that time was still crying over the child she remembered she had, but it wasn’t more than a couple of episodes and I definitely switched the channel when she was on during them. Basically I’m in no position to say OLTL characters are running rampant on GH because I haven’t been paying attention to the amount of time they’re on to do so. Other than the sheer number of them (I think 5 have showed up) I don’t know much else. On this matter, I do see both sides and I completely get how each side feels. But while I do have understanding, I also have an opinion. I don’t think it needs to be said, otherwise it might get interpreted as a ‘complaint’ but suffice it to say, even if you can never pinpoint the exact reason why, if the ratings are increasing (because they’re showcasing OLTLers, or because they are keeping GHers front and center…whichever) then the minority of either side will just have to suck it up.

    All I was trying to get across was that the coincidence of both not only being from GL, but also having been paired together there, now being cast together on another daytime show, on the same network, at the same time, piqued my curiosity in the “wouldn’t it be cool” department.

    And in the end it doesn’t matter anyway. The point is moot since Bell cast them as different characters. My original point however remains the same and I stand by it.

    Christine replied

    I’m sorry you misunderstood what I said, Jules. When I said “you would” I did NOT mean YOU. I am not the most eloquent at writing and I generalized when I said that. “You” meant this message board, Twitter, Facebook, the phone lines, etc. “You would” didn’t imply you, Jules. I’m sorry it came off that way. :-) Gosh I hope that explains that part.

    As for the complaints, again, not you, but I know others here, there, and other places that got their three OLTL characters and they are still not satisfied. You listen to some of them and they would have everyone except for maybe three GH characters be fired so OLTL characters can come on. I know soaps are a totally different animal and soap fans are the most unique. Honestly, I do not know how some of them cannot separate character from actor, but they are out there.

    Basically my reply to yours was just tongue-in-cheek that if these two coming aboard were cast as their GL characters it would open up the floodgates and all we would hear would be how so and so from GL should be brought onto B&B. And I want to know where it ends. :-) I miss the canceled soaps too, but I am happy when someone I know from one of them gets a job on one of the remaining ones. I consider it a good thing and I leave it at that. I don’t make wishlists like others do.

    Jules replied

    Understood, and thank you for the clarification. While I didn’t want to believe you were starting something, I didn’t know how else to read what you wrote.

    I do think though that even if Bell had cast those two and decided to revive their old GL characters, it wouldn’t necessarily mean the floodgates were opened. It would just mean 2 characters were brought on. If Bell would want to run with it further and bring more on, then they’ll be flying in. But that’s only if Bell would make it happen. GL fans could huff and puff and beg and plead and threaten until they’re blue in their face but no floodgates would be opened unless he would open them. Valentini I believe is, because I do think he really believes in the value of bringing on OLTL people so anyone is fair game (unless they have some bogus contract with Prospect Park that precludes them from joining). Whereas Bell I don’t think would have the same sensibility. He brought on Ashley from Y&R when ED was fired a few years back but otherwise he really hasn’t done much casting like that.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents on the entire matter. Feel free to reply but please don’t be offended if I don’t respond after that. I think for the most part I’ve said all I wanted to. I’ll “see” you around the site again soon.

  3. Robert Seganti says:

    Lawrence Saint-Victor acquitted himself exceedingly well on GL which was atrociously produced and mounted in its sad decline under an incompetent regime at the top.He’ll be great on B&B.


  4. Sam says:

    awesome!! Loved them on GL too. Nice to these two join the B&B family…and they find Ms. Chappell former co-star on GL


  5. ashlee says:

    It would be very nice if these newcomers caught on and were given well defined, fleshed out characters and a storyline. However, I wont hold my breath. This show has a TERRIBLE track record with bringing on awesome talent and wasting it away because they have no idea how to write for new characters. Antonio Sabato, Sarah Brown, Rick Hearst, Zack Conroy….the list goes on. I foresee that in a year, they will either be recurring with little to no airtime, or gone altogether.


    Jules replied



    k/kay replied

    Agree totally Ashlee !

  6. Iakovos says:

    Will they get real air time? Jon Hensley, Hillary B. Smith, Crystal Chappell, and Joanna Johnson do not, given all the ballyhoo. I do like B&B finally using Dayzee and Marcus more.


  7. Rob says:

    eh, I couldnt stand her character on GL.
    He is ncie to look at, but never thought of him as much of an actor but its B&B, acting skills are obviously not required to get a role there…

    Hell Ridge was so obviously reading cue card for 25 years!!

    Im confused? Arent there too many actors without airtime already?? Why do they continue to add more?


  8. marie says:

    Good for Karla, I really like her. And Lawrence too. Happy that some of these out of work soap actors are finding jobs. Even if it’s on another soap.


  9. Lew S. says:

    Great! Welcome back!!


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