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17 October 11th, 2012 Guiding Light’s Maureen Garrett Comes Out Publicly!


Today is National Coming Out Day, and leave it to a former soap star’s story to be in the spotlight on this important date for the LGBT community!  In a brand new feature at, Guiding Light fan favorite Maureen Garrett, who played the complex and long-suffering, Holly, and was part of the super couple of Roger (Michael Zaslow) and Holly Thorpe, has come out publicly.  She discusses  it in the piece about her time on Guiding Light, and her off-screen family.

The actress revealed her 20 year relationship with her partner, Janet Morgan and that together they raised three sons.  When Garrett talked about the commonality between her and her on-screen alter-ego Holly she said,    “She wore far too much makeup,” noting that her friends and family were entertained by her glamorous appearance on television: she’d arrive on the GL set straight from her cabin, clad in jeans and boots, and was completely made over. The daily transformation remained temporary, of course. “At the end of the day I almost always washed off the make-up, and with it, Holly’s brand of crazy.”

Below are some other excerpts from the feature detailing why Maureen never shared her story publicly during her run on Guiding Light, and how she stepped away from acting, but has begun getting her feet wet in it, once again!

Garrett’s story on being on Guiding Light while remaining closeted to the public: “While Garrett’s Guiding Light costars knew of her relationship with Morgan, fans of the Holly/Roger saga never had a clue.  Several reasons the actress never shared her family story publicly. The first was Garrett’s predilection for privacy. The other reason is even more obvious: when she was center stage on GL, it was simply a different time in history. In the early ’90s—often considered by viewers to be the Holly/Roger heyday—very few celebrities publicly deviated from the socially prescribed norms.  Despite what was happening to celebrities coming out in the real world, Garrett says she still approached GL’s writers about creating a storyline for Holly that involved a same-sex love affair. The result? The network wouldn’t touch it. That storyline would come several years later, in a notoriously G-rated plot involving Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia as Olivia and Natalia. (The fact that the storyline wasn’t between Olivia and Holly infuriated viewers, who bombarded Internet forums with comments about the tense undertones and chemistry that the two shared onscreen).”

Garrett on life post-Springfield: “After Guiding Light ended in 2009, Garrett’s decision to leave acting was simply a case of knowing when to move on and not looking back. “I no longer felt the desire to pursue acting,” she says of not turning up in a new onscreen role after the GL’s cancellation. “That muse had flown.”   She left New York and pursued other interests, from sculpting and writing to studying Spanish. However, it wasn’t long before she was drawn back into performing.  When Charles Towers, the artistic director of the Merrimack Repertory Theatre, offered Garrett the chance to return to theater in the new play, Ghost Writer, she accepted.  The timing proved to be perfect. Playing the character of Vivian Woosley provided a welcome distraction from her mother’s recent passing. For an actress who began in the theater, it was also a return to her acting roots.”

At the end of this story, Garrett had a special message to her fans:  “I am very happy and fulfilled,” she says, before adding in a semi-mocking tone reminiscent of Holly, “and the kids are all right.”

So soapers,  what do you think of the news of Maureen coming out?  What went down at Guiding Light when Maureen suggested a same-sex storyline for Holly?   Where you a fan of Holly on GL?  Let us know!

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  1. Mike says:

    She’s an amazing woman and actress.


  2. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Congrats to her!!! So happy that she’s able to feel comfortable coming out of the closet after all of these days! Proud of you Maureen! Glad you’re happy with where you are in your life!


  3. Rob says:

    I would have loved to have seen them do a story like that with Holly, she was an under utilized and under appreciated talent.


  4. TnT 2.0 Forever says:

    I love Holly and Maureen Garrett. Usually I have idea before an actor goes public, but this was a complete surprise. I wish her all the best. She looks lovely as always.


  5. Patrick says:

    Hello Ms. Maureen Garrett.

    Thank You.


    Pride in who you are…. “I am Gay”.

    I loved Guiding Light.


  6. Beacon says:

    I would have loved Holly to find love with Olivia – it would have been so special, especially after the hell she had been through with Roger Thorpe who for better or worse, was the love of her life.

    They would have been so sweet together. I always thought there was a delightful sapphic undercurrent to scenes she had with both Crystal and Beverlee McKinsey:


  7. Christine says:

    I watched GUIDING LIGHT here and there, but I remember her – her voice was so sexy! I was so envious.

    I’m glad she is happy. :-)


  8. toscanti says:

    Loved her as Holly and respect her so much as Maureen. Congrats!


  9. Rodd says:

    Thank you, Ms. Garrett! Loved you then; love you now! All the best!


  10. Blake says:

    I was so surprised to see this! But great news for Maureen to come out! I have always loved her as Holly Lindsey on Guiding Light! I always loved it when she was on. I really loved it when Holly and Blake fought, or when Roger and Holly fought their passion for each other. They really were one of daytime’s best and hottest couples!

    She and her partner and their three sons look so happy, what a great family!


  11. Shelly says:

    I love Holly and Maureen Garrett. She is an inspiration for all mature women (regardless of sexual preference) who are very comfortable with their place in life. Off topic: I miss Guiding Light so much!!!!


  12. craig silver says:

    Way to go Maureen!! Continued happiness


  13. Tilda says:

    I’d question the idea that the fans didn’t know. While it wasn’t common knowledge, anyone who was into soaps at that time- I mean really into soaps- heavily suspected. Michael Zaslow’s wife wrote a fictional novel or two that clearly drew from her life with him and his role as Roger Thorpe. Reading between the (albeit fictional) lines, it was fairly clear his co-star’s sexual orientation.

    In the end, good on her for her choices, then and now.


  14. Lesley says:

    I wish that Guiding Light was still on the air. Maureen G is a good actress and wish she would have stayed acting. I loved everything about Guiding Light. It would be nice to have it continue online. As far as her coming out, I don’t think any less of her. We can’t help who we fall in love with.


  15. Taylor says:

    Maureen, congrats to you and your family. I truly admire your work as Holly on GL. Watching you on GL was part of many wonderful memories with my dad. Thanks for sharing your talent with us. You are beautiful inside and out. Best wishes for you and your family.


  16. Powanaha says:

    As a very long time GL fan I loved the Holly and Roger story. But I have to say that this news does not surprise me. Just by virtue of her always shunning personal publicity, I kinda figured.


  17. Diana says:

    I loved her with Roger… bad a guy as he was on the show, he was absolutely wonderful in his part……they were great together…..


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