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11 May 4th, 2010 Handicapping Daytime Emmy Drama Series Nods – TV Guide Mag report

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Out today from TV Guide Magazine, Michael Logan reveals to his readers the seven episodes that were submitted for contention for this years Daytime Emmy for The Outstanding Drama Series, and his thoughts on the shows picks.   Soaps are allowed to submit one episode from the eligibility period.

Shockingly, Guiding Light picked their farewell episode, over his pick, and those of many soap pundits, The Runaway Bride Episode where Natalia dumped Frank at the altar and went searching for Olivia. One Life went with their Grey Gardens spoof, and AMC decided on their, “Who Shot Stuart?” episode. From the looks of it, those didn’t strike a chord, either.On the flip side, Logan cites that ATWT for it’s Valentine’s Day fairy tale spoof which already won them a DGA Award, could bring the show a final nomination at the end of it’s run.

However, it was DAYS episode revolving around Grace’s death, GH’s amazing carnival, and B&B’s beautiful sequences where Ann (Betty White) dies, that look to be strong contenders, along with Y&R”s Colleen’s heart transplant to Victor episode.

So who do you think will end up as the final nominees when they are announced on Wednesday, May 12th?

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  1. Rob says:

    Im not shocked that they picked the wrong Guiding Light episode, Telenext and P&G killed the show deliberately.
    They are doing the same with ATWT, though they thankfully have kept the production values up.
    Id love to see both these shows nominated but it wont happen…..


  2. CM says:

    Why in the world would One Life have picked that ridiculous Grey Gardens spoof? One Life to Live actually *is* the best Daytime Drama, why would they have picked such a ridiculous episode?

    I swear they make ridiculous decisions when it comes to the Emmys. That Trevor St. John wasn’t pre-nommed last year is proof enough of that.


  3. bottomchef says:

    Thru process of elimination, no nominations go to the ff: Y&R, AMC, ATWT, OLTL and Allison Sweeney!

    Y&R. Probably one of the most maudlin, bathetic eps ever produced on Daytime.It’s like a bad Emmy reel for Bergman. He hogs and chews and delivers one pithy, ridiculous line after the next like “Lives blown up” and the poetic “Colleen is full of heart.” LOL! Miller was terrible, and his skull looked like it would burst. Killing off Colleen dismantles the Abbott clan yet again, and this haphazzard storyline was hatched to write out Braeden. I don’t think voters will endorse Y&R. Also, the acting is just plain old bad, w/ everyone getting a “moment” to cram as many Abbotts and Newmans in there, w/c leaves no one with a real moment. A reel where MTS and MS get to shine would have been better.

    OLTL. Talk abt indulgent! Grey Gardens the documentary is extremely exploitative, it boggles the mind how it has reached “iconic” status in the queer community. But OLTL’s send up was cheap, sad and unimaginative, w/c is fitting since it’s all in Blair’s imagination. It’s like something out of Sunset Beach or Passions, w/o the laughs or the wink to the audience.

    AMC. What a trainwreck! The zoom ins and zoom outs of the Chandler mansion were like something from telenovelas circa 90s. Minshew is one of the worst actresses to disgrace Daytime. Her shrieks were awful, heck even Kendall’s head nod was terribly acted. Young talking abt that “pit” was laughable! Canary was bad too, and what the heck happened to Bobbie Eakes? She used to be such a pro at handling these mega meltdowns on B&B.

    ATWT’s fairytale was anything but. Those poor actors in those ridiculous costumes. There goes their dignity. Doesn’t Maura West look like she just wants to shoot herself? LOL!

    Days’ Ali Sweeney. If Michael Logan is referring to the reel where Nicole tries to hit Nicole w/ that glass trinket, then Sweeney should not get nominations. Sweeney was so brute, and almost masculine when Sami was screaming at Nicole. Zucker had good moments but appeared out of it. Maybe it was her pregnancy? Anyways, Zucker outacted Sweeney in this one, veen if Zucker’s perf was flawed in many parts.

    Sadly, if B&B wins, it will only encourage Brad Bell to keep up the crappy work. Brad Bell is up to his usual tricks with massive history rewrites and stunt casting (Betty White and this was an all women ep). But these stunts worked when Storm killed himself, so Brad’s going for the second Emmy win.

    W/ these Daytime Emmy submissions representing the cumulative “best” of each soaps, then TPTB should expect more audience erosion. These are terrible reels, and they do reflect the sad state Daytime is in.


  4. Iakovos says:

    I wish ATWT would have chosen the Christmas Eve episode about Brad Snyder’s final good-bye and crossing over. I found everything about it so very good. I suppose GL’s submission of its final ep is in respect to the entire company but I thought they tried to shoehorn too much into that last hour. As much as I loved Betty White and her story arc on B&B, the overall storytelling on that series is so bad. Y&R, too, seems mired in stupidity. One moment does not exhibit overall excellencein a series. OLTL has a wealth of riches (yes, I am including Kish) that submitting a stunt episode seems very misguided. DAYS is resurgent, I know. AMC is on its way to improving, thank goodness, but 2009 was not its best year. As much as I tire of the mob presence, GH continues to deliver some strong stories with strong actors and the carnival and Claudia storylines were very good. Basedon what I think and looking at the eight series overall, I would like to see the four nominees be GH, ATWT, OLTL, and DAYS.


  5. bottomchef says:

    Michelle Stafford vs. Crystal Chappell

    MS’s reel

    Now this is how to submit an Emmy tape. There was range. Even the intro with Noah was good. Yes in some parts of “please leave” she goes overboard, but she reels it back in. Stafford breathes a lot of life into the scene, and Phyliss is as crazy as usual. This reel boasts a lot of rich acting from Stafford, and she could very well win the Emmy.

    CC’s reel

    Otalia has gotten a lot of feedback, so maybe there will be a backlash from the voters. Also, Nelson Branco actually made an unrealistic comparison of CC’s acting to Heath ledger’s acting in Brokeback Mountain. Ledger was phenomenal, the acting was tour de force, and it ranks right up there w/ all of the best performances. So Branco’s exaggeration could turn off voters, this reel lacked the range that MS has. The way CC stops herself when she says “like an old married couple” was very unnatural and scripted. And the lines “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” before she has a meltdown were so cheesey and awful. Who wrote that crap? She goes so OTT when Olivia says “I’m in love with you.” However, her acting gets better in the quieter parts of the reel. She’s been on Days, GL and OLTL so I guess that gives her more voters, but MS has the superior reel. MS was able to rise above the melodrama. CC did in some parts, but it was not as good as MS’s reel.


  6. anonymous says:

    I don’t know if many people would let Branco’s opinions affect how they vote. He’s always exaggerating and saying ridiculous things. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Crystal Chappell’s clip but I thought she did a great job with the material she was given.

    It was a bad idea to submit GL’s last episode. It fairly good as far as finale’s go except for the failure to address what happened to Jeffrey. But it certainly wasn’t the best episode of GL that year.


    bottomchef replied

    anonymous, I agree w/ your comments. branco is daytime’s empress of exaggeration. For years he’s been pushing for Amelia Heinle’s firing and telling TPTB thru his columns to recast Y&R’s Vikki w/ some reasonable suggestions (Sarah Joy Brown, Tamara Braun, Christie Clark, Gina Tognoni) to perplexing, awful ones (Eden reigel, Maura West, and the WORST: Terri Columbino! Hahahahahahahaha.) Slutty Katie as Y&R’s Victoria?! Terrible suggestion! He’s been campaigning tirelessly to get Hienle and Woods (B&B’s Steffy) fired, thru his exaggerated bashing of their acting. He bashes Woods every week, even when Steffy isn’t even on B&B! Yet he’ll never bash Nadia Bjorlin, who’s been awful on DAYS since its ghoul girl storyline. He exclaims that Michael Muhney is the future of Y&R! LOL! Branco exclaimed that Michael Muhney is a threat to Jonathan Jackson! LOL! JJ, GH’s legacy actor who is still the definitive Lucky and is one of Daytime’s most acclaimed actors. LOL! He praises B&B for the horrid Bridget/HOwen/Jackie grief sex, and who’s the daddy arc all bec Beemer portrays HOwen. Bjorlin, Muhney and Beemer are his twitter friends who took NOH8 pictures. He’ll exaggerate like crazy when he pushes for someone. Chappell’s a good Daytime vet, but the comparison to Heath ledger is laughable. This is EXACTLY why the Daytime press can’t be the ones to pick who wins at the DAYTIME Emmys. All Branco will do is push for his undeserving friends.


  7. C.L.B says:

    Hey bottomchef, since you know what the Y&R and GH ladies sent out as their leading actresses emmy reels, do you know what Scott Evans sent out as his emmy reel for his potential younger acting nod? I know what Brett Claywell sent for his emmy reel for his best supporting actor nod, but what about SE? I know you prefer BC over SE to get a daytime emmy nomination, but I would really like to see SE’s reel since I’ve already seen BC’s reel on YouTube.


    bottomchef replied

    Why the hell would I help you CLB? All you did was launch personal attacks at me during the height of the kish axings all because you disagreed w/ my opinions. Go find the SE reel yourself. But who cares abt his reel? It’ll most likely be a piece of crap. To those interested, here’s Cougar Town’s ace up their sleeve, Carolyn Hennesy, for GH Supporting Actress reel: Diane gets back with Max on Thanksgiving: Once again Nelson Branco was disproven. he claimed that Daytime community jealousies prevented one of his faves, Tuc Watkins, from ever getting pre nominated bec Watkins has a recurring, background role on Primetime soap DH. Yet, Primetime and film actress Betty White has been pre nominated, along w/ Primetime actress Henessey, and even Victoria Rowell got Daytime Emmy nominations years ago while being on Primetime show Diagnosis Murder. All to pimp his faves.


    Dede replied

    I for one feel Crystal Chappell will win the Emmy for best actress, she was far and away the better actress in 2009 not to mention its her turn she has never one best actress and she is long over due. Ms Strafford has her share of best actress Emmy’s and if the daytime Emmy’s want to be considered a legitimate judge of talent CC will win.


  8. James-Minnesota says:

    All My Children, Y&R, Bold & Beautiful, and not Guiding Light-wasted last show……awful………should have renuited Reba and her last husband, not Joshua…………and last but not least General Hospital


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