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26 March 26th, 2017 Happy 44th Anniversary To The Young and the Restless!


On Sunday, CBS’s number-one rated daytime drama series turns 44-years-old.   The Young and the Restless created by the the late William J. Bell and his wife, Lee Phillip Bell premiered on the network back on March 26th, 1973.

Back in December of 2016, it marked the 28th consecutive years that the show has remained daytime’s #1 rated show, which is an outstanding accomplishment never before seen in the history of the genre.

The series currently under the creative regime of executive producer, Mal Young and head writer Sally Sussman, this past week took home the most Daytime Emmy nominations of any daytime program with 25 nods.

In a tweet from the Y&R Insider twitter account they acknowleged the shows anniversary expressing:  “Today is the 44th anniversary of #YR. Thanks to our viewers for your loyalty & to Mr. & Mrs. Bell for starting it all!”

Congratulations to the cast, crew, and behind the scenes personnel for another anniversary on the air, and for keeping Y&R the class act that is.

Post your anniversary messages and thoughts for Y&R if its your favorite show in the comment section below!

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  1. Kevin C says:

    I am back watching the Young and the Restless full time since Sally and Kay have returned. I am enjoying the story lines that Sally and Kay are providing and I am happy but still feel that the show is not 100% complete due to the background music…It would be so nice for Y&R to hire Jack Allocco and David Kurtz back to Y&R to bring back the beautiful background music the show use to have and was a part of the show…PLEASE MAL AND SALLY…make this happen…


    SiteAdvocate replied

    I also see the much needed change in the difference between regimes. Sally and Kay are making their female leads more of a force on the show. I just don’t comprehend the low demographics because this is as close to Bill Bell as we’re going to get. I’m also enjoying the change in Nicholas with his brother Adam. I know CPJr started it and I’m glad that Sally and Kay are continuing it. I always thought Adam and Nick’s rivalry was juvenile at best and their renewed respect for each other would be great if Adam returned in one way shape or form.


  2. Mateo says:

    I have watched Y&R through many regimes. I have watched the good and the bad but what always makes this show so superior is the cast. Each actor has so many strengths. I am enjoying the current writing regime. They are bringing back the realness of the characters. I know that the current writing team favors keeping certain couples together. I do appreciate that. My only request is that they make up their minds regarding Cane and Lily. I don’t really like this couple anyway but I am tired of the yo yo turns with them. First they screw at every turn and then for no reason they cheat. They always look so shocked and dismayed when it happens. But for goodness sake, that is all they do. They should have Master degrees in coital relations. If they are destined to be together then keep them together and stop bringing in other characters to mess them up. Cane is always lusting for someone and then acts so remorseful when he acts on it but he ALWAYS does it. Lily is the same way. How about they deal with their addictions to sex in general? I mean c’mon already and decide what you want. Everyone else is doing great. Give Mariah and Ashley some lovin’ they need it desperately. I love Gloria and I enjoy watching her work with the Abbott family in general. Victoria and Billy do belong together. I love Sharon being an independent woman. I enjoy Nick and Chelsea together BUT bring back Adam. (Michael Muhney please). There hasn’t been a love like Adam and Chelsea before. They were so heated together. I loved Justin Hartley’s take on Adam but Michael Muhney IS Adam Newman. I love this show. It’s always a great experience. Thank you to Mal Young and Sally Sussman for honoring the history and characters. Keep it up Y&R.


    Nikki replied

    I so agree with you Mateo. The numbers would sky rocket if we could bring back Michael Muhney but I don’t think the heavy weights care about what the fans want. I think two of the vet. actor/actress don’t want him back and they carry the weight for the rest. Such a shame because this show was hot with Chadam/Shadam.


    Donna replied

    They say u should forgive people for their mistakes, are these two vets too big to do such a kind thing, the man upstairs forgives all of us.

    Nikki replied

    Your right Donna but these two think they run the show. One who should be retired is afraid he’ll lose his position so he thinks holding M.M. back will make him # 1 and too bad about the fans. The other one again because of the length of time she’s been on thinks she has pull. I wish the two of them would retire or be on re-curing static. I believe their way too high on themselves because if a poll was taken with M,M, or– -? and another with M.M. or – -? I think M.M. would be voted back in.

    Rhonda replied

    I agree with much of your post, Mateo, but you confuse me when you say Cane is always lusting after another woman. He’s never cheated on Lilly while she has cheated on him twice, with his worst enemy, no less. The only woman we’ve see Cane lust after is his wife.
    I think this latest woman planted the lingerie and earring to make Cane think he cheated on Lily so she can get a job out of him. He does seem to be a target for scheming women because as you recall, Hillary also staged a faux sexual tryst.
    Loving Y&R right now. I really enjoyed the music scene with Reed, Nikki and his new music teacher today–more please.
    I do not like Mariah with Devon, however. I think he’s way too boring, too bland for the likes of the interesting, cute and droll Mariah. I would rather see her paired up with Ravi–now they would make an interesting pair.
    I loved the scene in which Scotty tutors Sharon on her college essay–that was a well written scene.


    Judy replied

    I like Mariah and Devon I dont like ravi at all

    Rhonda replied

    I don’t get not liking Ravi.

  3. Mo says:

    Congratulations. Been a viewer since 2008.


  4. Bart says:

    I’ve watched “Y & R” through the good and the bad after Bill Bell’s passing and right now, we are back to GOOD!! So nice to watch CHARACTER-DRIVEN drama once again on my show of 35+ years!! Sally Sussman & Kay Alden are doing their damndest to bring the show back to what makes it so great and Mal Young is doing a very respectable job in his EP job.

    Keep it going, guys!!!


  5. Damien says:

    Bill bell had a underlying evil/ villaneous trait to his characters that were complex…drucilla, jack, victor , michael baldwin with their motives .they had secrets brewing with possibilities of being exposed in storylines that were on the verge of exploding. Or he created villians you rooted for like sheila carter or phyliss romalotti who terrorized the heroines like lauren or cricket. There was suspence and mystery. ..The current regime is lacking any clear villians and heroes with plots. No villians to hate or symphatize with. In otherwords…BORING.


    Kevin C replied

    Damien, I so totally understand what you are saying and agree with you except I don’t think Y&R is boring…I really believe that Sally will bring us suspense and mystery for I think her main focus at the time is getting the character’s back to where they need to be then add the suspense and mystery which I also love and hope they do…


  6. Timmm says:

    44 is great!

    45? Yes, get rid of Devon, Chelsea, Jordan, can and Colin.

    Bring back the original Tucker for Jill.

    Make Chancelor relevant again. Give Esther something to do.

    Bring back that farmer Sam. Have him stalk Sharon. Scott to the rescue! But before Scott can subdue Sam, Sam hacks off Scott’s Yanni hair with sheep shears!

    Mariah and Kevin find each other AGAIN!

    Harding returns as Paul’s assistant Chief!

    Lilly and Billy

    Victoria and NOBODY! She is cold as ice!

    Reed walks to Warsaw!

    Deacon Sharpe returns!

    Ashley boots the boy and falls for Sharon’s dad. [William DeVries PLEASE!]

    Murphy and Esther take over Crimson.

    Sharon works for Jabot.

    Jaclk falls for Ashley’s real estate friend which is way too much for Jackie boy to handle!


    Give Neil a story.

    Victor brings back WHOMEVER HE WANTS!


    Rhonda replied

    Love your post, Timm and agree with every point except one. Get rid of Colin? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do, however, give Colin something to do which does not involve Jill and does not involve him stealing or pulling another con.
    Tristan Rogers is a talented, charismatic, funny and handsome actor who just lights up the screen with his very presence.
    Let him play with the big boys. I would like to see him involved with Newman or Jabot.


    Timmm replied

    Thanks Rhonda. I love Tristan but would rather see him on GH. BUT, that show is so poorly written they might put him back on the street as a cadet instead of an agent! I like your idea, let him and Victor butt heads!

    dmr replied

    The actress who plays Victoria has zero chemistry with Billy, and I thought the same when the character was paired with Travis. Billy and Phyllis have loads of chemistry-with just one look. I just don’t understand the need to rehash the very boring tale of Victoria and Billy (or Victoria and anyone for that matter).


    Timmm replied

    Victoria needs an older man and she is horrible with Reed! Do NOT like the new actress who plays Phyllis!

    Tani Sterling replied

    Been gone for a several weeks. Don’t feel any connection with new reporter on the scene. Wish I did! Wonder about Nikki and Paul not connecting more deeply regarding the loss of their child. Not a physical thing.

    Jill seems to have played more deeply into her role. Do feel the unfortunate connection. Don’t lose her, please!

    The program seems slower in an almost pleasant way. I see no chemistry between any players. Either build the new romance or find it!


    Timmm replied

    Good point, Paul hasnt been seen much and Nikki is hugging all over Victor!

  7. Iakovos says:

    I am thrilled with the course Y&R is taking. There are so many parts of the rebooted (?) series that genuinely connect to what Mr. Bell created for us. I anticipate more subtle changes to come. It takes time and finesse to right a listing ship… and Y&R was listing. The writers and EP will restore luster to legacy characters, correct histories, and incorporate the past in to new plots surely protected in a show bible kept under lock and key in the offices. I believe in daytime drama. I believe in Y&R!


  8. kalamaty says:

    Congratulations to my favorite show! Y&R is a powerhouse with everyone else waaaayyy back in the rear view mirror!

    Here’s a few notes for my Y&R wish/bucket list…

    Please find a way to utilize some of the fantastic bg music from Jez Davidson.

    The CD contains most of the iconic tracks from back in the day and they are every bit as tear-jerking as they were then!

    Next, please PLEASE bring back the outside shots… I thought that was brilliant of them to start this last year, but I’ve noticed less and less of it lately. The characters seem so much more real in outdoor settings… the GC canvas appears larger as well this way.

    Looking forward to another year of Y&R being on top!


    Kevin C replied

    Kalamaty…YES YES, Jez Davidson’s background music would be great but I would not think that they would go that far back…Jez Davidson, Jack Alloccoo and David Kurtz….hiring them back is also my wish/bucket list…


    Kevin C replied

    I was thinking Jez was before Jack and David and forgot that all 3 worked together…Ever since the show began until Jez,Jack and David left…Y&R was a league in it’s own with it’s background music.

  9. Joy Mathys says:

    Sad anniversary actually. The Young and the Restless have become the show unable to write for it’s longest running cast member. Paul, played by Doug Davidson has appeared in only 4 episodes since the end of January. Write for him, please writers, so I could enjoy again the show I used to love.


  10. Cindy says:

    Been watching for over 40 yrs and I am loving most of the changes with the new old writers. Especially Sharon, Victor and Nikki. Love Nick and Chelsea ‘s characters just do not like them as a couple. Waiting g for a Nick and Sharon reunion. We need a new Adam, I never really liked Muhney’s Adam but loved Justin Hartley. The character needs to be recast tho. Congrats to Y&R and I look forward to many more years of great storytelling!


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