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37 November 8th, 2013 Happy 48th Anniversary to Days Of Our Lives! And You Can Join The Celebration!

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Good morning to all of our colleagues at Days of our Lives!  It is a very special day for the longest running scripted series in NBC Television history who turns 48 years young today! And that, my friends, is quite the accomplishment!

We want to first say a big congratulations for all the hard working men and women in front of the camera and behind the scenes who have kept this darling of  soapland cranking out episodes day after day, and week after week!

In a climate where so many daytime dramas have gone to soap heaven, DAYS has been a true survivor! And this year also saw DAYS win the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, the only second time in its storied history!

And right in time for their anniversary, the Friday air show looks to be quite the doozy, now that Marlena (Deidre Hall) hit the play button and the sex romp/rape of Kristen (Eileen Davidson) to Father Eric (Greg Vaughan) is being shown at Kristen’s wedding to Brady (Eric Martsolf)!  Good timing!

The cast and crew of DAYS have something fun planned to celebrate today and that includes you, its loyal and passionate fans!  Starting at 10AMPST and going to 3PMPST, the stars will be live tweeting from the set and answering some of your questions!  Use #askdays48 and go to the @DaysofourLives to participate and also check out @NBCDays!  We are told that the actors will be tweeting out pictures, details and videos from the big event!

Alison Sweeney (Sami) kicked off the online celebration this morning when she tweeted, “Good morning! TGIF! Happy 48th anniversary to @nbcdays !!!! So proud to be a part of such a fantastic show & family. #Days #AskDays

S0 DAYS fans, leave you special congratulatory message for the citizens of Salem here!  Let’s show them some love and appreciation today!



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  1. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Happy 40th anniversary to the lovely and talented cast of DAYS!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied



    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    That’s what I meant to write. Cold hands.

  2. boes says:

    Congratulations to DOOL! IMO, it’s the best soap remaining.


  3. Marie says:

    Congrats on 48 years! Your cast young and old is what makes this show


  4. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I hope if it makes it to its 50th, Days pulls a GH and brings back many blasts from its past for a visit and short story arcs…except for school, and a brief stop watching in 1980 after that horrible mass firing of so many favorites, ive watched Days since the begining…48 years!!! CONGRATULATIONS Days Of Our Lives!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Now wouldve been a good time to bring back Frankie Brady…i said recently the actor they hired to play this Liam shouldve been Frankie who was Jens old boyfriend…with Jen and Danial on the splits, Jen and Frankie rekindle their old romance just as J.J. begins to like Danial for saving his sorry ass and now approves of Danials relationship with his mother…meanwhile, after several months of dating, Jen and Frankie realize they were never meant to be and part as good friends!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    One more thing…Days wedding disasters remind me a lot of our family gatherings…lol

    MBmomof3 replied

    Loved Frankie Brady (and Billy Warlock). Loved Frankie and Jen together. I can’t stand Dannifer! Maybe Jen would be likeable again without Daniel. Hard to say. I used to be a Jen fan, but not anymore.

  5. robert says:

    Congrats. Two years till 50.


    angie replied

    days of our lives will be cancelled in about 2 years. trust me, the soap has gone down hill. the ratings are not very good.


    SZima replied

    Debbie Downer!
    I think the show is doing quite well, thank you very much!
    DOOL is right up there with GH as far as “Must See” soaps go! The show is ROCKING!

    boes replied

    Who are you, the Great Karnack?

  6. utah says:

    Like sands through the hourglass, so are the 48 years of our Lives!!!!!! Congrats DAYS, and may there be many more… for all the Days of My Life!!!!


  7. Mo says:

    Congratulations!!!! Can’t wait for today’se ep!


  8. 4everDAYS says:

    At 48 and still great, make room for DAYS on your plate! Don’t be a dummy, Days is really yummy! No time to ignore, DAYS is not a bore! Don’t mess with bee hives when things are sweet at Days of our Lives!!!

    More viewers are needed to calm my fears for this beauty of 48 years.

    Please help.


  9. Iakovos says:

    Congrats DAYS! Forever grateful you were there for me when I lost my friends in Oakdale and Llanview and Pine Valley. Your reboot, the EJ/Sami chemistry, the Kristen DiMera fun, and the Will/Sonny storylines have given me a comfortable warm daytime home.


  10. Carol Laws says:

    Congratulations to the very talented cast of Days of Our Lives on 48 years. This is the best cast in daytime. Looking to many more years of watching Days.


  11. MBmomof3 says:

    Congratulations DOOL! Hoping for another great 48! I’m loving this show.


  12. ricardo says:

    congrats days of our lives. im so happy john black is coming back in february. now please bring back frankie brady. billy warlock needs jennifer horton. they were so hot together. get rid of daniel now. he puts me to sleep. lol.


  13. Andi says:

    Congrats Days! I watch Days Of Our Lives twice a day. The present day show on cable TV and in the afternoons we are behind about 18 years on the local TV here in Barbados. Local TV has Belle just saved from the poison that Kristen meant for Marlena. Also Dr. Mike Horton running for Chief of staff. Old!! -But I still enjoy watching it!


    Patrick replied


    Lucky you…

    LOL…. so tell us more… ie: about…. Kristen and Marlena… are you up to the part when she kidnaps Marlena? have you seen susan or sister mary?


    for us… it’s fragments and litle snipets on U-tube


  14. RLeternal says:

    Congratulations! DOOL and may you have many more years of airing.


  15. says:

    Congrats Days! WOW I am so happy that Days is still on the air! I was hooked since I was a young girl, my mom was one of your biggest fans :-) I remember during the summer she had me record (yes on an old tape recorder) the full episode and yes you could hear me giggling in the back round.. I named my eldest daughter after the character Melissa! I remember she was a dancer and always loved her.. I have a 12 year old who is now hooked! please keep Days on the air! as I would not know what to do with myself if it went off the air LOL! I have a dream that one day I can make it to one of the Days of days! the was a dream of my moms but she never made it.. (I know she is watching from heaven and loving every episode! as they are as good as it was back in the 80′S! keep up the good work.. forever a true days fan.


  16. Me says:

    Looks like the person hidden behind Jen Lilley is Chandler Massey.. Why would they hide te EMMY WINNER in a group picture?!… How quickly WERE they prepared to get rid of him, wow!


    4everDAYS replied

    I don’t think Chandler Messy is in the picture because he was to busy running his mouth to reporters, making it all about him!


    Me replied

    Still as classy as ever 4everDAYS..

    You just keep being in denial, if it’s comfy enogh for you.

    4everDAYS replied

    I’m not in denial. CM announced he was leaving way before he should have. DAYS tapes four months ahead of what we see. His announcement was in June. His departure WAS slated for January, I believe. That exit date would result in us seeing him into May.

    A public notice in June through a last airdate in May is eleven months of negativity for DAYS. The focus should be positive for DAYS, not about publicity of an impending departure of a performer, especially for eleven months.

    I’m sure Chandler’s reps wanted him to make the announcement to garner a lot of publicity. DAYS simply could not sit back and let CM ride the wave that would drown DAYS.

    Maybe he did make a simple mistake, but the damage was done.

    Maybe CM no longer wanted intimate scenes with his co-star. Maybe his reps were behind that.

    Possibly, his reps could have gone behind his back and had DAYS reduce the intimacy and ultimately let him go to have better chance with an acting career without being typecast for gay roles only.

    There is so much that could have happened. We’ll most likely never know, but in the end a performer does not control a show. Eleven months is way too long. Seven months is still too long.

    He has his emmys. He has his freedom. Do you think he should have executive control?

    As a reminder, I am a CM fan, but that situation is very messy. Hence the name Chandler Messy.

    Good luck to CM and long live Days of our Lives.

    4everDAYS replied

    Chandler Messy may have a “Me” complex!


    Me replied

    Ok you are not in denial. You are delusional, sorry. I mean com’on! This was not CM manipulating anything/anyone. He was screwed over by TPTB and his team. Look at the press interview. Some journalist asks him about his plans after his contract ends, he answers and you translate this with he announced his departure? He didn’t, because mid-August (10 days before he got fired) he and his co-star were still discussing whether CM should stay or not. If you think he shouldn’t have announced his plans after December, then you know maybe he wouldn’t have if that reporter hadn’t asked him. Ever thought about CMs teams being behind that?

    And I don’t believe for one second that it was CM who didn’t want intimate scenes with his co-star. Not towards the end that’s for sure. Just watch them both and you’ll see. It’s the writing that didn’t allow anything happening between the characters – talk about unequal treatment! And if the writing in that respect sucked, then I believe it’s CMs team or TPTB that that had their say in that. Not CM. And certainly not Freddie Smith.

    And what’s that thing with the 11 months of negativity? No idea what you mean. Have you SEEN how the sudden recast announcement (and the way it was done, by a fellow actor, never by NBC itself!) has increased negativity among the recast? If anything, it’s that! And have you seen the reactions to Meng’s crappy interview – full of contradictions with what he is saying and what he has said in the past! And what they say about Guy Wilson also has no logic whatsoever and you can tell by two Daytime Royalty interviews with Freddie Smith, that he is not happy. I totally agree that it’s messy, but it’s not because of Chandler Massey. The mess is all on Corday and Meng and the rest of their lot. They had their very planned reasons for firing Chandler Massey on the day they did. Perfectly crappy timing. Go check on what the new Will’s dude first scenes are supposed to be. Just do the math! TPTBs actions should not be tolerated, ESPECIALLY with regard to the gay thematic (in Soaps more specifically). This should blow up in their faces, so the bigotry ends once and for all.

    I have little hope.

    4everDAYS replied

    May Chandler Massey have a happy and full life.

    I suggest he find new reps.

    The same reps that handle CS indicates bad management to me.


  17. Gmbenet says:

    Happy 48th Anniversary, Days! Sorry I missed the Live tweet! #Working


  18. vickie says:

    Happy 48th love the show this is my faviort soap hope you keep the show on another 48 years


  19. Phil says:

    I remember when GL celebrates 50 years… That was my favorite soap. DAYS is now, and coincidentally, many of the GL writers are there now(Lorraine Broderick)! DAYS is so great right now… Happy 48 years, hopefully the best is yet to come!


  20. Mary H says:

    Happy Birthday and hoping for many many more years.


  21. Max says:

    The Days Tradition in my house started on Days very first day with my Grandmother. The tradition of watching and talking about Days is still strong in my family. Congratulations and I can’t wait for the 50 year anniversary!


  22. Rose says:

    I’ve been watching for at least 15 years. And this weeks wedding disaster is one of my favorite soap moments. It was crazy good.


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