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20 November 8th, 2017 Happy 52nd Anniversary To Days of our Lives!


Today, November 8th marks the 52nd anniversary of NBC’s Days of our Lives.  The series debuted on this date back in 1965.

“Like sands through the hourglass” … the daytime drama series tells the tale and interweaves the drama of the core families of the Hortons, Bradys, and DiMeras, and was created by Ted and Betty Corday.

DAYS executive producer, Ken Corday continues his parents dream and legacy alongside co-executive producers, Greg Meng and Albert Alaar, and the current writing regime under head scribe Ron Carlivati, with Sheri Anderson Thomas and Ryan Quan.  The soap is set to deliver an exciting November through the New Year, and more with fantastic arrivals and fan favorite returns.

Share you congratulations and well-wishes to DAYS in the comment section below, and post your favorite moments from Salem throughout the years!

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  1. Mo says:

    Happy 52 Days! The show is truly worth watching!


    Celia replied

    Yes….and many, many more. Celebrate!! Congrats!!


  2. Jimh says:

    I started watching from the beginning and its golden years was the late 60s to 1979…i quit watching briefly with the mass firings around 1980…watched several years…was an on and off viewer since the 1990s until a few years ago…i hope Ron C. can keep the momentum…had my doubts but he has done great improvements…i wonder what he might had done different for the shows 50th-which was too much darkness and not worth celebrating…i would had added several cameos from past cast members, clips showing past and present characters…and had several current characters like Ned and Hope play Doug and Julie ect..Ned as Doug singing ‘Most Beautiful Girl In the World’ to Hope’s Julie at a celebration of Doug and Julie’s 50th wedding anniversary as the real Doug and Julie watch approvingly and join in the singing-Susan Martin-Julie’s old rival (if Denise Alexander would came back) revealed as Ann’s mother and finding out the real reason why Ann hated the Hortons(Bill accidentally killed Ann’s father Eric Peters during a botched emergency surgery)…so much they could had done but didnt happen during the shows disaster of a 50th!!!


    Celia replied

    You and my Grandmother should exchange/compare notes, Jimmy. You tell a great story….good for you. I ‘hear’ the nostlgia in your writing, as I do my Gran’s.
    Other than Another World, Days is her preferred soap.


    Jimh replied

    I loved Another World…hope you showed your Gran some of those few rare vintage clips of AW that survived the wiping process from the show(a few are from the 60s to the 70s-there were some taken from a side angle but i still like seeing those rare epps in any condition)…its on kinescope but i have watched the wedding of Lenore and Walter from 1968 over a dozen times-its my all time favorite soap wedding-watching it feels like you are witnessing a real wedding-it was so well written!!!

    Jimh replied

    They are on youtube i forgot to add…

    Celia replied

    I envy you, Jimmy….I always maintened I was born in the wrong decade….sometimes, Century.


  3. PF says:

    Congrats, Days! Ron & co. have made the show fun and compelling. Really enjoying it. Now if those Nielsen numbers would come up, a renewal by NBC beyond next fall would be assured.


  4. mike says:

    Ron has made Days watchable again. Now NBC has to show faith and promote the show.


  5. elaine gilmore says:

    i love the show very much, the writers are awesome keeping all busy, the actress and actors are the best of the best, congrats and keep up the great work


  6. blake says:

    Happy anniversary to Days! So glad it’s watchable again thanks to Ron C.’s writing and stories.


  7. Maca says:

    Love u days!!


  8. Iris Cohen says:

    Yay for Days of our Lives! Happy 52nd Anniversary! My favorite soap of all time. Here’s to many more years to come!


  9. Scott5 says:

    Remember these good times, Days fans, because Ron runs out of gas around year 3. I’m a fan of Ron and think he’s a great writer (loved what he did with GH the first 2.5 years), but it’s very apparent when he hits the wall.


    Andrew Hass replied

    Ron Carlivati went from writing OLTL almost immediately writing for General Hospital.So now that he had time off between his writing at GH to his now writing at Days he’s been refreshed in a way and he won’t run out of gas.Plus at Days he has story consultants Sheri Anderson and Ryan Quan that could keep him focused and he can rely on.


  10. Ray says:

    The show has been excellent lately. I would love to see Phillip come back, keep Kate front and center and looking forward to seeing the new Ciara.


  11. Misty says:

    Hope you don’t mind people who disagree, but days hold very little appeal for me I’ve hung on again since 2011 for some good storytelling
    THIS isn’t IT!!!!
    Characters who interest me currently are Brady, Eve, Eric, John, Andre/Tony Abe, Val, Julie, Victor, Eli , Chloe, Susan, Steve, Kayla, Jennifer, Tripp, Loni, Ben. Lucas
    Honestly no longer care what is happening with Marlena Evans family, Kate, Sonny, Paul, Adrienne, Justin, Hope Brady Which probably means without a significant changes my time of watching days is about over, after watching for DAYS for most of my life. IMHO nothing that has happened in the past currently matters to days. The show once was an amazing, fun, family friendly, SOMEWHAT faith based, full of surprises, enjoyable show . Now I can’t recommend it to anyone. I enjoy the old times stories not the craziness that days has become since they did Possession, SKK, Melaswan. The best stories were from the 70′s to late 90′s. The show had a ton more money to spend on location shoots, great umbrella stories. Now these stories are driven by what’s currently the “agenda” of the day NBC exec’s & what TPTB want to promote. I honestly makes me very sad to see days resort to such tactics to draw an audience. I will always love the stories about Roman & Marlena, Kim & Shane, Rojohn & Marlena, Jack & Jen, Steve & Kayla, Mike & Robin, Mike & April, Maggie & Mickey, Doug & Julie, Jen & Frankie, Carrie and WHATever flavor her dad wanted her mother to be this year, LOL. BAD-asses villains like Stefano, Victor, the Torres. The villains since the Alamain’s & Blake’s showed up in town diluted what it once used to be a great villains. I know most people think I stuck in the past. I’m not! I don’t mind when days moves ahead with new characters as much as many people who I see that complain. It’s the writing that has gone so far downhill that it very hard to find anything to compliment the show on anymore. I’ll always appreciate Sheri Anderson and Greg Meng for their efforts to keep days alive. They are both great people, as are so many of the vets from the show BUT bad HW for many years has taken it toll . I don’t think current HW is doing the show any favors. I hope that TPTB read all the comments. It’s appropriate for people to make both their likes and dislikes know. Maybe I am in the minority. Still I feel I have a right to speak up as a viewer.


  12. Patrick says:

    “Like sands through the hourglass” …

    “… so goes the DAYS of OUR Lives ”

    “Thank You” @DOOL, Sony, NBC for continuing this dream team of the best production on daytime.

    this show is so full and replete with all the serial recipe

    FRIDAY – 11/10 cliffhangers, plus

    1. JJ shoots Theo. my heart started racing and the angst will never let up. I care so much about Theo. I can’t blame “Kate” for any misguiding of the other DiMera.. that Abe so longs to protect his son. oh god.. where to start

    as was read in SOD soap opera digest… this reaches – ALL – of Salem. ALL of ALL the denizen of “Days of OUR Lives”

    the heart pounding reach of palpitation , where your heart mind and soul went

    let the incredible cast reach

    OH .. I cried

    JJ .. as played by the – at last – grown up .. steady as they go.. landed with Lani… they define sensual.. they define a sexual combustible connect unlike I’ve seen in a long time.. I am so besotted with Lani. THANK the soap god @DOOL brought her back to this fine show she is defining herself… every character who is connected to Abe Carver. The best family on

    Abe / Valerie / Lani / Eli / Theo .. surefire hit

    side note : I truly hope.. if the rumour mill is true.. that the actor Kyler Pettis . “leaked” information.. and yeah.. GIVE HIM A BREAK. when this show films.. 6 MONTHS in ADVANCE

    what viewer is going to remember ? all we care about is story. and this show is delivering ALL of that.

    Theo connect @DAYS.. by himself.. with James Reynolds… made us love them to bits.. all the more reminder of how loved Lexie Carver is.

    2. Christopher Sean, Paul DESERVES prop. when he first happened @Will

    for the first time FIRED a layer of. his eyes filled with tear

    was this for .. ??? he’s alive and will lose Sonny ? he’s alive and recalls his tryst ? he’s alive and ??? didn’t tell anyone outright ? it was so moving.. I thought.. YES ! @DAYS production team for layering and giving Christopher Sean the actor.. to give the audience a shade of heart tug and pull

    i’m a little angered at Sonny lack of or “respect” for Paul. I know their is love between the two… AND they both acknowledge the love Sonny and Will shared. WOW what a conundrum.

    OK.. the set up – Paul.. held on to the knowledge of Will.. for 24 hours.

    he fesses up to Sonny as he’s released from the hospital.

    Sonny “in anger” directs to Paul – ” I don’t have time for this”, as he gives Paul his world series ring back

    this gave us all the more reason to cheer for … Paul

    I love the guy… I almost want @Andrew.. I think it was.. that with Will possibly having amnesia.. will be attracted to.. Paul

    if that s the case.. “Amnesia” I get that this will give ALL of Salem.. a chance and opportunity to showcase how connected they are to … yes he is.. the most beloved character @DAYS that is the most connected character in all of Salem… AND .. he’s Sami son.

    I think it’s a little strong.. of Sonny to be so adamant that he “wants Will alive ” ??? where does this leave Paul.

    I love Paul honesty… chip of the ole block… ??? being John son ? along with Tori sensibility ? who knows… by showing Paul… hesitate… without any action.. but come forward and be honest… just opened Christopher Sean.. that much more show.

    Eve : she just lit this whole show – period – she embodies so much character.. brings Eve and Kassie DePaiva want to be an actor… full charge. I don’t even want to imagine what’s in store.. I just want to show up

    My Rafe’alicious – yeah that’s him.. still moving my senses. he’s so much more than we all realize.. watch his dialogue and body language… he’s my current day Cary Grant

    yeah.. he is

    With Ali Sweeney back … yeah.. just what I wanted… to showcase.. just how much the spark is back.. i’m sorry.. but the chemistry will always work with Galen Gerring

    With Hope and Rafe. end this it’s telling that RC and the production team.. have not .. along with Jenny Bear.. NOT featured this duo.. that Ken Corday petted and gave us no choice.

    Rafe is so handsome.. so whets the senses.. the camera loves him.. he acts

    Jenny Bear : she’s perfect as the reporter and owner of .. shared publication with Adrienne.. this gives Jennifer relevance and she carries herself . ’nuff said.

    Ben : who has his own thread… you are an indelible mark.. you have left a lasting impression. catapult much ? absolutely

    Tripp / Claire / Theo : this was so cuted out today.. with Tripp and Claire working in the Horton Square.. the nuanced ability Tripp.. the actor REELS — go on.. REEL.. it’s just given the actor , Claire.. that much more presence.

    I CANNOT WAIT : for Tripp to bond with his stepmother.. Kayla. what a dream team that will be.. giving Tripp that chance to move on… sadly enough.. without his mother Ava.. who should never have been killed off. that being said.. Kayla.. should never be without child. this is magical stuff

    Brady / Eric : I will repeat @GH thread.. these two beefcakes will stud .. WITH intellect, presence, and endorphin nonstop. these two men are icing on the cake.. whatever their journey… someone brought up an AMAZING post.. what about Lani and Brady ??? YOWSAH

    what about Eric and Chloe . HEATED sensation

    Andre & the DiMera clan: I love you Thaao Penghlis… I have christened the comedic and dramatic skill set of this dream team… Koslow and Penghlis.

    my all time favorite newbie coupling.. Chad and ABS… YES.. divine heart fill

    who is targeting the DiMera

    Andre shoots : “that’s what we are all going to do together”

    the damnation the DiMera will bring to ; wreak havoc

    a tune in pull.. Ron Carlivati dances

    smiling @ the salute and fan feast

    ps: do you really care about the behind the scenes backdrop ? ?? I hope I never see another park bench scene with fake leaves.. etc.

    I don’t even pay attention to.. the cast is so fastidious and good natured.. and pay so much attention to their fellow cast mates ; the production value ; and longevity

    every day.. I look in on Salem


  13. Patrick says:

    FOUND this on

    FALL PROMO @Days of OUR Lives 11/10/17

    this show is on fire

    WHAT a huge promo

    Louise Sorel… Tyler Christopher… Eileen Davidson

    PLUS PLUS PLUS notwithstanding the whole cast


    i’m stunned


  14. xmascarol says:

    That many years already wow then I must be getting old.Glad to see Susan Banks back and looking forward to the return of Louise Sorel.The show is a lot more entertaining and interesting now with the story about Will.To be honest I kind of feel sorry for Paul.


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