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15 December 16th, 2013 Hartley Sawyer Last Tape Day at Y&R Tomorrow! Final Airdate As Kyle January 27th!

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On-Air On-Soaps was in touch with a rep from CBS and The Young and the Restless this morning, and we can report that Hartley Sawyer will finish up his role of Kyle Abbott tomorrow, December 17th at the sound stages of the number one soap opera at CBS.

Fans of the series will see Sawyer last appear on-screen in the upcoming January 27th episode.   There is still no word as to whether the show plans to recast the role, or not.

As we previously reported, Sawyer took over the role of Kyle back in March 0f 2013, after replacing Blake Hood in the role of the son of Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins!

Still the jury has been out among fans which of the two adult Kyle’s they liked better, and if they would like to see a recast of the role, and if so, who should Y&R bring in!  We will keep you posted on any more details emerge on the role!


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  1. Jack says:

    I thought Blake Hood was great. He portrayed the grown-up, Ivy League, silver-spoon Kyle well. I liked his chemistry with Hunter King (Summer) better too. When the news finally comes out that Summer is not really Jack’s daughter, they will be free to re-kindle their romance. Also, this has nothing to do with anything but just an observation . . . Blake Hood could easily be Adam Newman’s brother or son. I think they look very much alike. Happy Holidays to you Michael Fairman!!


    Joshua replied

    Blake Hood was great other than that unfortunate resemblance to Michael Muhney.


  2. Mark says:

    Lol (crickets chirping)


  3. Tori says:

    I personally think they aged Kyle to old. Kyle should have been aged to a teenager; instead of someone in their early twenties. Kyle could have been a part of the teen storyline with Fen and Summer in High school when the bullying storyline was going on. I wish Hartley well in future roles.


  4. mike says:

    Zack Conroy or Trent Garrett


  5. Sharleen says:

    I liked both of them. When any new actor comes aboard it takes me a little while to get use to them in the role, but then I do. Blake seemed to be younger and may have fit better with Summer, but when it came down to being part of the business I think Hartley fit the part better. I was looking forward to seeing Hartley Sawyer as the mole in Victor’s company. Anything to finally let Jack win over Victor. Best of luck to you Hartley.


  6. su0000 says:

    Hartley Sawyer, the best for you..
    Hope you find work !!

    It’s always sad for the actor when he loses his job and perhaps a dream..
    Hope to see him in a show, soon :)


    Sue replied

    It was Sawyer who wanted to leave, he has a job on a web series!


  7. Michael says:

    So long horrible actor!


    jaybird369 replied

    My thoughts exactly!!!!! Yep.


  8. Jimmy says:

    YES! This is fantastic news! Hartley Sawyer was a terrible recast, one which I never understood, because Blake Hood was so much better. Thank god he’s leaving, I couldn’t stand him; aside from the fact that he didn’t suit the role at all, he was always really creepy looking.

    As far as a recast goes, I wouldn’t mind seeing Blake Hood return to the role, but maybe consider Tom Pelphrey from ATWT? I think he’d be good for the role. Honestly though, three adult actors playing Kyle in under two years… maybe they should just give the role a rest for a little while before bringing in another actor…


  9. kalamaty says:

    Wishing Sawyer the very best; it was tough for me to get on board with him initially, but he really grew on me and showed some terrific acting chops; holding his own with Braeden, Bergman and Stafford. He has a very bright future!


  10. Christine Milligan says:

    Goodbye Lurch!!


  11. Keith says:

    Bring back Blake Hood. I never understood why they fired him. Y&R has been making some very bad casting decisions.


  12. cj (jo) says:

    Really liked Hartley as a business guy, a suit, far more convincing than the guy who plays Noah ( sorry never could get into R Adamson, poor casting).
    Hartley wasn’t given a fair chance, the writing wasn’t stellar.
    Good luck to him! He’s a great actor with stage presence!


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